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GW2 | 15K ap | 40k Value (Negotiating Possible)

GW Account
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Multiple Accounts
Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2 Account for Sale (since they're bound together). ALL Expansions (GW1 Base, Factions, Nightfall, EOTN | GW2 Base, HOT, POF)


Don't really remember much and can't be bothered to check up on it again.
So on the top of my head.
- 5+ Everlasting tonics
- Several expensive weapons
- Full Luxon / Ancient armor
- HoM almost 30/50
- I Assume Birthday gifts
- Too many minis too count


15K ap Account with ±40K value . 4-5 fully ascended characters raid/fractal ready.

- About 3k Hours on GW2 Account
- 3 Bank Tabs with Bag Slot in it
- 4 Shared Inventory Slots
- 29/50 Hall of Monuments
- All Crafting lvls 400-500
- Mastery lvl 274
- All living world stories unlocked
- Many gem-store purchases (weapons skins, mount skins, armor skins, outfits)
- All Mounts unlocked
- Over 60+ Titles
- Commander Tag
- Copper O'Matic Salvage Kit
- ...
(More in Pictures)

- Legendaries + pre : Aurora (accessory) , Incinerator, Dusk, Dawn, Spark, Tigris, Hateful Sworl (ring) and Legendary armor
- Storage tab: Almost fully stacked (so around 2K in gold)

- There are other chars, all lvl 80 (warrior, druid, necro, ...)
- 7 char slots in total on account
- Tons of ascended unused weapons/items in bank
- Tons of minis
Infusion Effects and Wintersday Shoulders
- ...
(More in pictures)


There's a lot I didn't cover, so in case you have questions, ask away! (Api key and such)
Price: €300 ˜ 350$ Negotiating Possible
- Feel free to message me (discord, FB, LINE)
fb: james.boie.52
email: [email protected]
- Payement via PayPal or Bank Transfer
- All Details in regards to this account will be given to the buyer, and any information will always be presented to you upon request.

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