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SOLD 411 WW Monk HoA 47 & 4 x 110 on account

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Updated 04/08 : HoA 47 now, 411,6 ilvl. Top WW monk on my server, M15+ geared, full Heroic BoD runs done. Multiple 400+ items (trinkets / rings) to switch for different gameplays. Damage wise we are way above the pack along the best DH and just below the best Rogues, long gone the days were i was mid of the pack when i was ilvl 380/390. The right traits, trinkets and stats make this toon a beast, 232 HP now unbuffed, 7477 agility.

Started wow last summer with BFA, so the account doesnt have all the 'old content' stuff. However, i tried to maximize it every way i could :
Note : comes with a HIgh end D3 account with 3,3K paragon necro, mage, monk, DH etc, BIS gear, tons of resources and gear
the toons :
The WW monk is the main, 1st sim dps monk on my server (HORDE US, around 23600k sim dps) , 411 ilvl (2 x 425 items, 3 x 420 including azerite items : chest and spaulders)
- Hear of Azeroth 47 ! (ilvl 427)
which is more than just a 'nice to have' if you want to wear high end / high level azerite gear and benefit from the best traits.
- 4 x 110 toons : 1 arcane mage (mainly used for AH transactions), 1 BM DH, one rogue, one HAvoc DH
Achievements :
- 12200 points,
- AOTC Ghuun AND AOTC Jaina / BOD (heroic finished on 1st week after raid launch)
- Magh'ar and Zandalari troll races unlocked
Reputations :
- All BFA factions exalted (Horde)
- All Legion and WOD faction exalted (legion flying unlocked, WOD to be done)
- Argent Dawn reputations : i am at Thunder BLuff now
- Horde reputations : all exalted
- Raider io : around 1050, i didnt do much raiding however you shouldnt have any issues getting invites and raiding high end M+ / Raids
Mounts & pets :
- 150 + mounts on the horde side, 193 total . i let you check the armory link, some noticeable ones : astral cloud serpent, Llothien prowler (fox), Spawn of Horridon, Pureblood Firehawk, Red Qiraji, Nightborne ManaSaber, Phosphorescent stone drake (Aeonaxx), vitreous drake + from BFA : Sharkbait (Freehold) Skullripper, Highland Mustang, Blackpaw, Blue Marsh Hopper (Blue Frog), Swift Albino Raptor
- 240 +unique pets

Cash & resources
- Tons of mogs, about 3M gold in mogs actually spread across the toons. i'll get rid of a lot of the the greens and low value stuff and leave the rare stuff
- 900k ++ gold in bank across the toons (on the same server)
- Max enchanting on the monk including all rares illusions tomes (elemental, shado pan, pvp enchants, xavius EM enchant, etc ) max tailoring with lots of rare ones (red lumberjack shirt etc)
- Inscription and Alchemy on bank alt (mage)
- monthly sub paid until 27th of april
- 350+ islands coins,

This is a 'clean' account, no botting, no bans.
You'll be given login / pass + full access to the account email upon payment
Payment : Paypal family & friends payment, 500 $ for the whole account (including 900k gold) or 350 $ (10k gold with the toon) transfer fees included for the ww monk only (you'll have to provide a fresh bnet account with 1 month subscription) . no trades, i quit wow. we can go through a middleman service or playerauctions.
I am on PA since 2014 if you prefer to go through PA, with a good track record

Thanks and have a nice day !

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I am only interested in the monk,So you wouldn't even need to sell me whole account,if you reduced the price of course.400$ for the whole account
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