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Selling Lost Ark - EUC Thirain Quitting and selling 600k

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There is no way to confirm if a seller botted or hand-farmed their currency. Either way, the risk to being banned for participating in the currency market appears to be about the same.
WTS Lost ark gold EUC Thirain. $125 for 600k. Trusted account, active player now quitting
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Was answering quick till I submitted a request to trade guardian careful
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Just for reference the reason I stopped replying to this guy was because he requested I send him the gold first and the he would send the payment through paypal and then after declining he opened a trade request that would have me pay the fees so I ignored him
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Pizza Steve
Pizza Steve
I was going to send by bank actually not PayPal, anyway it seemed sus when you ignored me after opening a trade request you didn't tell me you don't want to split the mm fees or anything just plain ignored me, but I see that you sold it using trade guardian, so it was all a miss understanding, I guess.
idk why I'm replying 1 months after, but I saw your thread randomly while scrolling lol.
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