granado espada

  1. Selling  GE (SEA) account family lvl 68 750USD

    Family lvl 67 Ferruccio Server Selling full account With Characters: *Code Name C *Meister Lorch *Conductor Rio *Sherry * Scav. Yaganeh. *Bianca *Elizabeth (new RIngs) Lots of Character rings With Tradable 1 Santo Leather +7 3DR 3S x3 8 Immu x2 Santo Coat +6 3DR 1 Santo Robe And some...
  2. SOLD  Granado espada Andromida! Cheap vis!

    1b = 12€ 5b = 50€ Paypal only Discord: Mracoris#8610
  3. SOLD  Selling account 80 lvl Andromida server

    Selling account 80 lvl Questline: Everything(scenario only) except Burlon Los Toldos and Bahamar last episode Equip: Valeron weapon +7, armonia +7 +8, Strata accs or evil (+ some valeron accs), Santo +7 Main chars: Chungha, R. Caisse, Cromina, Sariel, MC calypso, buffers etc... High end account...
  4. Selling  Family level 83 GE Europe Account with high end gear or selling single items

    Selling high level account on Granado Espada Europe. High family level, many artifacts, medals, cash items, pets and of course gear (such as valeron set, pvp gear for several teams + pve gear both physical and magic). PM for details if interested.
  5. Buying  SGE server via 1b = 5 bucks

    Pm me if you selling
  6. WTS -> T3fun account fam lvl 77

    Quitting - S> Account / Vis - 20b+ Vis - Family 77 - Paypal only - PM me here for negotiation - Please do not pm me in-game or I will get banned.
  7. Selling  Selling Montoro Ring T3fun Castilla Server

    PM me here or my discord or discord Heiie#6456
  8. Selling  Granado espada t3fun account lv70 all scenario quest completed

    Wts my account lv70fam. All scenario quest are finish and have rubi and cdaria with gears, many rare chars. innocentio and trance robot x2:confused: GC+7 and sd +7 armors. Got armonia +6, sd +7 and valeron +6 gears with GOOD rac valeron rosario and tonfa +7 I want to sell bec i need money for my...
  9. Selling  Selling Granado Espada EU server account

    Selling whole GEEU accounts, details as follows: 1. Family level at 60ish(Completed Armonia Questlines) 2. Weapon: several +7 36/37ar Greatsword and Cannons(Was using SFLynn and Cutie Claire) 3. Armor: +7 strata, and several +7GCs(old, i know xD) 4. Noteable rnpcs are: SFLynn, White Leona(i dont...
  10. Buying  Closed

    Vis obtained, thank you.
  11. Trading  T> rare chars in rge to vis/eqs in geeu

    I have Cutie Claire/CSC (I dont really remember), BFL and Mireille in RGE I just wanna trade with vis/EQs in GEEU cuz I no wanna play in RGE anymore Anyone interested just chat me oke You can take the account too in RGE
  12. WTT> US Granado Espada Account for a EU GE account

    Want to trade my US GE account for a EU GE account Family level is 63+3 Permium Characters: Code Name L Emyruem Judith Cadet Leonele Montoro Levine Rose Rosa Mirelle Valeria V Archon Dietrich Cannon Claire Selene Pioneer Grenma Liung Asoka Lhote Rachel Student Ludin Blue...
  13. SOLD  (US Castilla Server) Sell Lv 79 & 72 Accounts (Package Deal)

    Looking to sell two high level accounts as a package. Family lvls are 79 & 72. General Details (PM me for more specific information or screen shots): Both have lots of rare characters, medals, quests done, good CB ranking (lv 10), high ranked xPvp rank. Ustiur Farms upgraded with several...
  14. Buying  WTB GE account!!

    WTB GE account !! -need to be hight lvl -need to have many rare characters -need to have some good stuffs leave me a msg on fb :
  15. Selling  Items Endgame

    Items: 1x Strata Devil Set +10 (INT) [Includes: Boots, gloves, necklace, earring, belt] 1x Strata Devil Set +10 (STR) [Includes: Boots, gloves, necklace, earring, belt] 1x Strata Devil Plate +8 3S ( 24 DEF | 15% Trigger | 24 Immu) 1x Strata Devil Polearm +7 3S ( 43% ATK | 97% Human | 24 Pene...
  16. Buying  Granado Espada Items

    I am looking to buy vis for castilla server Character Cards: Cherlyn, Rosa, Cadet Leonele w/ Extreme Punisher stance items: a few items, depending if I get those character cards first. shoot me an email at : [email protected] if interested.
  17. Selling  Granado Espada Account (US-Castilla Server)

    WTS account due to lack of time to play. Busy with work and other commitments. Family level is 54, with 100 unlocked barrack slots Few but staple premium characters-refer to screenshots below for the list of characters Geared enough to do most modern raids-able to play any role...
  18. Selling  Granado Espada T3FUN Castilla lvl 60Fam 64b 2000$ US

    Summary it is Lvl. 60 Family with 66 Slot of Characters all are High Master 1 and Up. (2 are still not) My Quest At the moment is at Armonia Ep.3 This Account has Already Set Equipments per Characters. All of my Main Characters are have La Atencion. All Main Characters has Expert Stance...