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Member Since June 18, 2021
Trade Guardian Orders: 208
Total Feedback: 295
All done by hand without the use of bot, script, cheat, mod, any other 3rd party programs.
Have years of experience doing other game farming service.
200+ Feedbacks.

【Service rate @ $1/day

Things that I'll do/clear/farm every day are:
  • Outpost & Arena Rewards Claim (twice a day)
  • Daily Missions
  • Weekly Missions (only available for ≥7 days service)
  • Liberation Missions
  • Manufacturer-Specific Tower(s)
  • Simulation Room
  • Rookie & Special Arena
  • Nikke Advise
  • Interception
  • Guild Raids (if there is one ongoing)
  • Solo Raids (if there is one ongoing)
  • Event Stage (if there is an event ongoing)

Payment Method
PayPal GnS (fees on you)
PayPal FnF
(for indonesian)

Add me on Discord for faster response
(original tag was arq#2882)
(Discord ID 451110993091756043)

Terms and Conditions
- Payment must be paid first before service start
- If your account gets banned during the service, I'll fully refund for the service you bought
- If your account gets banned after the service is done, I'll only refund if you could prove that you have never use cheats/mods
- By default, I won't spend even a single diamond for anything unless you asked me to
- Refrain from logging in yourself while I'm still doing the service. Notify me in advance if you really need to
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