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  1. SOLD  4UR top core villains Tomura+AFO+Overhaul+5tix

    Yunezen#6671 Price: Offer
  2. Selling  Cyber Dragon Deck + Staple

    this account only works for steam. you can change the email and password of this account. price: 60$ (Paypal, Binance: BUSD USDT) Contact me: Discord: Syllmer#4539 Instagram: @sj_obey
  3. L2 core char

    Sell yull ghost sentinel 105 with dual class dagger 101 exalted lvl4
  4. Selling  WTS Lineage 2 Adena (CORE)

    WTS Lineage 2 adena core, accept offers thank you
  5. Selling  Global God Tier 4 FC Bath, Rudely, Ana, Baileysh Semi Fresh w/ 26 days of xes

    ***Ultimate GLOBAL Heal/DPS QUAD FC GOD FC BATH, GOD FC RUDELY, FC ANA, 2x Dupe FC Baileysh*** -Linked to dummy gmail account -No selection available -Has active daily xes for 26 more days as noted on image. (Other sellers won't have this!!!) (y)(y)(y) -Semi Fresh at only Chapter 6 -715 current...
  6. Selling  Core server, othell/othell & tyrr/yul

    WTS Othell WR 107, dual othell FS 105 CORE server. It has ; - fallen angel ring+6, - passive skills lv 10 (defense, attack, elemental) - Giant augmentations celestial, critical damage... - Shiny shirt+10, dragon shirt +0 - Exalted armor weapons and basic stuff Exp consumables in WH Skills...
  7. Selling  [WTS] Othell 107, server CORE

    As title says, WTS Othell WR 107, dual othell FS 105 CORE server. It has ; - sayha lv9, - fallen angel ring+6, - agathion evolved capricorn lv1, - charms aries+3 & scorpio+3 - passive skills lv 10 (defense, attack, elemental) - Giant augmentations celestial, critical damage... - Shiny...
  8. SOLD  6611 Core/TBD Support/TI 10 Items 208$

    original email - proof no bots/abuse 6700 behavior score no phone number Q/A How can I trust you? Unfortunately, I am not a well-known seller on this forum, but for your feedback I can slightly lower the price of an account. Where do you get your accounts from? These accounts are directly...
  9. šŸ†Selling rank 4k EU, 5780 Core MMR Account, no bans, original mailšŸ†

    Hi! Selling one of my smurfs. I've sold accounts here before with trade guardian hit me up if interested! Skype: ares_95 Mail: [email protected] Discord: AlexanderEl#8566 Price is negotiable in next 5 days. Payment: through Trade Guardian Dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/players/302830319
  10. Selling  WTS Adena at Innova EU - Core Server

    As in topic I'm selling Adena at official EU server - CORE Price 1b (1kkk) = 5$ 40b+ in stock. Adena made by myself, I'm not a reseller - 100% safe. Payments via PayPal, Skrill, Blik or Revolut (Revolut doesn't have any currency exchange and transfer fees, try it out) Skype...
  11. Selling  Core items

    UPDATED : Selling bunch of items on core server. My price for (1 bill - 4$) 1. Greater Ruby lvl 1 - 130b 2. Lindvior Earring +6 - 65b 3. Blessed Valakas Necklace +6 - 38b 4. Blessed Antharas Earring +4 - 40b 5. Tauti Ring +4 - 1b 6. Earth Wyrm Ring +4 - 3.5b 7. Bloody Helios Fighter +12 (2SA) -...
  12. WTS ISS 106(85%>107)/105dual CORE

  13. Lineage 2 Account Iss 106(85% to 107) [Core+Ramona]

    WTS ISS HIEROPHANT 106(83% to 107)/ISS SWS 105 Lvl4 La vie en rose jewels Lvl7 Sayha Talisman Exalted Quest 5 Fully Finished Bracelets +4STR/+4CON etc (20k+ raid points) Lvl10 Faction talismans Loads of xp items Joon agathion And lot more
  14. Buying  WTB items or adena core

