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    Trading  Trading great Dokkan Battle acc for great OPTC acc With legend Big Mom V1

    I'm Looking to trade My Dokkan Battle Account For A Great OPTC Global Account. [LVL:300+ or above] { With Legend Big Mom V1 ] :3 Got Scammed Out of My Main Dokkan Account a week ago. but thankfully i recovered it [So Hoping for a trustful Person DX]
  2. L

    SOLD  Selling Level 231, 36 Legend OPTC Account (JP)

    I want to sell my JP account which has 36 legends and a plethora of 5-star units, including all of the entire revolutionary batch (Betty, Karasu, Morley, Lindbergh). Legends: INT: Bege, Sakazuki, Shanks, Issho(V1), Issho(V2), Jinbe, Mihawk, "Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh PSY: Sengoku, Sabo, Garp...
  3. N

    Buying  Looking For Higuma 5+ Account Global

    Preferably fresh or semi-fresh don't want a beast account. Just an account that owns the rare recruit Higuma 5+. Pm Me if you have an account that owns that unit, even if the account is trash. Paying through paypal only.
  4. B

    Selling  Semi Fresh JP Account with 71 Individual legends

    Selling probably the best semi fresh account out there with Kaido, Lawffy, Bullet, Stampede Luffy with a total of 71 Individual legends, more if you include all the unevolved dupes. I spent a lot of money on this account and I planned to make this my second account but due to time constraints I...
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    Selling  Selling OPTC Global Fresh Account Multi Legend (34) Cheap

    34 Legend OPTC Global Android Account. Semi fresh, hardly touched story and extra island its currently at Usopp island, and the only content covered at extra island was small events that gave huge XP like rayleigh island. Price is £20. ← (Screen Shots Of The Box) Pm me if interested...
  6. T

    Selling  OPTC Japan WHALE account lvl 621 79 unique legends!

    I am looking to sell this whale account with almost all legends except: - V2 Jinbe - Jack - V2 Whitebeard - V2 Nami - Komurasaki Selling it because it is draining my life energy. My Box
  7. R

    Buying  JP Fresh Starter with Halloween Ace

    Hello! I'm looking for a fresh starter/semi account with Halloween Ace! Other Halloween cards like Sabo, Luffy and Koala are welcome~! Paying with Paypal, just send me your offers.
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    Buying  buying or trading - account with Law/Luffy and Halloween Sabo

    Hello! I sadly missed the Kizuna Kessen with HalloweenSabo and now I'm searching for an account with the following cards - - Legend Law/Luffy - Kizuna Sabo (More important than Luffy) 2x! - Halloween Luffy Halloween Luffy would be great too, but Sabo is more important! I would like to buy a...
  9. E

    Trading  Looking to trade my beast OPTC global for Blazing

    OPTC Global 371 42 Legends TOP TIER LACE BARCAV Junji Neko/Inu Snake man Jack Sabo V3 Nami Zephyr Sanji V2 Shanks V2 Capone https://ibb.co/6sSPSt0 https://ibb.co/Yt8n4BW
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    SOLD  OPTC Global Account Lvl 600 Price :90€

    I sell my account of OPTC lvl 606 and 1200 days played Photos and vídeo of the account: Contact me in Disscord : Monchito#7519
  11. A

    Selling Beast global account 42 Legends rainbowed lawffy and v2 big mom

    Im selling an account with 42 legends and rainbowed lawffy and big mom v2, warco Carrot snakeman and others are almost rainbowed. For pictures and price Information PM me, only Paypal
  12. F

    Selling  OPTC Global account/Plvl ~280 with lots of legends

    Hello i'm selling my optc acc, Plvl ~ 280 I think that i only farm 25% of the game so lot of gems are still available ! You can contact me on discord at Fuzz#7105
  13. S

    Buying  WTB> Cheap Global Fresh or Semi-Fresh Snakeman account with Raid Ace.

    just need Snakeman (or atleast v2G4) and raid Ace https://optc-db.github.io/characters/#/view/2394 (don't ask why I need Ace) No MM, Willing to pay first if you have a great reputation, otherwise you go first. PM me your price and screenshot of your box.
  14. N

    End Game OPTC JP Account (Still available)

    -Only missing 4 legends (Stampede Luffy, Sabo Koala, V2/V3 Whitebeard, and Halloween Ace) -Almost all rrs except for the Halloween batch for Ace -1 million Ray shop points -Plenty of Limit break material, socket books.etc For any additional questions, you can pm on discord: Stampmare#0920...
  15. K

    SOLD  Selling [Global / iOS] Account with 53 Legends

    Hello, i´m selling my pLVL 537 Account with 53 Legends. I played this account for 1654 days now and never bought cheap gems. For more information, feel free to PM. Only selling via PayPal (Friends & Family) with MM or Trade Guardian, if disired. If you´re interested, leave offer in the comments...
  16. D

    Selling  OPTC JAPAN plv339 50+ Legends Cheap

    Hello my Friends, i want to sell my account for not having the time to Play... please take a good look, and tell me if you like it with a price for more Information please contact me on discord: dyole#0284 No trades! Paypal friends only! Can use middleman if you want to!
  17. M

    Selling  Selling semi fresh account with Law/luffy Big Mom v2 / 40 USD

    I'm selling this account for cheap : 40 USD but just make your offer on PM here or Discord : Ashura#5185 It has law and luffy , big mom V2, bartolomeo/cavendish, Sanji/judge and lot of legends and lots of good RR You can see all characters on the pictures below.
  18. B

    Selling  Selling Lv.576 Global optc with 57 legends+ price negotiable

    if you are interested buying my optc acc or even have some questions about it feel free to Direct message me at Rimuru#1467 -all legends skill level maxed -tomes and tablets are enough give legends whichever u want to give -all lot of ice creams and tea tomes as well as almighty skill books i...
  19. I

    Selling  LvL 324 1240 full box +30 legend +dupes

    I have good legends here and i don't play yet
  20. N

    Buying  Either Jack only or Jack + Buggy Acc [Global]

    Wanna start the game again as a Full F2p (No RR) with the exception of Buggy and Jack ofc. Budget : Offer sth