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  1. D

    Selling  Optc 32 Legend Japan Account With Bullet Luffy/law warco Barto/cavenCracker 20

    Semi Fresh Optc 32 Legend Japan Account With Bullet Luffy/law warco Barto/caven Cracker V2 Katakuri Plus More Android 20 Usd Message Me On Here Or Add Me On Discord DarkReaper#4016 Paypal Friends And Family Thanks.
  2. M

    Selling  global optc account lvl. 486 with 56 legends

    200 euro negotiable, I've spent a lot of time and some money on it just decided to stop playing because i don't have enough time it's a 3y account all the ambush and the quests are done got new legends such as Carrot, dex Sabo, qkc Whitebeard, Snakeman, Warco..
  3. F

    Selling  OPTC Global [IOS] 45 legend account. Premiere legends. Pirate Level 432

    45 Legends including premiere captains such as Warco, Big Mom, Luffy/Ace, V2 Shanks, V2 Akainu, Whitebeard V2, Sanji/Judge, Snakeman, V2 Sani, Lucy, V2 Doffy, and Sabo V3. Great RRs with max SA and sockets. Tons of limit break potions/items and crystal skulls. Over 100k Rayleigh points...
  4. A

    Selling  Global OPTC 29x legends Plvl 44 - semi fresh Warco - Snakeman - 12$

    Payment: Paypal Price: 12$ Contact: in topic or DM. box 540/540
  5. S

    Selling  OPTC 140 LEGENDS

    High level end game global account with ~700+ rare characters including LRR, TM characters, Invasion characters and ~140 legends (~25 6+). Top tier characters such as: Luffy G4 6+, Katakuri V2, Akainu v2, Warco, LuffAce, WB V2, big mom, shanks v2, kuzan v2, Sanji v2, Sabo dex, jinbe v2, etc Only...
  6. K

    Selling  47 Legends JP acc, level 350+

    Hey, im selling my 47 Legends account. Most legends are +200 CC with maxed special + maxed sockets. Barto/Cav batch is complete (dream team) same for shiki etc. Lots of Team possibilities. Story is at WCA, lots of colo not done, Garp mission not done completly aswell. Account has around 23k+...
  7. O

    Selling  Global Account 30 Legends Pirate Level 446

    PM me if interested $50 USD non-negotiable
  8. F

    Selling  OPTC GLOBAL Selling my 1 year old, clean acc - 38 Legends

    Hello. I'm a huge One Piece fan, and it saddens me not to have time to play this game anymore due to work and university. My account is almost 1 year old(362 logged days) and have some very good legends, rare recruits, TM units and more. All the Treasure Mode units until TM Law are fully...
  9. K

    Trading  Trading a 25 legend optc account for a bbs account with anni and tybw char

    Pics will be provided in discord.If interested pm me your dis
  10. Atreyu747

    SOLD  OPTC Rank 575 account - Almost every legend - rainbowed legends - every ship!

    Hey guys, selling this OPTC Whale account that has almost every single legend in the game, bar a very small few. Account level is 575. All ships are maxed. If interested or if you have more questions, PM me here or on Discord @ Atreyu#3192. Offers only. Highlights: All ships maxed! All TM...
  11. M

    Selling  Sanji&Judge Carrot v2 Katakuri v2g4 Global One Piece Treasure Cruise accounts

    Fresh LVL1 accounts with legends from last sugo events, ask on topic or PM for info or make your offers. Payment: PAYPAL ALL ACCOUNT ARE ON GLOBAL SERVER Below are the links to my accounts boxes, carefully organized for you guys. Sanji & Judge, The Parting between Father and Son Carrot, A...
  12. S

    Selling  Great Jp account for sell, only 100!

    This is an Jp account, have many ships and characters, have most legends. I don’t wanna play this account anymore, story is cleared but it still have many events to farm Pm me for more info and pics
  13. Tropicalspider

    SOLD  High End Global OPTC Account (Plevel 561) - 50+ Legends

    Selling this high end global OPTC account. 160K+ Rayleigh Points All ships maxed with 999 Cola missing TM Enel/Law/Nami/Kaidou Lots of colos/raids maxed (most important raids like zoro/barto etc are maxed) Album of account - Lots of gold/silver skill books including universals (30+...
  14. L

    SOLD  Semi-Fresh OPTC Account - Plvl 286 with 37+ Legends

    Account have 37 Legends and 8 Dupes and also around 30-50% of FN, Colo, Forest and Raid still untouched + 6 Story Island still available to farm. Notable Legends such as Snakeman, v2/3 Whitebeard, v2 Sanji, v2 Kuzan, Luffy/Ace, Neko/Inu and many more good Captain and useful Sub Legends. also...
  15. C

    SOLD  One Piece Treasure Cruise Account Global 80 legends

    hey everyone! Im selling my optc global account unfortunately my grandmother is not going through a very good moment in Brazil and I’m trying to put the max amount of money together to see if I can help. Abou the account All Legends are maxed candy All Legends have maxed socket Expect...
  16. D

    Selling  Fresh triple legend Capone usoland v1 sanji

    Not looking for much hit me up with a offer
  17. D

    Selling  Dolla Shop every account is 1 usd GLOBAL ONLY

    Everything here is 1 usd Franky single legend V3 Sabo, Robin double legend V1 G4, Franky double legend Robin, V1 Sanji double legend V2 Sanji single legend V2 G4 single legend V2 Shanks, KF Luffy double legend v2G4, V1 SABO double legend V2 Akainu, god usopp double legend zephyr...
  18. K

    Trading  Trading a 25 legend optc with luffy law bigmom and sabo/koala for a db legends

    pics in discord dm me your discord if interested