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foreverseee1 Scammer

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United Kingdom
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[10:29 PM]
Can u send me the stuff you have and price of them

https://cdn.[Social group links not allowed].com/avatars/451454400884506626/b796999764b29a75445f2cabd21a2a33.webp?size=128forever1Yesterday at 10:57 PM

[11:01 PM]
https://media.[Social group links not allowed].net/attachments/830548834891202570/830563192626741298/image0.png?width=276&height=300https://media.[Social group links not allowed].net/attachments/830548834891202570/830563193033457714/image1.png?width=169&height=300https://media.[Social group links not allowed].net/attachments/830548834891202570/830563193486835782/image2.png?width=179&height=300

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:02 PM
U selling as account or

[11:02 PM]
forever1Yesterday at 11:02 PM
Both can

[11:02 PM]
Silver left 39b

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:03 PM
How much for the whole account

forever1Yesterday at 11:04 PM
Ill sell u cheap
[11:04 PM]
[11:04 PM]
Some of my recent deals
[11:05 PM]
Selling it for 100 000won x 3 270$

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:05 PM
[11:05 PM]
I'm confused

forever1Yesterday at 11:06 PM
Im selling it for kr steam gift card
[11:06 PM]

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:06 PM
U would do it for 250 on paypal

forever1Yesterday at 11:06 PM
I dont have paypal normally sell by this
[11:06 PM]
[11:06 PM]
[11:07 PM]
Is cheap already
[11:07 PM]
I provide everything
[11:07 PM]
100 000won x 3
[11:11 PM]
Let me know

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:13 PM
Where do I buy
[11:13 PM]
The gift card
[11:13 PM]
And I get email or

forever1Yesterday at 11:13 PM
Register and purchase
[11:13 PM]
No you purchase from site and it will give from site
[11:13 PM]
Oh u mean bdo

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:13 PM
No the account

forever1Yesterday at 11:14 PM
Yea i provide everything

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:14 PM
[11:17 PM]
[11:17 PM]
Can u hold till later or tomz I'm busy with guests at home atm

forever1Yesterday at 11:17 PM
Oh sure
[11:17 PM]
Just let me know when you got them
[11:18 PM]
Letting me know in advance how many hours or mins would be good too
[11:18 PM]
So i can prepare as well

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:19 PM
I could buy them now but I'm not near my pc atm
[11:19 PM]
Cuz its rude when guests are here

forever1Yesterday at 11:19 PM
I understand i meant
[11:19 PM]
Take ur time
[11:19 PM]

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:19 PM
And ru willing to go first or do I have to go first

forever1Yesterday at 11:19 PM
As u see i dont go first sorry

[11:20 PM]
Once full payment is given i will check

[11:20 PM]
Once all works i will put down the acc info here and make sure everything is settled

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:23 PM
It's a lot of money that's why asked

[11:23 PM]
I'm just trusting on your word

forever1Yesterday at 11:23 PM
I know no worries

[11:24 PM]
Thanks for understanding will provide a smooth deal

[11:24 PM]

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:25 PM
Is the equipment c2p?

[11:25 PM]

forever1Yesterday at 11:26 PM

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:27 PM
The dead god is pen
[11:27 PM]

forever1Yesterday at 11:27 PM

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:28 PM
Any reason why u selling

forever1Yesterday at 11:28 PM
Stopped playing
[11:28 PM]
Playing other games no
[11:29 PM]
[11:30 PM]
Imma go eat

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Yesterday at 11:32 PM

forever1Yesterday at 11:53 PM
Just let me know when you bought them
[11:53 PM]
Will reply when im free
April 11, 2021

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 12:01 AM
Bro I was reading review on offgamers website and there alot people with negative review saying they got used codes

forever1Today at 12:01 AM
[12:01 AM]
I use here for years no problem 0.0
[12:02 AM]
My buyer 3days ago deal we buy 9 codes no problem also
[12:02 AM]
I nvr had problems with the website
[12:03 AM]
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[12:03 AM]
U dont have to worry is the best website internationally

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 12:03 AM
Okay I
[12:04 AM]
It's cuz I nvr used it

forever1Today at 12:04 AM
Ah if ur a new user
[12:04 AM]
Just go to site register first then purchase
[12:05 AM]
If u run through problems need help just ask me

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 12:15 AM
Hmm it's gonna be have to be later
[12:15 AM]
Guests still here

forever1Today at 12:15 AM
No problem

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 12:15 AM
I'll msg u b4 I buy these

forever1Today at 12:15 AM

forever1Today at 5:09 AM
@╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱ ??

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:11 AM
sry guests just left
[6:11 AM]
u free now

forever1Today at 6:12 AM
[6:12 AM]
I am
[6:16 AM]
Lmk when u got them

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:19 AM
Is it possible to screenshare n show me ?

forever1Today at 6:19 AM
No sorry
[6:20 AM]
Every information is kept hidden till after payment
[6:20 AM]
Thats goes same for everyone to prevent for future owner

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:22 AM
Hold then im buying

forever1Today at 6:23 AM
Sure np

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:24 AM
btw do u wanna do it thru MM on epicnpc?
[6:24 AM]
that way we can trust the MM

forever1Today at 6:24 AM
As u see my deals i only do
[6:24 AM]
Direct deals
[6:24 AM]
Sorry safest for my side
[6:25 AM]
Im a seller from old
[6:26 AM]
If u dont trust me you dont have to buy

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:28 AM
[6:28 AM]
they dont have x3
[6:28 AM]
its says quantity requested not avalabie
[6:29 AM]
what do i do here

forever1Today at 6:29 AM
You can try buy
[6:29 AM]
With other amounts
[6:29 AM]
As long as it totals up

⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:31 AM
so i can get x2 50k

forever1Today at 6:31 AM
For 100k how many in stock

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:31 AM
[6:32 AM]
i bought 2

forever1Today at 6:32 AM
[6:32 AM]
Just copy paste when you got them

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:32 AM
Pending for verification. (Usually within 5-30 minutes)

forever1Today at 6:33 AM
check your email
[6:33 AM]
incase got verification

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:35 AM
okay got hem all
[6:35 AM]
Code 1 100k: Q0G0B-QYXLV-7TQ42

forever1Today at 6:36 AM
copy paste here

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:36 AM
i did

[6:36 AM]
1first code

[6:36 AM]
see if it works

forever1Today at 6:36 AM

[6:36 AM]
1st code works

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:37 AM
Code 2 100k: 5CZ6R-CJG28-DYN07

forever1Today at 6:39 AM
lmk when u send all

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:39 AM
check this code

[6:39 AM]
im waiting for the x2 50k

[6:39 AM]
if it doesnt work ill report to them

[6:39 AM]
so i can new code

forever1Today at 6:39 AM

[6:39 AM]
is probably verification

[6:40 AM]
check ur email

[6:40 AM]
they send u verification

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:40 AM
yes but does the 2nd code i gave u work?

[6:41 AM]
it works? im doing the verification atm

forever1Today at 6:42 AM
yea it all works

[6:42 AM]
okay do ur verification first

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:46 AM
how long does

[6:46 AM]
this take for verify

forever1Today at 6:48 AM
Depends on them r they working o not

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:50 AM
Code 1 50k: LDPJH-IKP93-QDPGB

[6:50 AM]
Code 2 50k: KTH60-LVTQK-Z084G

[6:50 AM]
all good?

forever1Today at 6:53 AM
Yes let me prepare the acc

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 6:53 AM

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 7:01 AM
is it done?

╲⎝⧹Radi⧸⎠╱Today at 3:54 PM

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