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SOLD OPTC Global Endgame Lvl 934 + 1265 gems

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Hi guys, been playing since I think week one of Global. I'm ready to move on, but I'd hate for my account to go to waste, so I'm hoping it can find a new home.

-1918 day login streak
-have everything in the game farmed/completed, excluding Garp 6
-75 unique legends, the vast majority rainbowed
-own most regular RRs
-every TM unit maxed/rainbowed
-every Kizuna unit maxed/rainbowed
-maxed every single ship, even ones that got removed from the game like story mission ships that you can't get anymore
-max boxspace
-a shitton of saved candy stored, like 4500+ hp/atk/rcv candy each
-tons of LB mats
-enough skulls/tomes/manuals to last until the game ends
-own a good chunk of the limited rare recruit units since I've bought the monthly limited rare recruit ticket that's offered in the Ray shop
-Due to how old my account is, I have all one-time-only units in the game that were either given out by mail, Chopperman missions, rankings, etc (a few recent-ish examples that can't be obtained anymore: support Wanda for Carrot, support Buena Festa for Bullet, and Stampede Sanji who's a very nice unit in general)
-not sure if this matters to anyone, but I'm a massive collector/hoarder, so I keep every unique unit, including all fortnight and story units too which I know a lot of people don't care to save. You could trash those if you don't care for them though.

I think that's everything worth mentioning. Honestly don't really have a price in mind, so I'm open to any offers. Feel free to private message me questions or anything either here or on discord @ PzL#6959

Paypal preferred, though I'm open to Middleman.

ip hash: f7619aeb6ab265ae3fc160
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