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How do I sell here, or make a purchase safely on EpicNPC?

When it comes to trading, do a quick check for EpicNPC feedback and If they only have a few reviews you should probably avoid going first and use a middleman instead. While many deals happen smoothly everyday between new users, it is always a gamble when working with somone that has zero feedback, and is not known in the community. Keep in mind that most scammers tend to be new EpicNPC members, so it's normally recommended to stick with more reputable users or long time members instead to reduce the chance of getting ripped off. Remember, if a deal looks to good to be true, it often is. Keep in mind, you can also ask sellers for proof of ownership of items or accounts as well. For games that are applicable, ask the seller to give you the Safe Armory account link: https://safe-armory.com/, upload more updated pictures of the account showing progress, or you can request the seller to screen share over Discord, or live Stream on Twitch/Steam. Keep in mind that any honest dealer will have no problem providing this information or working with you to make sure you feel safe.

When looking to purchase an account, make sure the original email is provided, or it can be changed over to a new one. The seller should be able to help you do this, and provide you with any recovery information needed. For high valued accounts you can request the owners send a copy of their government issued ID, (drivers license or Passport) that matches any personal details linked to the account. You can also look for accounts made with a fake names, or no purchase history. Buying accounts this way will increase the security and make recovery very challenging or next to impossible in some games. When you are looking for an account to buy, you should prioritize accounts that use a fake names, as the ID on the account can often be updated.

Is the original email important?
  • Depends on the game, however If the account is registered on a real name, the original email is not important. If it's on a fake name, it's important and it's better that you get it from the seller.
Use EpicNPC Trade Guardian for safe security/transfer of item(s) or account(s) until payment is made. Using a Middleman is always a good option.


Account Security:

I’d recommend staying on site when you can for conducting any kind of trade. If you use other chat platforms, make sure to message the seller or buyer on EpicNPC to confirm you are talking to them and not an impersonator.
Avoid posting your Account Name, ID, Username, Steam contact information, or Email associated with the account openly in the forums and never work out transactions details on ingame chat, (as it will almost always lead to a permanent trade lock or ban on the account. Scammers can also attempt to recover / steal the account from you if you give to much information). When posting account pictures and stats in your threads make sure anything that could be used to identify the account in question is edited out. Only disclose sensitive account information after sale. Make sure to stick to EpicNPC private messaging for working out transaction details or stay out of game for talking about the sale.
Heres a few mistakes people make when buying/selling currency in MMO's:

  • Trading with fresh and low level accounts, with no items of value being traded, or buying large amounts of currency in one exchange for low value gear or items in return.
  • Buying/selling on accounts that aren't played or active. You are a lot less likely to be investigated if the account in question is being used regularly.
  • Keeping too much currency banked on multiple accounts across servers can get you flagged.
  • Using certain free, or blacklisted VPN's to conduct trades can get you banned due to how often they are used by other service providers in the same trade.
  • Some game developers target specific types of bans, so it's best to stay current on what is going on around you, and keep up with the feeds to know what to avoid during given periods.
  • Buying duped items, currency, or any type of credit card fraud around product you got from a service provider could get you banned.

Early Warnings Signs:

When working out deals, some users may not be willing to use an EpicNPC Middleman, even if you are paying fees... or attempt to use their own service off EpicNPC. While this does not necessarily mean they are scammers in this case, it could be an indication.


Trade With Caution (TWC) flags on someone’s account could be for several reasons:
  • A dispute is open against that member for possible scamming or issues with the transaction. So trading with this user is not recommended tell the issue has been resolved.
  • A Mod or Admin issued a warning to these accounts for a specific issue, trading behaviour, or actions made that are under review or investigation. Staff will issue TWC's on accounts they feel you should be cautious around.


How do I avoid getting scammed on Discord?

What should I avoid on Discord?
  • Accepting an invite to deal or trade in a Discord group setting, keep it on PM only! Scammers often use these platforms to communicate when dealing as it is very simple to clear any conversation history and ban those they targeted for the scam from the group, leaving no evidence behind.
  • Avoid using the search tool on Discord to look up an EpicNPC user, always add them directly. Since Discord ID's can look exactly the same, you might be looking up an impersonator instead using fake characters, and Nitro to get the same # number. There have also been known exploits in the past that allow users to change Discord # numbers without Nitro in some cases, so be warned.
Important Note: If a reputable EpicNPC user contacts you directly on Discord about a post on EpicNPC, be extremely cautious here! Most scammers will do this to attempt to set up deals and take your items or money all the while impersonating trusted users. Always confirm who you are talking to on EpicNPC, and add them directly. Taking an extra few minutes to verify who you are talking to could save you money, time, and effort. So with that said, be smart. Don’t let a quick transaction be your last.

