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Selling Selling L/D Starter Accounts for Global, EU, & Asia - Trustworthy and cheap

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Selling Light / Dark Starter Accounts for Global, EU, and Asia Server!

About us

Throughout the multiple years of playing summoners war ourselves, we've come to realize the iconic importance of light and dark monsters. From there on out, we've developed a system and accumulated a wide range of light and dark starter accounts through our hand-grind process. Instead of investing in a brand new account then gambling for Nat 5's, why not ensure that you already have one so that your future purchases aren't in vain?

Why us?

We provide 100% customer satisfaction throughout all experiences. We ensure that you get what you're looking for without any hassles or worries. With us, you'll no longer have to worry about the typical fears that may come with these types of transactions.

We have a large collection of the following, so pick one out and let us know!

Dark Nat 5's (All Servers, Global, EU, Asia)

Dark Sky Dancer (Wolyung): $25
Dark Ninja (Han): $25
Dark Desert Queen (Nephthys): $25
Dark Pioneer (Woonsa): $25
Dark Beast Monk (Rahul): $25
Dark Fairy King (Nyx): $25
Dark Anubis (Thebae): $25
Dark Monkey King (Son Zhang Lao): $25
Dark Dragon (Grogen): $25
Dark Hell Lady (Craka): $25
Dark Unicorn (Alexandra): $25
Dark Harp Magician (Vivachel):$25
Dark Sea Emperor (Manannan): $28
*(Popular) Dark Neostone Agent (Slyvia): $35
Dark Panda Warrior (Mi Ying): $35
Dark Valkyrja (Trinity): $35
*(Popular) Dark Occult Girl (Nicki): $45
Dark Archangel (Fermion): $45
Dark Vampire (Cadiz): $55
Dark Oracle (Giana): $65
Dark Dragon Knight (Ragdoll): $65
*(Popular) Dark Chimera (Zeratu): $65
Dark Druid (Pater): $65
Dark Lightning Emperor (Herteit): $65
Dark Cannon Girl (Bella - New): $65

Light Nat 5's (All Servers, Global, EU, Asia)

Light Horus (Wedjat): $25
Light Polar Queen (Elenoa): $25
Light Monkey King (Qitian Dasheng): $25
Light Sea Emperor (Pontos): $25
Light Harp Magician (Celia): $25
Light Occult Girl (Lora): $25
Light Beast Monk (Shazam): $25
Light Desert Queen (Isis): $25
Light Vampire (Julianne): $30
Light Oracle (Laima): $30
Light Dragon (Zerath): $35
Light Pioneer (Nigong): $35
Light Valkyrja (Akroma): $35
*(Popular) Light Hell Lady (Asima): $45
Light Dragon Knight (Jager): $45
Light Lightning Emperor (Geldnir): $45
Light Chimera (Shan): $50
Light Panda Warrior (Tian Lang): $50
Light Fairy King (Oberon): $55
*(Popular) Light Archangel (Artamiel): $65
Light Druid (Pater): $65
Light Sky Dancer (Yeonhong): $65

Payment Method: Paypal (Friends & Family) ONLY

Feel Free to Contact us here for questions or inquiries through direct message or
Discord at IcedMacchiato#4310

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