• We do NOT investigate off-site disputes. EpicNPC does NOT use Discord. We only investigate disputes if Trade Guardian is used.
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I do not use discord for any EpicNPC business. Everything is done in direct messages.

Profile Milestones:
• 11/2020 - $10,000 in transactions
• 05/2021 - Became EpicNPC Moderator
• 08/2021 - $50,000 in transactions
• 11/2021 - 100+ Account Share Services
• 01/2022 - Exchanged Currency with 50+ EpicNPC Members
• 03/2022 - $100,000 in transactions
• 11/2022 - $200,000 in transactions

For your best trading experience with minimal risk of scam, please read: https://www.epicnpc.com/infocenter/trade_guardian-mm-services.html
Also read Safe Trading Practices written by Kai: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/safe-trading-practices.1840043/

Keep in mind the following:
• Most people that are using new discord accounts are likely to have already been banned from the forums and cannot register a new account to message you.
• If you are contacted via a 3rd party, I would always still recommend confirming communications with that user on the forums even if it's just to confirm msg-to-msg to ensure everyone is who they say.
• By confirming with the site, you each can give each other feedback after the purchase and build rapport on the forums. Even if that's not's wanted, it's a gateway to securing the purchase.
• Never send friends and family via paypal as you'll normally never get a refund if the worst happens, even if you can prove you were being scammed. This can normally be avoided by using paypal goods and services which has insurances. If they won't wanna use that, they're likely a scammer.
• If you do ever get scammed, and it's via discord without and forum communication, consider it a hard lesson learned and also know that the user will normally retire a scam account after a week or so or change their name, so trying to let other know their handle will just go out of date fast, and this list would get very long, very fast.
• If you get scammed by someone that you've confirmed their information on the forums then you should check out https://www.epicnpc.com/forums/active-disputes.142/ and read over all the sticky threads and start the process.
• Long story short, always use the forums to sell anything that has any worth in your opinion.

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