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R5 Account for sell ($300)

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Region 281. I am R5 of WingTeamGlory global which is one of the only two alliances in the region with over a billion power. As far as my account I am VIP 12 with another pack or 2 making me VIP 13, 58 million power, maxed out at CC26 so you can go to CC27 at anytime. Have just shy of 3 million t3 troops. Level 61 xira with gold flame gear and many level 4 & 5 emblems. Level 100 Riggs with gold cerb gear and same level emblems as xira. Second building & research queue, level 50 cadet Hannibal with 2 led kits. Level 25 fuel extractor. 10 mash with over 56k beds and 3 barracks all minimum lvl 20 except main one which matches CC. With the 3 barracks you can still build 33k troops a pop. Days and days of rss available for use including million of each t3 rss. 750k gold available. Deployment research is all level 9 & 10 with 13k dossiers left for research. Have just over 50 members and alliance is very active with lots of spenders. Also have my farm account I’ll throw in for free which is maxed out at CC22 with 250k t3 troops, 13k Hannibal, fuel extractor, extra building queue, level 94 Riggs with gold cerb gear and level 35 xira with gold flamethrower gear and is just a great overall secondary account for free
ip hash: f9c33e98545cca62a9e76f