Selling Selling Stock Cards incl 5*s & 4/7s & Lot's of Droids & TRAINING REMOTES Cheap


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Selling Stock Cards incl 5*s & 4/7s & Lot's of Droids & TRAINING REMOTES Cheap

1164 training remotes! (how we trade them is up to you, i can make a skill 40 3* and sent it to you or you can send me the cards that you want upgraded & i upgrade and send it back to you.

Training remotes go at 10 per 1$ or 100$ for all of them.

5* Dark:
Base Thire 9$
Base Jabba 9$
Base Emperor Palpatine 9$
Proper Evo 1 Emperor Palpatine 18$
General Grievous Elusive Commander 20$

5* Neutral:
4x Base C-3PO & R2-D2 May the 4th Limited 6$ each

(All 4/7's are proper 4/7, i don't have any 8/15.)

Dark 4*:
6x 4/7 IG-88B 5$ each
2x 4/7 DD-13 Healer 25$ each
4/7 Emperor's Royal Guard 7$
4/7 IG-86 8$
4/7 Grand Moff Tarkin 7$
2x 4/7 Moff jerjerrod 5$ each

Light 4*
Lando Calrissian(Evo 1 and 2 base's, i can trade them like that so you can make 8/15 or i can make him 4/7 for you) 10$
4/7 Captain Panaka 15$
4/7 C-3PO 6$
4/7 R2-D2 Mechanic 15$
4/7 Agen Kolar 5$
4/7 Leia Organa Endor Celebration 5$

The entire list above can be bough as a whole for 250$ (that's 28$ profit!)

How we trade:

1) PM me about the card(s) you wish to purchase and I will send you my paypal email.
2) Send me your game ID, I'll send you an ally request in game and initiate the trade to show you the cards you are purchasing. You can reply to the trade with a junk card.
3) Go to PayPal. Select the tab "Send Money."
4) Enter my paypal email that I've sent you.
5) Enter the amount for your purchase we agreed on.
6) Select the option "I'm paying for goods or services." and add the following statement to the payment.

"Payment for Card/cards in SWFC game. I understand these are virtual goods and I agree that no refunds or returns are allowed."

7) I'll check my PayPal to confirm the payment.
8) I'll accept trade and you get your new cards!!!