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warframe closed beta

  1. Selling  MR 18 Alpha account almost 4 years with a few exclusive items

    Mr 18 alpha account coming 4 years now with exclusive event weapons, mods & Arcanes. 550,000 credits & 722 platinum SCREENSHOTS FROM ACCOUNT: http://imgur.com/a/2pzXG For sale I have the following items: Warframes: Chroma x6 forma Inaros x6 forma Ash x1 forma Ash prime Banshee x2...
  2. SOLD  Want To Buy Founders Warframe account

    Want to Buy warframe account you have to be a founder and have *Excal prime and most of all the founder items. *please no SCAMMERS *leave your email and deatils of your account here. *if your not a founder am not interested at all.
  3. Selling  Closed Beta MR20 Discliple Founder Warframe Account

    Disciple Warframe Founder. Mastery Rank 20(1.700 left to be 21) 1000 hours+ playtime Almost everything in game. Only things i don't have are Nezha,Shaku and 2-3 event weapon. 28 warframes in inventory.Builded all warframes except Excalibur Prime and Nezha.I got reactor and exilus adapter...
  4. SOLD  Warframe GrandMaster Founder =)

    Hey there, as you can see I am selling one of my Warframe accounts. This one has the grandmaster pack with Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime and Lato Prime, which are items that are not obtainable anymore except if you are a Founder. Its a bit clean, very suitable for new experiences or if you really...