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Selling [PS4] Ghost Sales - Cheap Diablo 3 Boosting, Leveling & Farming

North America
Boosting, Farming, Leveling
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Welcome to Ghost Sales!

We do a bunch of services of Diablo 3! We can boost you using our best accounts on PS4!
We are a PS4 exclusive service.

Ghost Sales Official Discord

All characters are safe & trustable! All will be boosting you with level 20,000 (max) characters, with safe modded gear. No game-breaking glitches will be used, nothing will harm your PSN or your characters in the game. We do both Hardcore & Core boosting, on Torment Level XIII.

We do not do Seasonal Character Boosting! Only HC & Core Characters can & will be boosted.

Pricing: $10 for non-direct boosting for 2.5 hours at max, $5 for boosting any character to level 70. $10 for boosting characters to paragon levels.

Please understand if you're buying 1,000 levels that this grind may take longer than normal due to the effects of the game & how the leveling system works by itself, this will also need to be a multiple day session!!

Paragon Leveling Pricing:
$20 for every 1,000 levels.
$10 standard purchase in getting started, this includes going to level 70 to get you started.
$1 for every extra 100 levels you want.
50¢ for every 50 levels.

Ex: Such as level 450. If you want this then:
Paragon Level 450: $10 + $4.50 = $14.50
Paragon Level 2,200: $40 + $2 = $42.00

My hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm

The basics are:
  • - Leveling is done by hand, myself or another designated user will do this leveling for you.
  • - The accounts used will be using modded weapons/gear but this has been tested & will not break your game in any way!
  • - The person that is leveling your account is located in the United States / Canada.
  • - If the account gets banned during leveling, we will compensate you the full price for the service given.

1: You pay via PayPal / Venmo on the note from your payments you MUST include your Discord username, you can play in a private party with us, for up to 2.5 hours per purchase. DO NOT PAY VIA THE WEBSITE!

2: You will be contacted on Discord, (you must include your name with the ex. JohnDoe#1234) or you can contact me directly, ice9_ghost#8856 on Discord & you will be invited to a private party by the PSN user designated to boost you for that session.

Click me for the Discord server!


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