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Sell gold in WoW


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I have been playing WoW since BC and never thought of selling gold or using an illegal program. However, with the arrival of the WoW Classic I decided to sell gold, farming with my own hands.
I made 6/7 sales if I'm not mistaken, by mail/trade, without receiving any items in exchange at the time of the trade. They were small values varying between 50g / 500g.
As I didn't have a secondary account, I used an alt to transfer the gold.
The initial sales went to people in my country and the last one, before getting a ban, apparently went to someone in China (I found a buyer like this who sells and buys gold in a well-known forum)

Could it be that the ban happened because I traded with this buyer from China?
"High" amount of gold to a player with IP from another country?
Trade between level 1 chars?
How do these people buy/sell gold and don't get a ban?

My ban was about 7 months ago

What is the safest way to sell gold? Anyone experienced who can give a tip?

Thank you very much
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