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SOLD End Game Character + Bonus + 400,000,000 spina [UPDATED]

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Selling Toram Online End Game Account [KTN/TechBS/LukFarmer/DW] [UPDATED]
[Only Serious Buyer]
don't waste my time
I know a scammer when I see one.

PRICE : 200$

reasons for selling: I stopped playing.

Characters :

Lvl 190 - Katana Class Dex 255 MAX / STR 242 *skill points are allocated for super high-speed ternyu with massive damage from garyou
Lvl 180 - Tech Blacksmith [TEC 255 MAX / DEX 222] BlackSmith Proficiency Level 5 / Synthesis Proficiency Level 112 *skill points are allocated for refinement to +B and synthesist 3-lock + 100 skill points unused (no combat skill abilities)
Lvl 180 - Luk Farmer Mage [LUK 255 MAX / INT 222] *skill points used with 6 remainders is allocated for farming using storm/burst, shield bash Lvl 1 for bosses, dancers skills which the are points allocated 5 each except elegant poise & nature's wonder for bosses/aesthetic
Lvl 162 - Dual Wield Class [STR 255 MAX /AGI 186] *skill points are allocated for saber aura + shining cross build
Lvl 0 - empty slot character

Loadouts :

Katana Loadout :
Modestia = +S refinement, 2 xtalls equipped [Tyrant Machina/Neo Maton Sword], ATK 108 +8 than it's base attack, app; shirasaya with A:38 (red) B:54 (dark red) [VERY VALUABLE]
Soldier Armour = DEX7%CD7&CD19 +S refinement, 2 xtalls equipped [Ornlarf/Usami], DEF 134 + 11 than it's base attack, app; sakura kimono II with A:5 (black) B:1 (white) C:38 (red)
Top Hat = +S refinement, 2 xtalls equipped [Baphomela/Odelon Machina] DEF 58 + 8 than it's base attack, app; okame mask with A:38 (red) B:5 (black)
Muscle Talisman = 2 xtalls equipped [Venena/Specter of Death] DEF 10 +10 than it's base def

Dual Wield Loadout :
using the same equip as katana except for the swords and I switch the additional gear with shaved ice hat/york's pendant for full crit.

[MAIN sword]
Lil Empress Sword = +B refinement, no slots, a7ccf18

[2nd Sword] (elemental swords which are obtained by boss fight/limited event)
Jupiter Sword = wind element (limited drop from valentine event boss*strongest wind element sword)
Dark Dragon Fang Sword = dark element
Lil Empress Sword = fire element
Zanhak Sword = light element
Elfin Sword = water element
Soldier Sword = earth element
Imperial Sword = neutral element

[Additional Gear]
Shaved Ice Hat = +S refinement, 2 slots with only one xtalls equipped [empty/Gespenst II], DEF 70 + 8 than it's base def, app; i don't remember the name A:50 (blue), B:46 (cyan) C:51 (purple)
York's Pendant = +C refinement, 1 xtalls equipped [Gespenst II] DEF 60 +5 than it's base def, app; Sakura's Ribbon A:66 (dark blue), B:67 (dark purple), C:30 (light blue)

Luk Farmer Mage uses npc/boss gear loadout for farming and Tech Blacksmith doesn't have a loadout since it's purpose is for refinement/synthesis.

Star Gems :

Notable Star Gems; Play Dead Lvl 7, Whack Lvl 10, and Recovery Lvl 1. (Recovery Lvl 1 is made up of 10 Mini Heal Lvl 1 star gems combined)
and 54 random Star Gems in inventory.

Avatars :

28 Ava's Accessories not including duplicates
7 Ava's Tops
18 Ava's Bottoms

1 avatar set with great stats for katana user. * 63 fairy sewing tool to be used

Special Items :

Training Book x5
Secret Training Book x3
Hidden Training Book x4
Piercer [OHS] x1
Piercer [Magic Device] x1
Piercer [Knuckle] x1
Life Potion x14
Mana Potion x1
Revive Droplet x20
Reset Book x5
Book of Oblivion x1

Mirror of Reflection x3
Virgo's Book x8
Tenert's Book x4
Mondan's Book x1
Lilulu's Book x7
Sololo's Book x3
Triel's Book x1
Pelulu's Book x2
Pino's Book x2
Strength Gem + x15
Intellectual Gem x36
Vital Gem + x20
Agile Gem + x24
Dex Gem + x28
Mana Gem + x28
Guard Gem + x25
Evade Gem + x22
Glory Gem + x1
Libera's Book II x1
Tenert's Book II x1
Libera's Book IIIx1
Virgo's Book III x1
Virgo's Book IV x2
Tenert's Book IV x2
Refinement Ticket (+7) x1
Metal Box (10,000pts) x1
Fabric Box (1,000pts) x1
Fabric Box (10,000pts) x1
Beast Box (10,000pts) x1
Mana Box (5,000pts) x1
Fairy Sewing Tool x63
Teleport Ticket x12
Fairy Paper Pattern x3
Standard Ticket (30 days) x1

Land :

14x11 land with a custom-design Japanese house created by me.
have 4 dogs as pets (Perro) *not for battle, only for show
food buff; Okaka Rice Ball Lvl 5 (STR +10)

Bonus :

o Have 400M spina.
o there are 4 item storage available from vendors such as Sololo in Sofya City which contains some precious items such as dyes, xtalls, boss drops and etc.
o have 17 orbs.
o I'll guide you on how to use my character which I will teach u mostly on the mechanics of the katana class through discord.
o awesome customized looks for each of my character. (check on the screenshot section below)


private message me first and leave a reply to this post just in case I overlooked.

Paypal Friends&Families
accept any reasonable alternative payment

prefer the middleman service
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  1. added 400 million spinas.
  2. removed the name change option. (costs x10 orbs)
  3. added 17 orbs instead.
  4. added Trade Guardian option (middleman).
  5. changed the method of contacting me.
Don't be afraid to offer me a different price than shown in the post. I'm just basing the pricing from other sellers. I might be wrong. If I am, feel free to offer me a reasonable price.
The reason for the change is because of a non-serious buyer dm' ing me and requested to add personal adjustment such as the spina and didn't even buy the account by making tons of excuse and delays which made me hold the account for the said buyer in a span of almost 2 weeks. Also, there are too many users trying to scam me. Hence, I added the Trade Guardian option and changed the contact info.
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