    WTB around 100b or items like B.Valakas Monkey chef belt lindvior earing abu lvl 1 pvp light set +10 pvp dual daggers +++ B.Antharas Contact me, i won't pay more then 5 eu for 1b if i buy at least 100b from you,then i will pay less then 5eu per 1b. Payment method: Paypal
  15. Sell Weapon++, Item++, Best RB Jew CORE

    Hi all, I sell this item on my char cuz I don't play anymore on L2. Please offer me, you can mail me at [email protected] or Skype (marcoshaovel). Paypal payment. +6 Blessed TW Light SET Full 120 +7 Blessed Apocalypse Slasher Focus/Fury 300 Holy +3 Blessed Zaken's Earring +6...
  16. Selling  [Ramona-Core] Top Armors - +10 Dark Helios Thrower - Epics

    [Ramona] +6 Eternal Leather Helmet +6 Eternal Leather Armor +10 Blessed Eternal Leather Gloves +8 Eternal Leather Leggings +8 Eternal Leather Boots Set Price : 28bils adena / 550$ / 450$ (Bitcoin Price) +3 Baium Ring Price : 11bils adena / 230$ / 210$ (Bitcoin Price) [CORE] +10 Dark...
  17. Buying  Adena classic giran TI - live Naia Chronos Core

    Welcome to SellersAndFriends.com Are you looking for someone who could constantly buy Adena from you? No more time to play and you would like to quit? If you are playing on GIRAN TALKING ISLAND or other server and you want to Sell Lineage 2 Adena for good money - Contact us! WE WILL BUY...
  18. Selling  Ramona & Core We selling adena in eu server Lineage2

    Hi all! We selling adena in eu server Lineage2 -Core 4$ for billion -Ramona 11$ for billion ****************************************** we can accept : Skrill, wmz, bitcoin, qiwi Skype: the_wolwerine
  19. Trading  WTT adena on Chronos for adena on Core

    Currently have **on Chronos with more to come. Add me on skype @ ******* SOLD OUT
  20. Selling  Characters (Yul 101 / Titan 99 / Feoh 100 / Yul 100 / Sos 99 / Iss 101) etc

    delete this pls
  21. Selling  WTS Adena Stock 46,5 Billion on Core Server

    Hey Guys, im selling my Adena on Core Server (Current Stock 46,5 Billion) I want 9ā‚¬ each Billion. If someone takes more i can make cheaper for all together. pm or comment here or write me on Skype [email protected]
  22. Trading  Items naia to core

    I'm moving to eu lineage 2. So looking to trade for items or adena. talisman abundance level 1 for alot of adena or similar talisman. Considering selling my talisman of longing if the offer peaks my interest.
  23. Selling  Core Characters (Yul 99 / Titan 99 / Feoh 99 / Yul 100 / Sos 99 / Iss 100 etc)

    Yul 99 (98%) - Titan 99 - 80/80 - 6 toons 85 (1 dwarf (no class), 1 wynn, 1 titan, 3 evis (1 with tyrr dn dual)) Feoh 99 / Dual Yul 100 (Rapid Shot + Rapid Fire) SK 99 (SoS) Iss 100 - Dual Healer 88 - 6 Toons 85 (4 evis, 1 iss, 1 wynn) Sayha 95 / Dual Feoh 90 Feoh 87 / Dual Othell 85 Evis 85...
  24. Selling  Wts Adena Fast & Safe In Innova Core Server

    Hello all, I am selling adena in Innova core official server. Price per bil: 9 eu Stock: Medium I accept only paypal friends & family option, please don't ask for adena first. You can send me a private message in forum, normally I respond very fast. If you don't trust me we can make small...
  25. Buying  WTB on Core

    Hello guys. Looking to buy the following on Core, payment will be paypal. You will need to be vouched for. PM me your price ( USD or Adena ) - Blessed valakas - Lindvior earring Bought! PVE weapon stone ( or ++ pve fists ) Bought! Earth Wyrm ring