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Selling [Asia] Whale Account 7x5* characters. Ravi, Sez, Destina, Krau, Yufine, Cecil


IP/Phone Country Mismatch
11   0   0
Multiple Accounts
Account still has 40 days of Monthly Pack.
World Mode story are mostly not done.
Asia server.
Account is binded with gmail, you will get the gmail too.

My Discord : L!nKz#7583

Natural 5* :
- Ravi (best PVE carry. Upgraded to 6*)
- Sez (highest DPS char)
- Destina (All around healer)
- Krau (best tank, dangerous in PVP especially with Noble Oath artifact which we have)
- Cecilia (best PVP multi taunt tank)
- Yufine (best boobs)
- Charlotte

Natural 4* :
- Cidd (superb single DPS hero)
- Lorina (just like Cidd or even better single DPS hero. Specialty change ongoing)
- Kiris (golem killer)
- Lots (good combat readiness healer)
- Leo (AOE stun for PVP)
- Dingo (getting buffed)
- Dominiel
- Purrgis
- Maya x 2
- Armin x 3 (highest defense tank)
- Silk x 2 (PVP debuffer)
- Rose x 2 (decent and sexy tank)

Notable 3* :
- Elson (buffer, debuffer, healer, all in one. Upgraded to 5*)
- Tieria (Wyren debuffer, good for Abyss as well. Upgraded to 5*, imprint unlocked to B)
- Carmainerose (one of the best single target DPS. Upgraded to 4*)
- Requiemroar (ML dark unit)
- Gloomyrain x 2 (prolonged staring will make you gloomy)
- Taranor Guard (OP character when properly built, Imprint unlocked to SSS)
- Taranor Royal Guard (OP brother. Imprint unlocked to SS)
- Gunther (better than Hurado)
- Kluri (once specialty changed, will be really good. Highly used in top PVP Korea. Imprint unlocked to S)

5* Artifacts :
- Noble Oath (best artifact for Krau, makes him even more dangerous in PVP)
- Etica's Scepter (mage)

4* Artifacts :
- Strak Gauntlet x 2
- El's Fist x 2 (good warrior artifacts)
- Sashe Ithanes x 2 (you will need this to farm high level Banshee)
- Rosa Hargana x 2
- Infinity Basket x 3
- Hilag Lance x 1
- Adamant Shield (good tanker artifact)
- Magaraha's Tome x 2
- Wondrous Potion Vial (good Soul Weaver Artifact)
- Water's Origin (Very good when you put Sould Weaver as tank + 3 DPS)
- Dust Devil x 4 (2nd best artifact for thieves class, the Sez and Cidd are set with these artifacts)
- Elyha's Knife x 4

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