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Im selling a Exaclibur WoW account which has loads of characters i will be writing some info below:

Class: NE Thori'dal Hunter
Gear1: Full PVP Brutal
Gear2: 5/8 T6, BIS chest, wrist, polerarm, trinket and Legendary bow
It has different 141-156 ilvl gear to choose for some slots.
It also has Shadow Ress gear for BT.
39000 Honorable kills and Knight-Champion Title
Proff: 375 LW, Skinning, cooking and 291 Fishing with loads of Recipes
Riding / Mount: Epic Flying with Vengeful Nether Drake, it also has Normal Nether Drakes.
Reputation: Exalted with all the important TBC factions

Class: Undead Shadow Priest
Gear1: 3/5 Merciless, 1/5 Brutal, Guardian wrist and neck, Vindicator Ring and Boots, Rest is 136-141 ilvl gear. It does miss high end trinkets
Gear2: 2/8 T6, BiS Chest, belt, boots, wand, Ring, Mace. 2x 128 ilvl items, rest is 141-159 ilvl, missing high end trinkets
Proff: Tailoring and Engineering 375
Riding / Mount: Epic Flying with Amani bear and Normal Epic flying mount
Reputation: Reverd / Exhalted with all the important TBC factions

Class: NE Rogue
Gear1: 4/5 Brutal 1/5 Merciless, Full Guardian gear.
Gear2: 5/8 T6, BiS Boots, wrist, Belt, Weapons(both warglaives), Trinket. It has so much gear to choose from in bank 141-159 and a few lower ilvl 128-136 gear
Proff: JC and LW 375, 350 poison, 146 lockpicking.
Riding / Mount: Epic Flying mount with Vengeful Nether Drake and Black qiraji Resonating Crystal
Reputation: Exalted with all the important TBC factions
11000 Honorable Kills

Class: Orc Rogue
Gear1: full 141 ilvl gear except for 3 items, Has a few 151 items. Expertice trinket, belt and back. BiS Trinkets(depending on stats),
Proff: Missing all proffs, 350 Poison
Riding / Mount: Epic Flying with normal epic flying mount and epic mount
Reputation: Friendly / Honored with most of the important TBC factions

Class: Tauren Warrior
Gear1: Full 141 Tank gear, 1/8 T6, BiS Boots
Proff: Engineering, enchanting and First aid 375
Riding / Mount: Epic flying with Vengeful Nether Drake
Reputation: all over the place, has the most important ones at honored.

Theres a second lvl 70 horde warrior, but missing everything, has a few 141 items

i Would like to sell this account as a bundle.
we can discuss price and other info on skype: Write your skype name and i will add you.

Account email can be changed.

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Warglaive Rogue Sold
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