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SOLD 416 Protection Warrior- MoP Challenge Mode Set- Mage Tower Appearances-



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I'm selling my Pandaren Warrior. I'm the original account owner and this is what I'm offering:

- 416 iLvL
- Heart of Azeroth lvl 51 (435 ilvl)
- Weapon appearances from Mage tower unlocked (Protection, Arms and Fury)
- Undercity Plaguebat Mount (Unobtainable)
- Umber Nightsaber Mount
- Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury (Legendary Bow)
- Main hand of Warglaive's of Azzinoth
- Of the Iron Vanguard title
- The Undaunted title
- MoP Challenge Mode Transmog Gear
- Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Two
- 28k Titan Residuum
- WoD Flying Unlocked for the character
- Legion Flying Unlocked for the character
- Bfa Flying Unlocked for the character

Worldvein Resonance (Rank 2)
Anima of Life and Death (Rank 2)
Essence of the Focusing Iris (Rank 2)
The Crucible of Flame (Rank 1)
Vision Of Perfection (Rank 1)

Note: The character will be transferred over to a new account (and you can pick the realm if you want as well) so you'll get 30 days of game time and a level 110 boost! Please keep in mind that not every mount and achievement will be transferred since it's going to be a new account.

New Account, Name Change and Realm Change Included!
- LvL 110 Boost
- 30 Days Gametime

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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