Xbox one live gold account up for grabs Fable Legends Fallout and much more


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Alright basically wanting to set up a new live account and get some different games that peak my interest. Up for grabs is:

Smite with all god pack and many many skins. Plus 20+ gods at 1 mastery and hades has diamond skin

Fable Legends: haven't done much on it

COD BO3 : not much done on that either

ESO with script has like 3k crowns or something like that

Destiny the taken King

Halo 5

Fallout 4

Assassins creed black flag and unity

Fallout 3 (if you care)

Elite Dangerous

Metal Gear solid the phantom pain

Not looking to make some huge killing but please don't lowball me on this the smite account at least has some value plus the newer games.

Plus FABLE LEGENDS!(is available on gamer tag for pc also)

I would prefer the transaction be with Xbox gold and account credit cards
Will only go first if your rep beats mine!

Skype- lunchboxin03