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Disciple Warframe Founder.

Mastery Rank 20(1.700 left to be 21)

1000 hours+ playtime

Almost everything in game. Only things i don't have are Nezha,Shaku and 2-3 event weapon.

28 warframes in inventory.Builded all warframes except Excalibur Prime and Nezha.I got reactor and exilus adapter on all of my frames.About 3+ forma on very single warframe except 2-3 warframe.

138 weapon in inventory.All of the good weapons has catalyst and formas for best build.

All sentinels/weapons and kubrows with reactor/catalyst.

Raksa kubrow with lotus/bulky has 6 forma on it and all mods maxed.

Greater madurai lens on Mag P ,Ember,Ivara

Maxed zenurik lens on tonkor,loki

5.5m+ credit. 400 plat.

Almost all armors like stalker except prime ones.

Have most of colors for warframe and weapons

Most of profile icons.

Almost all of kubrow colors,armors and patterns

Almost all event mods/regilas/rewards.

Clan emblem,alliance emblem and almost all of the sigils and regilas.

x10 Guardian on valkry and chroma

x10 Grace on Syandana.

Got scimitar with 3 skins

5+ old arcane helmets

Got like 10+ syndanas

500+ rare resources orokin cell,neural sensor etc

and more...

Contact me on here or skype my id is dabalya/Canusta
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