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end game

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    End Game 1150 orb, 1mil feather, 4.5k grails T21 AR, All ghb/TT units +10B!ike

    I'm relisting my Blazing Blade/Tellius account since the last buyer bailed on me. I've put thousands of hours into my account and want to make sure everyone is happy with the deal. Friend ID is 5481274078. Add me if you want a stacked B!Ike for your Brigades. All praise Brave Ike, the man, the...
  2. B

    Selling  [Global] End Game|All Collabs| Meta Characters~198K CC~2.1M Box

    Account is only linked to Facebook (liked to dummy Facebook that will be given)[see in picture below] Price Is Negotiable 198k team, 2.1million box Champion in both pvp (Minimum 50 Gems WEEKLY) Platinum Coin’s-33 Gold Coin’s-263 Silver Coin’s-464 Ult Ranks: Green Escanor 6/6, Blue Lillia...
  3. N

    Selling  Hypixel Stacked Account

    Hi EpicNPC, I’m selling my skyblock account. I just don’t have time to play anymore as University is just around the corner for me. Has VIP+ Optifine Cape 80 Bedwars stars Hypixel level 89 - Average skill level 24.4 - Has full G6P6 superior set - 18 minion slots (Close to 19 slots) - Full...
  4. S

    SOLD  40+ legendary account. Siphi+rotos, valk and more!

    Selling this acc: Siphi arbiter wurlim frostking venus sir nic angar raglin mountain king zavia robar rhazin rotos foli altan valkyrie nethril lord shazar and much more! Its a sitting account. Can do platnium for sure. 3mil+ power no facebook linked, can change new email 250$ quick sale price...
  5. B

    Selling  End-game. $200. All Top-Tier SS. All Noblesse characters. Most SS chars.

    Hi, I'm selling an end game account for $200. This account was started from about the 7th day of global release. The account is in a top 15 guild, Platinum 1 in team arena, and Challenger 4 in 1v1 arena. This account can expedition level 12 of Kuvara and Pheonix in 7 minutes, and it can at...
  6. S

    $80 lvl 122, 8 awaken skills, nox sword, choas armor, kiz shield

    - Level 122 almost 123 - High level weapon proficiencies - 8 awakening skills - Nox sword - Kiz shield for OP attack is a option - Chaos armor 110 - Lots of avatars includes Persona5 avatars - Dps basic atk up to 60k basic atk damage - Activate rush then use switch. Best way to reach me is...
  7. C

    Selling  Revue Starlight EN (95 4★SG) End Account - Rank SSS top 100 - $300

    Hiii With this account you get to SSS in PVP easily. I can't play as much as before ... but it would hurt to leave my semi whale account. :c Discord: @ Natsu★#4404
  8. G

    Grand summoners end game negociable

    I send my summoners account the price is negociable paiement via Paypal mp discord for more informations: MUJAAK47#6613
  9. I

    Selling  Global Asia act w/ 32k cp 120k GEM,975 ticket, WR,Roc,XMonica,Azami etc

    -End game account Global ASIA Server -Can auto every daily -has 3 SS Guaranteed 10x Plat Summon Ticket -has a lot instant expedition ticket -cleared everything from the start so this account have everything from the event and lots of other resources. -account has a very good all around...
  10. H

    Selling  [GLB] High end game, Arby, Riolet, Rule 31* 5 star unit, decent i90 gears

    [Global] High end unit, 31 5* RGB units with 3 Top-tier ML unit at 520k++ CP, 21 Units are max 6 star already. can try different builds with lots of item. Auto Wyvern13/ G12/ B11/ A12 - can easily obtain resource on auto. Abyss clear 100 with emblem. Raid and Hell Raid Clear - (how to know if...
  11. H

    Selling  Whale / End-game account with most collabs

    Selling a super end game account. I have been playing basically since like first week of when the game came out. I have most of the Collab units. Missing 3 in total(1 from Catherine and 2 from Kemono) See screenshots for details. Over 84k Gems and counting as I will log in everyday until sold...
  12. I

    Maxed Out God Tier End Game Account, Best Account for Price!

    a very god tier account personally owned by me that is up for sale at a reasonable price. screenshots here -just recently added new hollowborn blods weps, both single wield and dual wield. add my discord : ɌƆƗS#0777
  13. K

    Trading  WTT AK En 2 accounts (17 6* and 14 6*) to 1 Ak account.

    WTT 2 acc to 1 AK acc, just has no time to play 2 acc. Acc1= 17 6*, 40 E2, many M3, lots of paid skins. Acc2= 14 6*, 20+ E2, many M3. More info can pm me on discord for fast reply. Egypt#2615 LF an equal/better acc to these 2. If yours really good and demand extra budget, I can do some too.
  14. E

    Selling  GLB 202k unlinked | 2m Box | LV Meli 5/6 | Valentines Units | $270

    Selling my Dolphin Global Account as I have no time to play anymore unfortunately. Account is fully unlinked. General Info: - 202k Geared Team CC - 118k Ungeared Team CC - 2M Box CC HP Bonus Applied - Easy Champ 1 ungeared PvP - Easy Challenger geared PvP - Most units already UR - Maxed storage...
  15. S

    Selling  8.2m TCP, Doc Ock, Hoarder: 13.5k Cores, 330k Blitz credits, DD3x2, $475

    Huge hoarder account with the ability to customize as you’d like: Completed DD3 x2, with hundreds of unspent g14 mini uniques, completed g14 parts Easily bump account to 8.5m+ with unspent resources Can likely complete the next 2 hoarding events on day 1. 25 g14s, all logically chosen, no duds...
  16. C

    252.8k CP (No food) 240k Registered, 3.7 Mil box end game Whale JP account.

    Undecided Guild (Best English speaking Jp Guild) 6/6 Lost Vayne and Elizabeth 60+ UR Gears A lot of limited cosmetics Whale Account Discord for more questions if you'd like: @Caıto#0401
  17. S

    SOLD  End Game Account. 2key UNM. 2.8m PP. 28 Legendries

    28 legos with only 1 duplicate (Altan) 2 key UNM and 1 key NM cb 2.8m Power 10k Energy 3.2k gems All dungeons Lvl 20 auto farm Arena team always climbs back to gold 4 through defence battles (arb speed 328) Discord Stig of War#9088 $250 or best offer
  18. O

    Selling  JP Endgame 216k cc team + 2.15M cc account

    The account has: LV - 6/6 Derieri - 4/6 Festival King - 2/6 Green Escanor - 4/6 Festival Elizabeth - 1/6 I can give you an extensive rundown of the account when you contact me Price - Negotiable Selling through PayPal Discord - Yare Yare Man #8277#8277