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Teze+4 with Aglaea+Grimoire Combo, Her Passive is Amazing to boost Allies attack, which make your DPS Hero like Teze does High Damage, Especially when it full buffed
Light of Talent from Guide Still Available so you can Instantly making Teze+5 or any heroes you want

SSR Heroes :
Nox 2019-06-16 18-33-48-427.jpg

SR Heroes :
Nox 2019-06-16 18-33-58-634.jpg

Other :
Nox 2019-06-16 18-35-44-167.jpg

Nox 2019-06-16 18-34-25-186.jpg

Nox 2019-06-16 18-34-30-250.jpg

Nox 2019-06-16 18-35-07-641.jpg

Nox 2019-06-16 18-35-17-901.jpg
Nox 2019-06-16 18-35-26-633.jpg
Nox 2019-06-16 18-37-56-300.jpg

Account Detail :
- 3000+ Gems On Hand

- Light of Talent from Guide Still Available
- 20 Light of Talent Shard Still Available
- High Gear 5* Weapon, Armor and Accessories
- Lot of Soul Shard, Mats, Essence Ready for Upgrade
- Currently on Map 14-1 Hard
- Able to do 400k+ Damage on Fafnir lv7

- Arena Rank Diamond I (8700+ Points)

Account Linked to Dummy Gmail (Will Be Given All)
Asking Price : 100$ (Cheap)
All Transaction Using PayPal
Message me on Discord :


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