Selling Granado Espada T3FUN Castilla lvl 60Fam 64b 2000$ US


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it is Lvl. 60 Family

with 66 Slot of Characters all are High Master 1 and Up. (2 are still not)
My Quest At the moment is at Armonia Ep.3
This Account has Already Set Equipments per Characters.
All of my Main Characters are have La Atencion.
All Main Characters has Expert Stance.
Clean Xpvp Rank Win Loss record 30 win 8 loss
Items worth overall 64b+ including the vis hold.

Pictures at bottom

List of Expensive Characters (worth 14.3b)
Cannon Shooter Claire 3.5b
Sage Emilia 700m
Battlefield Claude 2.3b
Lionelle (Punisher) 1.3b
Snowflake Cherlyn 1.7b
Rosa 3b
Ralph 800m
Asoka 1b

List of Items (40.55b)

1-Hand Sword 3 slot Costume 2.5b
Riffle 3 slot Costume 500m
Polearm 2 slot Costume 250m >3.250
+8 Strata Greatsword Human 8.5b
+7 Armonia Javellin Human 7.5b > 16b
+10 Enhanced Hope of Argus 2.5b
+5 Strata Riffle Undead 1.7b
+7 Fate of Castilla 2.5b >6.7b
+7 Elite Le Noir Fighter hp+3dr 1.5b
+7 33ar Crossbow Human and Lifeless 1.2b >1.7b
+7 33ar Crossbow Undead 800m
+7 33ar Crossbow Daemon 800m >1.6b
+7 33ar Riffle Human 750m >1.5b
+7 33ar Pistol Human 750m
+7 33ar Cannon Daemon 950m >1.45b
+7 32ar Cannon Human 500m
+7 32ar Riffle Lifeless 400m
+7 32ar Pistol Lifeless 350m
+7 33ar Blunt +3 ar 600m >1.35b
+7 30ar e92 Mecha Pistol +3ar UD 650m
+5 Tyrant Greatsword Undead 900m >1.55b
+7 Elite Le Blanc Wizard 300m
+7 Elite Le Blanc Elementalist 300m
+7 Serpent Polearm Undead 300m
+7 31ar Cannon Human 200m
+6 Elite Le Blanc Musketeer 200m
+5 Elite le Noir Musk 350m >1.65b
+4 Backlight Shield Human 700m
+6 Crafted Necklace +3dex (2x) 500m
+6 Crafted Necklace +3str 300m
+6 Magic Metal Belt +3str (2x) 600m >2.1b
+6 Magic Belt +3 Dex 350m
+6 Magic Leather Belt 300m
+6 Magical Earrings +3dex (2x) 450m
+6 Magical Earrings +3str (2x) 400m
+6 Magical Earrings +3int 200m >1.7b

Misc (2.25b)

200 Expert Chips 250m
200 Devils Dream 600m
33 Ar Range Crystals x3 900m
33 Ar Melee Crystal 250m
33 Ar Leather Crystal 250m >2.25b

*This crystals are ready to make strata items.
*Strata Recipe and mats are free in faction because we hunt them so you will just choose what you want to make.

Costumes (1b+) >1b
The Characters are have Costumes almost 1/3 of my Characters has Costumes.

Other Weapon Costumes
Have Several non tradable Costumes.

Emilia, Fighter, Asoka And Lionelle.

*Gloves Boots (1b) >1b
Complete set of Magic Items.

*Rings (3b+) >3b
All my Main Characters has their own Respective Upgraded Rings
which will cost more than 3b+

i didt include the account lvl 60 family. its free.

If you Buy Tcoins to the server will cost you 100$ per 1.5-2b vis.

This is account is in The Best Faction in Game who does Boss Hunt in all Maps
(Undead / Daemon) Racials

Money Transfer = Western Union.

Reason for Selling: No Time for Playing, Busy at Work.
I only Sell all in one deal for Account its Bundle.

contact me in my Email: at bottom picture too.
Just Email me / my Skype: kenesuchan1​

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contact me in my Email: at bottom picture too.
Just Email me / my Skype: kenesuchan1