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New BTC Scamming Method Targeting Sellers


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I don't know if this is a new method or used before but I am gonna tell my experience with a scammer pretending to be a buyer.

NOTE: This post is for warning only, a description of a scamming accident that almost got me.

in my spare time, I buy and sell youtube channels online using serval payment options. once I had that big channel of my friend that we want to sell it in BTC for fast dealing, I use other websites rather than Epicnpc, where we found out there what calls himself a legit buyer, he refused to use the escrow service and tell us that he will pay first, we agreed for that since he will do the first move. after a while, he claims that all his BTC money was in his wallet at some trading site that he will send us from that site (the site is created by the scammer as apart of the trick). then he told us that he has the limit of withdrawal and he can only send to a member in that trading site and suggest us to create an account there and he will send us the payment so we can withdraw to our main wallet.

Well, we did open an account and he did send us payment from his wallet to ours in the site, but, when we tried to withdraw the payment to our real BTC wallet, a banner showed up and forced us to deposit an amount of money 0.025 BTC (about $200 NOW) in order to verify our account so we can proceed the withdraw, when we ask buyer about that, he pretends that he forgets to tell us about that, and tried to reassure us that is normal and it's for verification only,

we told him that we don't have balance and he needs to help us deposit that amount from his account to ours and we will send them back to him later after we get the payment, he again refrained by his limit transfer.

We suggested to him that we are not rushing and we can wait for his limits to end for him so we will do the trade smoothly. and until now he stopped writing to us cause he knew that he will get sh**:poop: from us :devilish:

That was my Experience with another clever scammer, so be aware of them, they try to make you trust them so they can apply any trick on you perfectly.

I have other experiences with them too will post when I find the time.

Be safe!
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Very useful for new comers to crypto. I'm sure the scams are just starting to appear. Jut like with everything else new, be very careful. Wherever is money, there is scammers! DO YOUR RESEARCH!
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