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    Selling  NA - GW2 Account 142K Gold Value 39.000 Achiev

    Hello I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since its launch and I have almost everything done in the game, with a lot of pain in my heart I am selling my account, because I need money. The bill is worth more than what I'm asking for and things that you don't always get with money like 39k...
  2. S

    GW2 na account | email included | $55 price is nego.

    Base Account - e-mail is included - hot/pof Included - one level 80 boost (other used on main char) main is renegade - mastery 22 - pvp/wvw Rank 1 - includes some mounts and outfits as well as weapon skins - comes with 600 gems Questions? feel free to ask down below if you would like...
  3. C

    WTS 50/50 + gwamm account, unlinked to gw2, ready within minutes [xp seller]

    Hey guys, GWAMM + 50/50 account for sale. Get this precious beauty while it's available. About account: o God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (GWAMM) title o 50/50 Hall of Monuments (HoM) points o Unlinked, ready-to-be linked account o Since most people purchase these accounts mainly to link...
  4. D

    Selling  Selling High End Legendary account 261k worth in Gold

    Selling a very High End Account Highlights 3 Legendary Armor Set Heavy, Medium and Light Assorted Legendary weapons Gen1 and Gen2 Legendar Trinkets and Backpieces Assorted Ascended Weapons, Armor accesories Fractal God Maximum Bank Storage Server:Jade Quarry WvW Rank:2206 Character are ready...
  5. S

    SOLD  6yr+ Raid Titles - Legendary Armour

    Up for grabs! Comes with the email, no need to transfer. To be honest, this is a founder account. I just stupidly deleted the original toon so the oldest toon is 6 year +. This comes with Guild Wars 1 and All living seasons. Some screenshots: This is on EU server > Far Shiverpeaks but should...
  6. J

    Buying  WTB: GW2 account with Raid Legendary Heavy armor on EU!

    Hello! I love raiding and the look of the legendary heavy armor, also I would love to be able to switch my stats whenever I want. Unfortunately I don't have the time or motivation to grind for this armor. My budget really depends on what else is on the account you offer me, but my max would be...
  7. B

    Guild wars 2 account! 3 level 80 characters. only 8 dollars!

    I'm selling my account because i won't play anymore... 3 level 80 characters: Mesmer, Guardian and Reaper. Both DLC: Heart of thorns and Path of Fire. Mounts: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, RollerBeatle. ONLY $8 DOLLARS! Paypal.
  8. S

    Selling  [EU] HoT , PoF , Season 4 Account, mail Included > cheap !

    Hey guys, I wanna sell my GW2 account. I dont have a time for playing anymore. Account email is included. ONLY iban transfer and Paypal ! Price is 60€ Feel free to ask anything... LVL 80 Thief and Elemantalist ( Elemantalis boosted ) and 1 available 1 lvl 80 boost 141 Mastery Rank 143 globs od...
  9. X

    Buying  Account with Aurora + The Ascencion + Twilight/Sunrise/Eternity

    Hey. I'm looking for a NA account with the following legendaries (order of priority) -Aurora -Twilight/Sunrise/Eternity -The Ascencion Send offers via mp!
  10. X

    Trading  WTT My Eve Account for a NA GW2 Account

    Hey, I want to trade my EVE account for a GW2 account. My toon has 31m SP in: -https://gyazo.com/25639e0b29ad78f0cfa1067285df9e1b -https://gyazo.com/753b5332f29c1332b994ef2c45091d2b -https://gyazo.com/2112796d68c54ca314ddb32da4a1554b -https://gyazo.com/8b6ae9f56d8a82a882e960452db5db79...
  11. X

    Selling  WTS My account 31m sp + 2B ISK $80

    I need money fast! $100 - You send first via paypal If you buy it now $70! My toon has 31m SP in: Can fly Thanatos -https://gyazo.com/25639e0b29ad78f0cfa1067285df9e1b -https://gyazo.com/753b5332f29c1332b994ef2c45091d2b -https://gyazo.com/2112796d68c54ca314ddb32da4a1554b...
  12. Z

    Selling  ~38.5k gold value - 1600 gems - 16600AP - Hot+Pof+Lw - offer me a price <3

    Hey, since I stopped playing even after years, I would like to sell my account now. Some information: - Includes Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns, Living World Stories 2-4 - 8 character slots, 6 at level 80 + enough tomes for more 80s - 16616 Achievement Points & 205% magic find - All mounts...
  13. E

    Buying  Sunrise - Greatsword for 50€ - pay instantly

    Title is self explanatory. EU Server Would pay via PayPal Discord: enisbeq#3188

    Selling  ★Reputable GW1/GW2 Seller★ Gold/Materials/Legendaries/Boosting ✔ 24/7 LiveChat

    Direct Link to our Website @ MMO Gamers Market Please Message us on Live Chat for prices! Dont pm on Forum or Comment in Thread! We Rarely Check Forum Messages! Since alot of you asked us for PVE Boosting Services,we added them to our website. Buy them Here: PVE Boosting Services...
  15. A

    Buying  GW2 account 50k+ value

    Hey, i am looking for account with some legendary weapon, skyscale and 50k+ value :) .. pm me here or discord: Akio#3391
  16. C M

    BOUGHT  [ EU ] HighEnd Account : Infos inside [Paypal/mm]

    Hello, I alwyas come back to GW2 and this time it's been around 1 year or more i was not on there. Last time i played was on an account i already sold so im looking for an account with the things under: - PoF,HoT - Good WvW or PvP rank - Legendaries: Eternity, raid armors, pvp ascension wings...
  17. Z

    Selling  WTS LOW price acc (with PoF&HoT) or trade for wow EU time ---> api key

    I played with this account for a week, so basically is a fresh account with both expansions , there is in 15 k Karma, a mesmer lv80 plus a boost for another character. API KEY: 3DDE4670-1832-AC40-9182-F96F28A1B0E7E9B229C5-C677-48E9-BA6B-162A951C5D30. If you want you can add me on discord ...
  18. Z

    Buying  WTB Game wow EU 30 Days / WTT GW2 acc with 60 days wow

    As in the title. Just pm me in you want more info about the GW2 Account
  19. Z

    Selling  Guild Wars 2 Account (both expansion) Low price / WTT with 60Days WoW EU

    As in the tile i want to sell my account of GW2 with both expansion plus a mesmer lv 80 + a boost for another charcater. Reason beacuse i do not play it anymore. Price is 20€ or I trade this for 60 days of WOW EU
  20. C

    Selling  Customizable Acc | Ascended | 80 Lvl | 300+ Gold | 900+ AP | Pick class / nick

    Account is ready to start your adventure in Guild Wars 2. I am the original owner of this account and I sell it with dedicated to this account e-mail address. And everything what's necessary to become new owner of this account. So it will be safe for you. # Account type: Free to play. You can...