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summoners war

  1. Selling  summoners war account europe |EU|Level:50|32 6*|21 nat 5's|

    Pm me with an offer if you are interested. If I don't reply on here feel free to msg me on discord CharHSB#6860
  2. Selling  Dark striker starter global

    Dark striker starter account with returners blessing active for next 7 days today 12/1 till 12/8 15$ only on paypal. Message me here or discord for more info/ss. Events untouched. taking PayPal Discord: Imok.#8259
  3. SOLD  (ASIA) Summoners war account C1 LD5 Pontos good account 40$

    Selling a Summoners War Account 40$ | accept paypal | accept epicnpc middleman discord me duckboy#6542 server : Asia LD5 Pontos Meta units Nana, Pontos etc All Nat5 : Pontos Nana Vanessa Tiana Okeanos Charlote Triton Josephine Bellenus Masha Fire Unicorn Water sky surfer Wind Striker Wind...
  4. selling/trading (HIGH END global accounts) Lora,Fermion/herteit

    before you gonna contact me etc please watch those pictures first.......... 1st account: has 2 LnD (Lora, Fermion) C3(maybe can go to g1)/g2//g1/g1/g1 pictures: https://imgur.com/a/lbf8DGP ^ c/o 450$ (feel free to offer me~ b/o idk-- (feel free to offer me~ ---------------------- 2nd...
  5. Selling  |Eu|C1 Arena| Psamathe,Tiana,Molong,Savannah,Perna |Pve Content 100%

    Hey everyone, no time for sw. • Nearly all Tower Max ( Light Lv3., Dark Lv18., HP Lv.11) •Bernard 186 Spd / Savannah 186 spd •Bj5 28 seconds. •Toa/H auto play without any problems •PVE Content 100% do able ( Dot Team, Tricaru) •All Element Rifts SSS •Safe Auto Raid Team ( 1:40min ) •Guild war...
  6. [global] 2 LD nat5 Trinity Nephthys max building 15nat5 60usd

  7. [asia] LD nat5 Trinity C2 account max building 34nat5 50usd

    S | ASIA SERVER - LND TRINITY - GOOD RUNE - BUILDING MAX - SPD 120+ - LOT OF AURA - BJR5 SOLO - TRICARU & DOT READY - GOOD COMBO - ALL AUTO selling for 50usd via paypal FnF discord me juanafro#6235
  8. SOLD  Eu-Unverified E-mail - TOP LD Giana |19 nat5 | 56x6* | Toa and Toah 200 auto

    ✔ TOP LD 5* - Giana ✔ Have 56 - 6* ✔ NAT 5 - 19 (many good monsters: Rakan, Daphnis, Laika, Striker wind, Juno, Chow etc) ✔ Auto 200 TOA - a lot of food and good 4 * monsters (2x Lushen, Sabrina, Kaki etc) - many of them FULL skill - there are many good sets of runes, Have 15+ devilmons...
  9. Selling  LD accounts

    SELLING GLOBAL LD ACCOUNTS PM me: Olaf#3562 Paypal only F&F READ FIRST: Payment will go first after you choose your account!!! Once payment is recieved you will recieve BOTH email + ingame detail. Please note that if you do not recieve an email its because the account has no emails linked...
  10. Selling /or trading my global account for EU account (high end) C3/g2/g1/g1/g1

    please dont waste my time and urs. looking for serious buyers or traders thank you. :'D middleman <-- yes. pictures: https://imgur.com/a/lbf8DGP you can re-rune monsters cuz i am tired doing it <-- kik: lendergirl discord: waifumateriaali#6969 pm on there or ^
  11. Selling  WTS SW global end game account(+25 5 nat)

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this post, I am selling this account because I can't take care of it anymore Energy : +12.000 Crystals : +750 Blessing : yes My discord : EXKA Le Légendaire#8094 Price : 60$ (negociable)
  12. Selling  New monsters// mini shop // global

    -LIGHT- Dragon Knight SOLD 2 Monkey Kings 2 SOLD 2 Hanwul 1 SOLD Vampire Chimera Druid SOLD Demon SOLD 2 Strikers ARTAMIEL! Craig(Light Bison) Wedjat SOLD Panda -DARK- Panda Warrior Occult girl (Niki)...
  13. Selling  wts/wtt EU 1 d&l + VIP runes for 350$

    Hy! I sell my account 350$ or trade for an EU Leona account. - All PvE clear: DoT team, Tricaru team, all Rift SSS, 3x World Boss SSS, BJ5, Solo Rift 5, Auto ToA and ToAh - Good units: 1 nat5 D&L Nyx but almost meta elemental 5nat (Seara, Karnal, Nana, Gany and so on) - G1 Arena, C2 RTA, C3...
  14. Summoners war LND Giana C3 many wing and transmog quitting rush

    WTS quitting SW server Global C2-C3 with 1 LND Giana. Global server good rune, top Spd 19x - 200 ( tiana +201) Max buiding and flag. easy C3 arena and RTA with Giana+Seara solo bj5 Many wings RTA and transmog too price: sold Add me on discord : purian#2769 Thank you!
  15. SOLD  Multiple LD fresh starter accounts

    Selling: Starter global account: Dark ninja 7$ Light druid 10$ Kinki 7$ early game global: Asima With 4 other non fusion nat 5* Message me for pictures taking Venmo, PayPal Discord: Imok.#8259 Remember the period
  16. Selling  Summoners war global 2ld

    20 nat5 49 6*. All b12s fully auto tricaru works. Toan/toah easy auto, toah hell possible. Includes mons like feng, vela and amelia. S+ consistency in rift beasts, raid teams built. Most ld3 including sia and a handful of useful ld4 like isillen.
  17. Selling guardian account

    Hi, i am looking for someone to give this account the love it deserves. guardian regular arena, conq2/3 in rta and special league 136 6star monssters, ld nat5: Light chimera. smooth dungeeons with fast times. aiming price 2.5k€ add me on discord for more information rhengar#5599 or send me a...
  18. Selling  Sell acc lv50 Global Farming team toa/toah READY many nat 5

    Selling account well keep, farming runes all auto, easy TOA/TOAH. Inbox me offer or discord at Zul#4954 , Paypal Only. Can use MiddleMan
  19. Selling Ultra Cheap LD account

    50 usd ALL PVE COMPLETED READY FOR PVP Contact me: WILL#3348
  20. Selling  WTS G1/G2 acc triple LD, 324m mana, 45 nat 5

    WTS g1/g2 acc, 45nat 5 with triple ld 5, + 324m mana Discord Denko#9790