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  1. L

    Optc Big Glo whale

    Hello everybody ! I want sell one big glo acc endgame with all legs ( except Rayleigh and Mihawk/Pero, Sabo/Koa and Ace Hallow) -All Ships -All TM units LB -All old Log units ( except zoro ) If you need questions and screen on this acc tell me ! :) I will use Paypal and MM 250 euros
  2. D

    Selling  High End 83 Legend Account with 8 Dupe legends

    I have been playing this account since the 2nd anniversary its completely stacked with legends don't see anyone having trouble with the content. Please send me offers through discord as i am more active on there - Durukah#3689 Also has 6+ Bege Also please no silly offers anyone who knows...
  3. P

    SOLD  Selling semi-fresh global account with all top-tier legends

    Selling a 42-legend account on Global, with legends including: Luffy/Law, Sabo/Koala, Shanks Crew, Bullet, O-Soba Mask, V3 Law, Neko/Inu, Vivi/Rebecca, Luffy/Zoro, Arlong Crew, Kaido, V2G4(Snakeman), O-nami, Komurasaki, V3 Aokiji, V2 Katakuri, Halloween Ace, V2 Zoro, V2 Sanji, V2 Akainu, V2...
  4. H

    SOLD  [Global] Optc Acc pl247 with 50 legends ONLY 20€

    I started playing optc just for fun because i love one piece and i wanna collect waifus xD. now im too busy to play so im gonna sell my account. Got few good legends and upgrade materials as in pictures below, story halfway completed, still have chopper quest with 50 rainbow gem reward. theres...
  5. H

    SOLD  optc global shanks crew, arlong crew, luffy law, jack story untouched cheap $7

    Hi i am selling an optc account, brand new account, story untouched! Msg me on discord: hypa#3949 paypal f&f cheap! 7$ https://streamable.com/2pdfpb
  6. H

    SOLD  optc jp account 4/4 anni legends, sugar, v3 law, shanks crew and more $30

    Hi i am selling my optc account, lots of top tier legends. Msg me on discord: hypa#3949 paypal f&f Price is negotiable! :) https://streamable.com/ynwure
  7. B

    Selling  optc End Game Account IOS Wano Law, Bullet, Kaido and many more

    I Want to sell my OPTC Account. It has almost every Legend like Kaido, Bullet, Wano Law, Ruffy/Law, Sabo/Koala, Vivi/Rebecca, Masherry/Shirahoshi, Arlong and his Crew and many more. Pictures are linked too. I Would like to get 135€. Payment per Paypal Family and Friends
  8. M

    SOLD  Level 298 account with 50+ legends potentially for FREE

    An account that has been neglected for months, but has 50+ legends. I'm not looking for an exact amount but someone that will use the account. That means if someone will use it, this person also can have it for free.
  9. M

    Selling  Free to play.. Optc account global

    Have 76 legends, level 496 ,
  10. R

    SOLD  OPTC Global Account with ALL Legends

    Selling my Global Account, Plv 735 and 200+ Gems. Account has EVERY Legend including a lot of dupes and also a lot of LRR like Boney, Tashigi, Kinemon and support charakters like Sengoku, Pekoms, Koshiro, Iceburg and so on. Everything relevant is maxed, Raids, Colo, TM I have also bought all the...
  11. M

    SOLD  Global fresh account 50 legend cheap

    Sell this fresh account. Best legend right now like shanks crew, snakeman, v3law, vivitebecca ecc... Story to skypiea, a lot of story to do. There is hoe and sharks super. I didn’t do garp challenge and colosseum, a lot of raid rimain to do. Here is the complete box: Full Box Price is 30€. My...
  12. D

    SOLD  Ultimate Whale OPTC w/ Full Rainbow Box & 1K+ Tablets!

    Hello, I am selling the ultimate whale One Piece Treasure Cruise account with over 80% of the entire character box rainbowed. I can easily make it 100% as I have about 1K of each tablet, but I am saving those for future use. This account will be so much more valuable once PVP comes out in a...
  13. G

    Selling  Gachafan's OPTC Accounts

    Hi! The following accounts are available. Server: All Global Price: PM Offer. Payment: Paypal (goods and service) Middleman at your expense, I can go first if you have high reputation. Type: All Android
  14. H

    Selling Global P-lvl 733 pretty much maxed everything ($225)

    Pretty much every legend, Lawffy (even a maxed extra copy, unevolved for missions), Snakeman & max dupe un-evolved. Bullet, Jack for endless XP, all Big Mom's, Kaido. Just missing Osaba mask & Shanks crew but this account is rng-blessed, 150 gems so u may get em. And RR mails you can pull that...
  15. L

    Have $300 usd looking to buy a whale global 85+ legends + gems.

    Looking to buy mega whale optic global. Must have max box space, all ships, colo, raid, tm units maxed. Alongside rainbow legends at least the most used ones.
  16. U

    BOUGHT  Buying OPTC 20$-40$

    Im looking to buy a good fresh/Semi OPTC account with a solid legend start for around 20$-40$ Id prefer Global but JP is also acceptable. You can either dm me on discord, 【Uligo】#0255 , or this site but discord will be easier for contact/.
  17. D

    SOLD  Super Whale OPTC Global Account w/ All Legends & More!

    Hello, I am selling my One Piece Treasure Cruise Global account with all the OG Log Units except for Zoro, all legends except for two (Sabo/Koala and V3 Ace), a ton of rare recruits rainbowed, all 30 gem ships except for Koi and the new one, over 400K+ Rayleigh points, all of the new limited...
  18. P

    Selling  Great Jp account Missing a couple legends

    This is my optc account that I am selling This is a 2+ year account (stopped playing after 5th anni) Started since early 2018 Plvl- 417 Legends: check screenshots and reveal em for yourselves :) Plenty of raid & a couple of colo units (many of em aren't maxed out) Price: $150 You can contact...
  19. K

    high end 54 legends acc with most of the ships

    high end acc with 54 legends and good teams, i also have most of the ships.