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end game

  1. A

    Selling  (Global) ML Ken, ML Kise ML Ravi end game account

    Selling my high end epic seven account. Team has gears that can surpass 300k CP easily and capable of clearing all contents in the game so far. The account has all the characters from all banners since Diene release. Hell raids and abyss 90 all cleared. Account is on the global server and is a...
  2. iQewww

    Endgame dragalia account lvl 153

    Selling endgame dragalia lost account, quitting due to lack of time to keep playing. The account has around 50k wyrmite. General info about acc -lvl 153 -all dojos but dagger and bow maxed (lance missing 1 lvl) -day 1 account so all event facilities are there For more details contact me via...
  3. R

    End game Acct 11+ legs 60+ epics fire sale/price rdc must go

    Fire sale...price reduced...moved to new game. So I have an end game acct here. Just don’t have time to play anymore. 20-30m+ Brutal and NM hits. Can beat all stages. Arbiter questline almost done with all champs needed to finish. If you want an Acct that skips you ahead and gives you the tools...
  4. E

    more than 35 natural 5*, 79 6*. vip runes end game account

    woosa, theomars, sigmarus, mo long, praha, amelia, xiong fei, tesarion, okeano, rakan, rica, kumar, ophilia, baleygr, laika, vanessa, juno, teshar, lagmaron, feng yan, ethna, hathor, katarina, leo, xing zhe, ritesh, pungbaek, tiana, jeanne, veromos, eirgar, eladriel, akhamamir, elsharion...
  5. ejc

    <<END GAME>> Tons of +6 child! Tons of currency!

    I am selling my Destiny Child account in order to pay for some car repairs that came up unexpectedly. The account has been played on since the beginning and has had dailies / weeklies done constantly. There are tons of materials for evolving and upgrading as well as many fodder 5 star / 4 star...
  6. R

    SOLD  WTS Azur Lane end game account EN server Lexington Lv88 $115

    +Lots of rainbow torps +Lots of PR gear +Hundreds of PR BP +Some PR ships already full MLB +Some other PR ships are *5 +Solid end game account Payment via paypal, if you have question feel free to ask! Please contact me via discord for faster response, my discord ID: Radren#8029
  7. T

    Selling  Selling End Game Account

    Hi, Selling the following account. See imgur link. Eternal fully unlocked: Okto, Samsara and Tien 91 SSRs per picture, 1 gold bar, 25k Crystals, Best team is earth. Second best is fire. Looking for $120 but I can negotiate Discord: Shao#2518
  8. J

    [Asia] End Game 4 Nat ML 5* Kise Corvus Ken Cecilia $300

    There's currently 19 6* characters: Martial Artist Ken +14 (A Imprint Attack+ 5.4%) - Max 6* Dark Corvus +9 (SS Imprint Health +10.7%) - Max 6* Judge Kise +11 - Max 6* Fallen Cecilia +6 - Max 6* SSB +3 - Max 6* Dizzy +6 - Max 6* Baiken +8 - Max 6* Vivian +9 (B Imprint Attack+ 4.3%) - Max 6*...
  9. C

    SOLD  Done

  10. G

    Selling  Endgame lvl 60 61 legends top 11 rift all legends crept Nika

    Hello, selling this end game Elune endgame account, no time to play. Spent some on this account. Selling for 150$ Contact me at discord GarionRN#6218 More SS upon request. Thanks Update: Got Karux2, Trent and Rachel. So all legendary cept Nika which I’m almost closed to getting
  11. I

    SOLD  Azur Lane Jp endgame, 93.7% collection, Level 103, 145$, 3200 gems, 100 cubes

    Looking for 145$ only accept paypal family and friend mm fee on you, but i prefer direct transfer, (see my feedback with direct transfer) im not a scammer there's nothing good come from scam people you can see other detail below bind using twitter, ill give you the twitter acc plus gmail dummy...
  12. H

    SOLD  Eu end game, champion rank with good units (with good mls)

    Looking for eu end game that can farm w11 and all hunts fast. Good gear Champion rank At least one good ml5 Multiple good ml4s (a lots etc) Abyss should be able to clear AT should be able to clear Normal and hell raid should be able to clear Budget 100-200 depending on the account middleman
  13. L

    Buying  WTB JP account w/ all event & PR ships

    I'm looking to buy an endgame account with all event/collab/limited ships and PR ships obtained (can be missing a few farmable/pernament pool ships, also including current event ships like Zara, Formidable, Littorio, and Giulio). Please send me offers w/ screenshots. Middleman preferred but can...
  14. L

    SOLD  (PC/ USD 800) End Game Wizard & Barbarian Account

    1. Introduction Selling account with two end game characters. Wizard is a HDPS character that can be main/top dps in Tower of the Mad Mage Trial. Wizard stats are all capped; 310k HP 180k Power (200k in combat) 80k Armpen, crit, def, and Accuracy 127k CA It also has a damage modifier of 15%...
  15. Y

    Elune End Game Account

    Selling End Game Account since I don’t have time to play anymore Level 60 (Zodiac fully purchased Boss battle lvl 10 All cleared Map normal all cleared Map hard most cleared (still some rubies left) 17 legendaries (Noteable +4 Arslan, +3Mikazuki +1 Freya, Fahrenheit etc) I can provide...
  16. H

    SOLD  [SEA] Gift Service Rune Shoes phy. dmg. inc 3.9% End Game Enchant

    [SEA SERVER] Good Enchantment Gift Service Rune Shoes Phy. Dmg. Inc 3.9% Via Gift $300 Payment Paypal / Western Union For more Details DM me here or on discord Hachiman#0607
  17. C

    Buying  WTB endgame account with relic weapon

    Looking for an end game account that has relic weapons for SAM, BLM or MNK (will consider PLD) Account must have the requested classes at 80 and preferably above ilvl 450. Extra’s that would be nice to have but are not necessary: - decently geared DoH/DoL at lvl 80 - lots of mounts -...
  18. D

    SOLD  End game account, CB team done! 22M on NM. LOTS gears. 150$ flash sale

    Discord at dog852#8152 Line ID dog852852 Email: [email protected] All my accounts are NOT LINKED to facebook I accept Paypal Friend&Family, if you decide to use middleman, you cover the cost. Have sold quite a few accounts with paypal first, never had an issue, check my past posts and...
  19. K

    Selling  [JP] Cheap 50 Legend Legacy Account!

    Looking to seel my OPTC account. Has about exactly 50 legends and many if which are top tier. Snakeman, lawffy, Carrot. Tons of great subs, CC, skill books. At end game content but tons of stuff to still farm since i got lazy. I have a good majority of the ships from training forests too as well...
  20. E

    SOLD  [Global] Hyper Whale 10 ML 5 star / Legend - Champion / All Limited Chars /

    Day 1 Hyper Whale Account on Global Server Hi, since I don`t enjoy the game as much as I used to anymore and finding myself to spend less and less time with it, I decided to sell this unique Account. In The Past the Account was Top 100 and achieved Legend 3. Currently hovering in Champion 3 - 5...