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overhit angelo account

  1. R

    SOLD  Angelo+5, Ash+5, Teze+5 and more. $75

    Sophia has her grimore at level 3. Account ranked top 30 in male special arena went perfect 35/35 battles. Can clear level 10 untamed sanctum without problem. See attached images for whats in the hero list. Lot more on the account and will provide the information and answer any questions in...
  2. V

    Selling  Overhit account Teze +4 Angelo +3 sophia +3 still have LOT

    very cheap use mm PayPal payment or u can use Indonesian account bank transaction reply this thread or email me at [email protected] thanks i cant post a pict
  3. R

    Selling  Global Endgame Angelo+5, Ash+5, and more. Rank 29 special arena

    Went perfect 35/35 in special arena Male and finished rank 29. Angelo +5 Ash+ 5 Reiz+ 3 Sophia+ 2 with grimore level 2 and can make level 3 Teze+1 next goal to make +5 and work in progress Aglaea+1 Colette+2 Opehlia+1 Many more SSR +1 and 2 Lot more on the account and will provide the...
  4. C

    Selling  Overhit CHALLENGER end game Account

    End Game Overhit Account +5 Angelo ( Arena God ) +2 Teze (30+ Soulstones , 2 stars Teze Grimorie) +5 Ash +2 Rito, Sophia, Colette +1 Edmund +0 Ludmila ( Waifu , W Grimorie Too! ) Prev Season 12000 Points Arena Raid Dark Lvl 8 ~> 400k per hit Lots of S Grades Many Resources High End Equipment...
  5. sonicfb

    SOLD  Overhit (Global) Angelo+5 and Teze+5 with Grimoire

    Selling Overhit Global Account Angelo+5 and Teze+5 with Grimoire Combo Duo Combo Wombo Angelo+5 Can Crush any Enemies on both PvE and PvP Easily and Teze+5 with Grimoire able to do Super High level Raid Easily With so Many SSR+1 Potential to Get Duped and Maxed SR Heroes able you to Clear any...
  6. sonicfb

    SOLD  Overhit (Global) Angelo+3 Reiz+3&Collete+2 Combo

    Selling Overhit Global Account Angelo+3 (can+4) with Reiz+3 and Collete+2 Combo By Using Link Skill Reiz&Collete Combo to Freeze your enemy on arena, then finish it with the Angelo Skill You can make Angelo+4 with SSR Orb (Light Of Talent) or Reiz or any heroes you want Even Ancient SSR...
  7. sonicfb

    SOLD  Overhit (Global) Teze+4 with Aglaea+Grimoire

    Selling Overhit Global Account Teze+4 with Aglaea+Grimoire Combo, Her Passive is Amazing to boost Allies attack, which make your DPS Hero like Teze does High Damage, Especially when it full buffed Light of Talent from Guide Still Available so you can Instantly making Teze+5 or any heroes you...
  8. M

    SOLD  Global 90k power Overhit account with +5 Angelo, 40+ SSRs AND Light of Talent!

    • 40+ SSRs including dupes! • Also includes many maxed out SR units • MANY 5-stars equipments • Campaign cleared all, guide mission completed • Arena top 30 in the Global server • Over 33k hero essences to max out multiple heroes' abilities tree • High-end account • Dummy gmail without phone no...
  9. P

    SOLD  [Global] Teze +3, Angelo +3 and Light of Talent for Sale

    $120 DM me here or in Discord for more info. peej#1619
  10. sonicfb

    SOLD  Overhit(Global) Mid/Late Angelo+3 with Aglaea&Edmund + Complete Full Dark Team

    Account Level 50 Noteable Heroes : SSR +3 Angelo +2 Ash +2 Sophia +1 Teze +0 Aglaea (Legendary) +0 Edmund (Legendary) You can get Angelo + Aglaea their Link Skill Combo later on update Also it has Full SSR Dark Team ! Demian, +1 Gleck, Unknown, Malpion And so many Link Skill Combo Already Luna...
  11. M

    SOLD  80K PWR End-Game with Angelo +4 an Beatrice +3

    • Also includes many maxed out SR units • Multiple 5 star items • Campaign at chapter 10 hard • Arena top 100 • High-end account • Dummy gmail w/o phone no. linked • Payment VIA paypal, looking at 300usd but negotiable. Contact me @Discord racheltan#7460
  12. V

    Selling  Midgame global overhit acc, teze, demian+2, Angelo+1, and 13 other SSR, cheap!

    im so done with this game, boring and weird character balances. Midgame account, finished hard 6-10 account linked to dummy facebook (will be given to the buyer) SSR consist of -teze -demian +2 -angelo +1 -ophelia -blossom -alex (got shield artifact on him) -ren (from story) -reiz (from guide...