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epic seven

  1. K

    ML Ara + ML Sez + ML Tenebria late game (chinese name) (global)

    Quitting the game due to some life commitments and generally burnt out as I've been playing since launch. Heroes Total 20 Nat 5* ML 5* Sez Tene Ara Limited 5* Diene Luna Dizzy Baiken Non-limited 5* Vildred Charles Lidica Chloe Ludwig Yuna Sez Ravi Bellona Sigret Cermia Destina GG Collab 5*...
  2. M

    GLOBAL megacombo PVP ML ara + sez + baal

    stronggest pvp combo atm with ML ara + sez + baal abyss 90 rank Chal ( im lazy boy but im sure u can climb higher with this acc) auto w11 with food auto b11 almost 100% raid hell clear more infos pm me price B/O 1200 usd
  3. H

    Selling  Global Cdominiel Luna Baiken Dizzy CP 200k+ Fast Sell Cheap

    selling epic seven global account Have super limited heroes: LUNA, BAIKEN, DIZZY, SOL. Total of 9 heroes nat5: Luna (*6), Baiken, Dizzy (*6), Bellona (6*), Krau, Sol, Baalsezan, Zeno, and Sez Also have Angelica Great 4stars ML heroes: C Dominiel (*6) and BB Karin Great 10 x 5 stars...
  4. H

    Limited Summon Dizzy, Baiken 5 star Sez Glb Account for sale

    Selling Semi-fresh account that has legitimately completed 10-10 that has Baiken, Dizzy, farmed Sol Badguy, Sez, 4 star Achates, Schuri, Rose, Silk, Cid x 2 on Global. Pm Price, looking for quick sale. Paypal acceptable payment.
  5. C

    Selling  [Global&Asia] Sell Starter 10-10 Dizzy Global ($5) & Luna + Friends Asia ($8)

    Dizzy Account Global: $5 -Still has 150 BM left for roll. -Changeable nickname. -Login Unverify Stove Luna Account Asia: $8 -Unchangeable nickname. -Login by Dummy Gmail (All data provided upon purchase.) Payment by Paypal FNF. Discord: Crynelleciaz #5655
  6. R

    Selling  ML Ken,2x Ruele, Specter overall 18 5* End Game Account

    Selling my End Game Account with the best Heroes in the game because i stopped playing 3 months ago. ML Ken 6* Ravi 6* Bellona 6* 2x Ruele of Light Specter Tenebria 2x Iseria 2x Cecilia Vildred Destina Zeno Kayron Kise Yuna Tamarinne Luna Krau 4* Moonlight Chars Crimson Armin Assassin...
  7. valkyriene

    Selling  πŸ‹Mega Whale account retired - ML Baal ML Ara MA Ken Judge Kise ML Tenebria πŸŒ™

    Hey all! So I guess it's time I give up on this game, I have lost interest in the game and have no more time to maintain the dailies and since my daughter just been born, I'm planning to retire all of my mobile gaming account, I have spent $7k for this account, and been playing since day one...
  8. S

    3 Nat 5 MLs + ML Ken + S.Tenebria + Tamarinne + C.Dom ($1200)

    Looking to sell my account quick. I do not play the game anymore. I have some of the best characters in the game and a lot of the main ML characters; Good artifacts too: 230kCP ML Ken ML Tenebria ML Chloe Lidica Luna C. Dom Tenebria Violet Charles Rin Achaetes Fluri C.Lorina Schuri Sigurd...
  9. H

    SOLD  (Global) Super End Game - CP 266k, MaidChloe Luna Baiken Dizzy, Auto w11

    selling epic seven super end game global account Have super limited heroes: LUNA, BAIKEN, DIZZY, SOL Also 5star Moonlight Hero: The everlasting MAID CHLOE 11 x 6stars heroes: Baiken (+1, Imprint B, CP 75k) β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜… Luna (+15, CP 67k) β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜… Kise (+7, CP 63k) β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜…...
  10. H

    SOLD  [Global] Diene Baiken Dizzy, CP 164k, Cheap Fast Sell

    selling epic seven global account Have super limited heroes: DIENE, BAIKEN, DIZZY, SOL. Total of 8 heroes nat5: Diene, Baiken, Dizzy (+1 copy), Sol (6*), Destina, Ravi, Tenebria (6*, B imprint), and Sez Great ML heroes: Crimson Armin, Kitty Clarissa, Assassin Coli, Doris, Rikoris, Wanda...
  11. D

    Buying  High end, end game, high rank legend account

    Requirements -Global -High rank Legend in arena -Lots of 6* with lots of quality gears -Auto all hunts 11 constantly -Able to clear normal and hell raids I got the budget for the best so I expect the best acc out there. Any account I see not fit, I will ignore. Thanks for your time. Hope to...
  12. S

    Selling  WTS ML Vildred + all GG Collab units

    Hallo there, Im selling my clean global epic seven account for USD 100. The account has access to the limited characters Dizzy, Baiken and Luna and ML Vildred. The account is linked to a proxy gmail account. Upon purchase you will receive all login details. Screenshots : If you are...
  13. K

    Selling  [All Servers] Abyss & Hunt Service

    Hi Everyone, Today I would like to offer clear abyss and farming hunts service. Our service will be done by hands. No macro and no mod will be used during our service. We will work on your order immediately after we receive your payment. All payment will be in Paypal F&F (for now). Abyss...
  14. H

    Limited ML Aramintha/Ken/Sez/Tenebria/Baal

    Hey Pm me if youre intrested One or two moonlight hero! Example: email: [email protected]
  15. R

    SOLD  Cheap $20 great account ASAP

    Heyo guys, selling this again for a mere $30.. I will never go first. Scammers get out, Paypal...price is negotiable.
  16. T

    Global acc all limited units and more - Linked

    Will provide screenshots a bit later, making post to check interest and offers. It's linked to gmail dummy and will provide email and help setting up security for buyer. Current progress: Abyss 58, world diff not cleared, 142k cp main team. Limited and 6*: Luna 6* Diene 5* Sol 5* Baiken 5*...
  17. R

    Selling  [Global] Yufine, Kayron, Tenebria... 7 nat 5 total + Angelica, Axe God cheap

    Hey, *Not a modded account!!* This was an old alt I made near the start of the game, that I haven't played in months, still has some great heroes! All you need for some PvP fun (Kayron + Tenebria + Yufine)! Just offering it up for sale now for anyone who is interested! Has all the heroes you...
  18. H

    SOLD  Luna Baiken Tama Ceru, End Game CP 235k, Auto W11, Cheap fast Sell!

    selling epic seven account Have super limited heroes: LUNA, BAIKEN, SOL. 7 x 6stars heroes: LUNA, BAIKEN, ANGELICA, CELESTIAL MERCEDES, KRAU, TAMARINNE, CIDD Total of 9 heroes nat5: Luna, Sol, Cermia, Krau, Baiken, Destina, Chloe, Yuna, and Tamarinne. Great nat4 ML heroes: Celestial...
  19. J

    Selling  ML Ara+Baiken+Sol+Charles+Vildred (Cheap)

    Solid English name Player level: 41 League Bronze (I don't do Pvp so left for you) 5 stars: ML Ara, Baiken, Sol, Charles, Vildred, Jecht Noteable 4 stars: TG, Aither and Cidd. Not very far into the story (hard). No mods or hacks used to obtain this account. It is linked to a dump e-mail which I...