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SOLD WTS gw1 50/50 gwamm account linked to gw2

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Multiple Accounts

I'm selling my gw1+gw2 linked account.

50/50 GWAMM account linked to gw2

Main character(warrior) titles
Max Luxon (12)
Max Kurzick (12)
Max Norn (10)
Max Asura (10)
Max Vanguard (10)
Max Delver (10)
Max Sunspear (10)
Max Lightbringer (8)
Max Unlucky (7)
Max Master of the north (6)
Max Lucky (6)
GWAMM (6, 34 titles maxed)
Max Survivor (3)
Max Party (3)
Max Sweet (3)
Max Drunkard (3)
Max Guardian (3 protector+3 guardian titles)
Max Vanquisher (3 contintents vq-ed)
Max Carthographer (3 continents explored)
Max Skill Hunter (all skills capped)
R6 Wisdom title (8k+ identified)
R6 Treasure (7.5k+ opened)
R9 Hero title (HA, tiger emote)
R8 Gladiator title (random arena)
R8 Zaishen title
R5 Skillz (Uber Micro skillz)
R3 Champion title (gvg)
R3 Codex title
R1 Commander title (title removed from the game)
Few other char:
-Pre searing LDOA with 8 titles maxed
-Assassin with obsidian armor and 22 maxed titles
-4 PvP characters
-few other obsidian lvl 20 chars
We can also agree if account comes with some money/ecto/zkeys:
1000k+850e+230zkeys and some zcoins etc.

Account has proph Game of the Year /bonus items, faction CE emotes, nf CE emotes, pre-order eotn items.
Account is also linked to gw2 account so you get both in a package.
Few 80's lvl characters with a few titles on, 8k AP, not anything special.

#1 account comes with gw1+gw2 in package.

I deserve the right not to sell accounts if they do not meet a reasonable price.
If you need any more info or are very intersted in the accounts please send a PM here. Also, I can send screenshots to an interested party via skype.
Payment will be accepted only through PayPal.
Buyer goes first.

#1 edit: Forgot to mention few things. Gw2 is a collectors edition. Also has 160g on it. Gw1 account has 10 char slots, 1 makeover and lich costume. Added c/o and b/o. You also receive all security codes for each game.

c/o- 100 USD
b/o- 250 Euro
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