Lastly, keep in mind that Middle Man (MM) transactions through Trade Guardian will always be conducted through EpicNPC. MM’s will NEVER contact you off site, via email, or other platforms.

How do I keep myself safe on Discord?
  • Make sure to add the person you are in communication with directly. If the seller/buyer has their discord username in their threads, copy and paste their name into Discord and add them that way. This is a very reliable way to make sure you are communicating with the correct person.
  • Always confirm who you are talking with on Discord via EpicNPC website to validate the transaction. This is important to make sure you are actually talking to the person you intend to trade with even if the Discord tags or profile looks the same. Discord usernames are very easy to impersonate and can look identical.
Is there a way to check a Discord ID and verify who I'm talking to?

Ways to check a Discord ID:

You can use these methods and checkers linked here to assist in validating ID’s and make sure no unicode characters are being used in their names, as these type of characters are often used by those attempting to impersonate and mislead others, as the charaters can look the same, when in fact it is not. Since Discord ID's can look exactly the same, you might be looking up an impersonator instead using fake characters, and Nitro to get the same # number. There have also been known exploits in the past that allow users to change Discord # numbers without Nitro in some cases, so be warned. It's also worth noting that lower case and capital letters matter in Discord usernames! Somone named Example#0000 is not the same as example#0000.

Method #1:


Example#0000 - Real


Example#0000 - Fake


Method #2:

1. Click on User Settings located in lower left of your Discord, near your name/avatar:


2. Click on Appearance located under App Settings:


3. Scroll down to bottom and under Advanced enable Developer Mode:


4. Right Click someones avatar and at the bottom you have a new option called Copy ID:


5. You can now go to https://discord.id/ and paste the Unique ID here and it will tell you the date when the account was created or paste (Ctrl+V) the ID anywhere like a notepad or even the Discord chat to see the User ID:


Keep in mind, if the Unique ID from the person you are talking to on Discord is not the same as the Unique ID listed on the sellers EpicNPC profile or thread listing, then you are talking with an impersonator! If a trader does not list their Unique ID, you can simply copy the Discord name off EpicNPC, and paste it in the Add Friend field. Even if the request gets blocked or declined, you can still copy the users Unique ID from the Pending section or clicking on the users discord profile picture and select the Copy ID, if you already have an active conversation.

6. Please remember that EpicNPC will not review a Discord dispute in many cases unless you have confirmed who you are talking to on EpicNPC, so be sure to do this on site everytime, regardless of the reputation of the member!

Is "Friends & Family" option better than "Goods & Services" to prevent from scams on PayPal?

It mainly comes down to how you conduct your business. Goods & Services protection doesn’t extend to digital goods, making the burden of proof higher through that method for smaller sellers, and more susceptible to fraud during disputes if you have little experience with PayPal. This is one of the main reasons why Friend & Family payments dominate the market among the everyday user as it tends to be a safer option for them. However, larger business or platforms favour billing via “Goods & Services” as their websites, and billing methods tend to all be integrated and set up in a way that PayPal recognizes which would benefit the company more so in this case when managing disputes.

Alternative methods:
  • Bitcoin is a full-proof way to avoid disputes or chargebacks.
  • Bank To Bank Transfers is a good choice in my opinion as once the funds are in your bank there is zero chance the money can be recoverd, unless legal action is taken. Keep in mind for transfers like this, often lots of personal information will be involved, so only use this method for traders you trust.
  • Skrill is anther good choice as transactions are final unless the account was compromised, (which would have to be investigated).
  • Gift cards are not a bad option in a lot of ways as many companies will not void the balance if it gets chargebacked.
How do you secure PayPal Goods & Services payments, and avoid chargebacks for digital goods?

Creating More Secure Goods & Service Payments:

1) Get the buyers country from their IP, phone number, and Paypal account. You can get an IP via a purchase on a website you operate. or get your customer to pay through an ecommerce platform, as a lot of services offer IP and other information PayPal does not give. You need to set up your Paypal account to post data for each payments to a server side script. You get more data this way than what the Paypal website shows you. One of these is the buyer's exact country. On the site you only see whether it's US or outside of US, but with this you can get the exact country. You can find some dev to set it up, it's generally worth it in the long term.

2) If there's a mismatch between any of these, the buyer has to resolve it and you should only proceed with ID verification.

  • Make sure that they are not using a proxy or VPN. Check their IP on http://check.getipintel.net/
  • Make sure that they are verified on Paypal and ask them to get verified if they aren't
  • Do a background search on google and EpicNPC for every email and username that you encounter.
  • Try to detect scammer behavior. Over time, after talking with a lot of people, you'll start noticing some behavior patterns among scammers. Not sure if you could practice this, it just comes as intuition after lots of experience. When someone tries to scam you, whether it succeeded or not, analyze that trade and chat to see whether there were any red flags that you potentially missed and try to find patters between different scammers.

