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PlayerAuctions was my first gacha account website that I've bought from. From within the website, there was a seller who advertised to me a gacha account via middleman. When I received the account, I gave them the ok that the transaction went well without checking the account first. I then checked out the account and it was not representative of what was advertised and so I asked for a refund and the seller informed me they would only do a partial refund. I took the offer and received roughly half of the money that was originally spent because the seller told me that the refund fees that PlayerAuctions charge was a lot. All I could do was to agree with him in order to secure a partial refund.

******** had advertised a seller who I bought a gacha game account from and I later found (from the moderator) when I paid via middleman that the seller was a scammer. The moderator would then claim to have the middleman issue a refund, however, a couple of weeks went by and my refund wasn't processed.

Over the following two weeks, I kept asking the middleman to refund my money and I received no email or message sent back. It was then that I asked the moderator what was the update on my refund and the moderator found out sometime later that the middleman did not process the refund and that the moderator would follow-up shortly.

I eventually received the refund but it was already several weeks after the initial claim of a refund.

EpicNpc has been my gacha account buying of choice until recent circumstances. On the positive sides, apart from one seller, I've bought from a couple of other sellers (one who didn't give me any feedback) who sell the exact same services as the seller who gave me a 3-star review recently. Both sellers whom I each gave a 5-star review have been nice to me and were not abusive or rude like the 3-star reviewer was.

As it currently stands, any person who checks into my account can see some points made by the 3-star reviewer to paint a negative look on my character (which is slander) and while it's fair to have their opinion validated by the moderator, my opinion of my review on the seller's feedback profile was changed from a 2000+ word review to the single comment "Resolved"- effectively censoring my description of the claims that I detailed in regards to the seller, but the moderator wouldn't have it. Instead, they allowed the seller to keep their feedback intact and kept my feedback to the seller censored- painting the picture that the seller is allowed to have their say while the buyer is always the bad guy. If that seems unfair to you, then no gacha account website is perfect.

Every gacha account website has its own positives and negatives. Hopefully, this post doesn't get censored or removed (it probably will) but at least I was able to express myself while taking into consideration this website's review guidelines.