Selling [core] wts feoh lvl99/dual lvl96 with adena and gear


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Main Class: Feoh Storm Screamer Female (LvL99) with 6AP
Dual Class: Wynn Spectral Master LvL96
Other Subclasses: Saggitarius (LvL80) & Moonlight Sentinel (LvL76)
Adena: 817KK

+4+3+3+3+3 Seraph Robe Set Dark Assasin Appearance Full Element LvL4
Immortal Robe Set & Jewels (Event)

Freya Necklace
Octavis Shirt
Eternal Belt
Brooch 2 Slot
Sapphire LvL2
Aria's Bracelet: INT (INT +3)

Fame: 182K
Oly Tokens: 112K
PA Points: 11K

Account also has:

Saya's Seer (LvL85) with Dual Class Wynn Elemental Master (LvL85)
Iss Spectral Dancer (LvL85)

Server: Core
Price: About 180€