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world war rising

  1. D

    Basalt Badlands cc 102 t10 account 300 obo

    Basalt Badlands account with t10 unlocked with over 15 million t10 and 20 million mercs. The research is great on it. I have a lot of the extras like the skis so you won't have to worry about getting the new gear.
  2. E

    Selling  World war rising account

    Selling a world war rising account. CC is 40, VIP is above 30, and there’s over 55k gold on the account. Asking $50, spent much more than that on upgrade packs. Ask for screenshots.
  3. M

    CC 100 / VIP 122 300$

    4.500.000.000 GÜÇ / Bruce 100 / Aria 100 / Eli 55 9.23M paralı birlik 62,5 milyon Birlik
  4. D

    CC 99 - wwr account FOR SALE!

    I have this CC99 for sale and as a bonus another CC70 account (farm account) Main base (CC99) is a fortress and very powerfull with lots of researching and boosts. Im listing only a few things because i have tons of them and too much to write: region- Algorab vip- 116 power - 4,197,130,870...
  5. K

    Selling  WWR Account for sale- cc29. Ronen5* ,XIRA 9* and Riggs 100 (magnesium dominion

    10MIL Gold ALL Gold Gears SPEED UP cans move you to level 29 With powerful alliance and good base Hannibal level41 power 73Mil Payment Mode: Paypal / Middleman service/BTC You are new and looking for instant upgrade this will be good buy Asking for $200 Comment for more info
  6. M

    Selling  Cc90/3.7 billion power

    Base is mostly maxed. Message for details
  7. K

    R5 Account for sell ($300)

    Region 281. I am R5 of WingTeamGlory global which is one of the only two alliances in the region with over a billion power. As far as my account I am VIP 12 with another pack or 2 making me VIP 13, 58 million power, maxed out at CC26 so you can go to CC27 at anytime. Have just shy of 3 million...
  8. S

    Selling  58 Mil Account on R 271

    Name is Silly Wabbit which you can search. I have all 3 heroes unlocked. Riggs 98, Xira 73, Ronen 27. VIP level 5. Treasury level 5. Command center is 20, and nearly every building that can be level 20 is. All research that is available at level 20 is basically done except for some mercenary and...
  9. B

    World War Rising Level 65 Account in Mineral Dominion

    World War Rising - New Mineral Dominion region Command Center Level 66 Power 1.7 Billion; VIP Level 60; Gold 100B+ Asking Price: $950 Heros: Riggs Level 243 Xira Level 236 Ronen Level 200 Talia Level 200 Squad: Lt. Hannibal Level 100 maxed out Capt. Clare Level 100 maxed out Commander Molotov...
  10. T

    Selling WWR Account (At least 6k spent)

    CCLevel64, 4/7 legendary reaper gear other three ultra rare, one almost legendary. Spent at least $6000. Riggs able to level up currently at 229. Xira 218. Ronen and Talia 200. Tons of artillery and merk plane 200% attack bonuses (from purchases). Nearly all weapon sets complete and legendary...
  11. X

    CC60 977 MIL Base in Telesto

    I have a CC60 base in Telesto. 977 mil in power all heros both squad maxed. lots of extras. included is a cc41 trap. contact me for more information or if you have any questions. best part this base is in a very strong and active alliance. if you like action this base is for you $2000...
  12. A

    World War Rising(Selling Account)

    Hi! I’m August ! I’m looking to Sell My World War Rising account. I’m going to college and I need the money for it. Now what i have on my account is a Hannibal level 40(almost maxed out), 9million power,1million+ gold, level 18 fortress, My Riggs is level 54 so he’s capped at the moment, and...
  13. T

    Cheap&safe World War Rising = 64.99$--topvipgold

    Hello everyone,,Welcome to my thread,I'm a VERIFIED & TRUSTED seller with 100% POSITIVE seller. If your looking to buy packs, you can contact me to receive a best deal. we sell 99.99 pack = 64.99 we have website ,and accept paypal ,It's very safe to do business with us. Skype...
  14. B

    World War Rising Level CC58- Janus Region - Steal

    World War Rising - Janus region Command Center Level 58 Power 704M; VIP Level 35; Gold 19B+ Asking Price: $850 Heros: Riggs Level 200 Xira Level 200 Ronen Level 179 Talia Level 149 Squad: Lt. Hannibal Level 100 maxed out Capt. Clare Level 86 Troops: 13M, 9M T6 troops, 3.1M T4 troops, 500K T5...
  15. V

    Selling  WWR - CC Level 51; Power 145M; VIP Level 6

    World War Rising - Autonoe Region #65 CC Level 51; Power 145M; VIP Level 6; Gold 8B+ Asking Price: $200 Hero: Riggs Level 137 Xira Level 50 Ronen Level 50 Talia Level 50 Squad: Lt. Hannibal Level 100 Clare Level 27 Troops: 9.9M, mostly T4's but about 400K T6's Defenses: 40K Level 4...
  16. V

    Selling  WWR $500 - CC Level 54; Power 453M; VIP Level 16

    **UPDATED** World War Rising - Autonoe Region #65 CC Level 54; Power 453M+; VIP Level 16; Gold 20B+ Asking Price: $500 Hero: Riggs Level 179 Xira Level 178 Ronen Level 100 Talia Level 124 Squad: Lt. Hannibal Level 100 Clare Level 50 Troops: 11.2M T6 Defenses: 400K Level 6 Mercenaries: 971K...
  17. X

    SOLD  CC30 16 MIL in Limestone Quarter (New Region)

    selling a CC30 account in Limestone quarter one of the newer regions. cc30 is max at this time. 16.1 mil power 2.5 mil gold level 49 Riggs Level 30 Fuel Extractor 2.8 mil Troops mixed T3 (about 4.3k) & T4 for the rest. level 45 (50 max) Hannibal
  18. L

    World War Rising account for sale - CC22, 14m power, riggs 60, xira 24 - $150

    UPDATED Command Center 22, most buildings at level 21 VIP level 3 power 14 million kills 2 million Hero Riggs level 60 Hero Xira level 24 220k t2 troops (permanent 50% t2 troops training time reduction) 1m t3 troops (permanent 50% t3 troops training time reduction) 13k t3 wall almost all...
  19. D

    Selling account

    Selling lvl 17 Cc, world war rising account. Hero 24, most of farms ~14, around 500 k gold per account, few good hours of speedups, and rss . There are resource t1 doubler and second research permanent buffs. I’ve buyed the short packet and the second one so there are many things I didn’t used...
  20. L

    World War Rising - cc19, VIP 2 - $50

    Command Center 19, most buildings soon to be level 19 VIP level 2 power 950k kills 325k Hero level 35 150k t2 troops almost all available research already finished - very high boosts 2nd building queue 2nd research queue t1 resource doubler lots of material, fuel and loyalty part of a very...