3) Instead of giving them your email to send you the payment, use checkout pages and buy now links. Sites like selly.gg or even better if you make a custom one.

Example: https://eh.rs/yt/accounts/59.html

These provide two advantages:

  • Paypal will generally favor you more when resolving disputes since website purchases are considered more legit than when the buyer sends the payment to you directly or pays an invoice.
  • It prevents a certain type of scam:

Many disputes that are opened against you aren't really from the same person that you chatted with.
A scammer contacts you to buy an account for $300. They also find some unrelated random guy and promise them an iphone that costs $400 for $300, which is a great deal. You give the scammer your email to pay you for the account and they just forward this email to the victim. You receive the $300 and provide the account to the scammer. The victim disputes the payment after a few days or weeks after seeing that they were scammed. They provide proof to Paypal where it's clear that they ordered a phone from you which was never delivered. This conflicts with whatever proof you provide and Paypal generally sides with the buyer, especially if there's also a shipping address left on the payment.

By using checkout pages, whoever is making the payment will know exactly what they are buying and will hopefully figure out that they are being scammed or find it suspicious that they are buying an unrelated item for the seller instead of sending them the money.
If you cannot use checkout pages for some reason, then you should verify whether whoever made the payment knows exactly what they bought. You can simply send an email to their paypal email saying "Please described what have you just bought from me".

As for getting the payments as F&F, it's not really a good protection If you plan to do this full time, you'll have to switch to G&S sooner or later as Paypal is going to warn you about it if you start receiving hundreds of transactions from different people as F&F.

Instead you should:

4) Tell the buyer to confirm item receipt. When you receive the payment, you have the option to add "tracking info". There you can select that it's a virtual item and that it was already delivered ("order processed" option). After 48 hours, the buyer will get a "confirm receipt" button on their side. Clicking on it releases any holds on the payment and also prevents the buyer from opening a dispute. This is only available for G&S payments.



*Keep in mind that not all buyers would be willing to do this and you should not take this as a major red flag. You're effectively asking buyers to drop buyer protection and some would feel uncomfortable. However try to do this whenever you can to avoid disputes entirely.
What should I be looking for when doing PayPal deals?

PayPal Gift option or Invoices:

PayPal "gift" invoices are a common and widespread scam. Someone who wants to buy your items may claim to send you a PayPal gift, in which they say the funds will appear shortly. In actuality, there is no such feature in PayPal, you will never receive that money, and they have dressed up an invoice as a payment with bogus custom headers and branding. If you "accept" the invoice, you will be sending money to the scammer, not receiving money, and if you send your items, you will not be paid. Instead of asking you to "accept" the invoice, the scammer may set it to "marked as paid"; to PayPal, this means the sender asserts you paid them through other means (mailing a check, etc.), and if you're not familiar with PayPal it may be unclear and seem like your money is "on its way" like the scammer says.


Watch For Payment Sent Pictures:

Similar in principle to fake PayPal invoices are sent payments scams. These con-artists will agree to the terms of a sale, and be willing to give you payment up front, and ask you for your PayPal email, name, or other information in regards to payment. At this point they will make a custom sent receipt using a grafic, that will often show the doller amount, name or email that is associated with your account, and claim to have made payment and send pictures. While these pictures of payment may appear legitimate, it's always best to check your account and confirm the balance before sending anything.



How do I make a Thread?

Inorder to make a thread you will need to go to the top left of the website and click on the "Forums" tab.


Once selected a search bar will pop up. Type in the game or platform you are looking for and click on the selection when it shows up.


After that, on the top right side of the forum you will see a Post Thread icon. Once clicked you will be able to make a thread.


After that, on the top right side of the forum you will see a Post Thread icon. Once clicked you will be able to make a thread.

How do I make changes to my thread?

To make changes to your thread content, go to the bottom left side of your thread and you will see three dots “....” select it.


Once clicked, a tab will appear, hit “Edit”.


If you want to make changes to your thread title, or any of the filters or options, click on the three dots "..." by the top right of the thread and select the "Edit Thread Title".


Keep in mind, edit time limit is 30 days from thread creation date for free users. If you’re content is past that time limit consider upgrading your membership to extend your edit privileges or close the thread and make a new one. You can also purchase an unlimited edit time from the shop as well.

If you want to "delete" your thread that will only be available as long as no comments have been made on your content, after that it can not be removed. If you have personal information on your thread that you posted by mistake or would like removed, you can ask a mod for help.


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