1. Selling  PSN Account w/ 96 games, all bought, no ps plus scamming, taking offers

    These are the games CyberPunk 2077 Code Vein: Complete Edition Far Cry 5 Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry Primal The Division 2: Warlords of New York The Witcher 3 με όλα τα DLC Assassin's Creed Origins με όλα τα DLC Assassin's Creed Unity Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Creed Odyssey με όλα τα...
  2. Selling  GTA Modded Account | 130 Million | 3048 Lvl | [PS4/PS5]

    Details: - Money: 130 Millions - Level: 3048 Modded - All Halloween Faces are unlocked - +50 Modded Vehicles, Modded Hanger Planes - SW and Modded outfits - Max STATS - Full Research -Full Map -Full Services -Full Base -Full Skills -Full Facepaint -Full Everything in Game - FULL EMAILS...
  3. Selling  [PS4 & PS5] GTAV Account $3.9b+ Lvl 1444

    Modded GTA V account everything unlocked with $3.9B+ and lvl 1444, everything unlocked and modded outfits. Message to discuss: Discord: Twxse#0608 Snapchat: rtwxse
  4. Buying  Account with the hydrographic banner (OG Rockepass 3), not steam please.

    If the account is linked with epic games it' okay, the banner just needs to not be obtained on a steam account. I start with a price of 20$. (Of course it can go up...) So if you obtained that banner on a platform that is not Steam feel free to tell me your price :)
  5. Buying  Looking for an Unmerged Console OW acc w/ plenty skins to merge onto my main

    Please only msg me if the criteria is filled. I ideally only want mergeable accounts from PS, XBOX, or Switch to merge with my main. However, I am open to PC accounts too, but they have to have everything I’m looking for. Skins that I'm looking for include: Genji: All Skins (Oni Genji...
  6. Buying  Buying Pink Mercy PS4/5 Account

    Looking for a PS4/5 unmerged Pink Mercy account, really only strictly Pink with not many other skins since I already have a lot. Also I'd prefer it to have the Pink and Dr. Ziegler twitch drop event sprays but it's not required. I have a budget of $350, negotiable. Only reply if willing to...
  7. Buying  2-5k plat and Rivens/looking for help with boss

    I would like to buy some plat for the ps4. I check the site pretty often since I have a thread up. Would prefer to do all communication on here. I will pay for middle man. Please let me know what price you’d like & I am also interested in Rivne’s for & I need help with getting Kuva weapons too.
  8. Selling  🔵PS4 PS5 Legal Digital Games : full access or shared slots

    Hello Dear Gamers ! Offering you affordable PSN Digital games with full access or shared slots ✅Legal PSN accounts with 🔐 Lifetime warranty - This are Legally acquired accounts, made with legit payment methods, officially from Sony website - Warranty for this accounts is lifetime this...
  9. Selling  US PSN account with 58 games - many DLCs / deluxe editions

    I'm selling a personal PSN account comprised of 58 games, many of which with purchased DLCs and in their complete and ultimate versions. The transaction will be handled with PlayerAuctions. Please have a look at the following link for more details...
  10. Selling  World of warships Legends account. PS4/PS5 (R1/US)

    account username has never been changed so change of username is still free. Also has a WotConsole account that’s barely been played (only 50 battles) with 4 premium tanks: Vindicator charioteer (T8), Cromwell B (T6), T-28E with F-30 (T4), and Viper T7 Combat Car (T2) Post your offers SERVICE...
  11. Selling  Modern Warfare 2019, Call of duty PS4 CODMW psn account

    Selling my PLAYSTATION 4 US account The account has a balance of $1.22 I have purchased Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2019( Warzone ) on it (no progress) I have a lot of PS PLUS games in my library. ( you'll have to buy ps plus to play those titles ) METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN...
  12. SOLD  Lvl 2000+ Platinum border (rare skins, all golden guns, and 95% of cosmetics)

    I have one stacked account , 335 legendary skins, 290+ epic skins and rare skins like: Monk( Doofist) Sigma (Maestro) Roadhog (Frosty, Clown, Pachimari) Hanzo(Kyogisha) Junkrat(Elf, inferno) Echo(Ragdoll, Bird of paradise) Genji(Skeleton) Pharah (Security Chief, sunset) Ash...
  13. Selling  [Psn/Pc] Elden Ring Weapons - Runes - Armor - Talismans

     Discord: Hoof#0900 $30 takes it all! Or $15 for just the runes Pc / ps4 / ps5 only Payment options: Skrill / Cash App / ZelleVenmo / Paypal / TG Deliveries made every single day. You'll have your order within 24hrs but typically within minutes Upgrade your weapons for an extra...
  14. Selling  PSN Account with games

    PSN account dm bikey444#9897 on discord -Tekken 7 Definitive Edition -Naruto Shippudden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto -One Punch Man Deluxe Edition
  15. Selling  SSL Accounts + Rewards | Only 65$ PayPal F&F | Linkable | s5+ titles

  16. Selling  Dark Souls 1/2/3 [Ps4] Weapons - Armor - Rings - 500Mil Souls

    cash app / venmo / skrill / gameflip / paypal / zelle (if you have it i probably do too) Discord: Hoof#0900 PSN: MrsHoofer Feel free to message me with any questions!!!! IF YOURE LOOKING FOR PC I CAN GET IT FOR YOU! JUST WAITING TO BUY THE GAME Upon request I can try the same packs for Dark...
  17. Selling  Elden Ring 100% Completion - Summons Stones Glovewarts & More [Ps4/Pc]

    Pc/ps4: $45 **Edit: $5 fee for using the on site middle man service Cash app / venmo / paypal / skrill / zelle Everything in the game. I mean everything. Stones, glovewarts, SPELLS & INCANTATIONS, SPECTRAL ASHES....EV-ER-EE-THANG Feel free to message me with any questions🙂 Discord: Hoof#0900...
  18. Selling  Sekiro Platinum Trophy Service (PS4 & PS5)

    Hello D'Arugo grinding service offer you platinum trophy of Sekiro ~Q&A :~ Q : What exactly are in platinum trophy of sekiro? A : All Beads/Memories, All vs Bosses, All Endings, Al Prosthethic Tools and All Skills will be completed, and of course all list of the trophies required for...
  19. Buying  Looking to buy about $30 worth of plat for ps

    Please send your offers here or pm.
  20. Buying  Overwatch bronze/silver account ps4

    I'm looking for an overwatch bronze account on ps4. Idc about level 50$
  21. Lvl 1 Modded Mega Pack 30+ Items & 999,999,999 Gold

    $15 takes it all! Includes everything below. Feel free to message me with any questions Cash app/zelle/gameflip/paypal/venmo Discord: Hoof#0900
  22. SOLD  2016 PSN Account w/ Great Library of Titles

    First and foremost, I do not own a PlayStation console anymore. I am the original owner. I have an amazing account from 2016 just collecting dust and would hate for it to go to waste when someone else can be enjoying it. It has PS Plus till 11/18/22. Modded saves uploaded in the cloud from when...
  23. SOLD  Elden Ring 100% Completion [Free Pc Download W/ Purchase]]

    [OFFLINE ONLY] Yep, I'll give you free access to my steam account. You'll be able to download and play elden ring for free [OFFLINE ONLY] This product is safe for online play! Only the free download is restricted to offline use. Mods could be available but I prefer to stick to safe content to...
  24. Kunai Wraith Heirloom For Sale

    Kunai Wraith Heirloom Included 3000+ Crafting Metals Flashpoint*Final Sunset*Airship Assassin