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Selling 🌈FFxiv Ultimates,Savages p9s~p12s Lvling Mounts Bozja Blu Criterion and More!

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SPECIAL price for MGP farming,dm for details!
For a quick start,add my Discord: forg3tmenot or Forg3tmeNot#0120 if you can't find it (please make sure to copy and paste it)
We're a team that basically selling EVERYTHING in this game,EVERY order is customizable!

We will start immediately right after payment for most of the orders
NEW Extreme Primal available now!
Get everything you desire in the game right now! DM FOR DETAILS!

We don't use any cheats,3rd-party tools,or any hacks that will put your account on risk
We provide free stream for almost EVERY order if you ask us to
We DON'T price match with any other sellers those who offers an extremely low price,because those might be using illegal ways during service i mentioned earlier.
Our top priority is the security and privacy of your account

None of our customers have had their accounts banned or their privacy compromised here
NO LOG will be uploaded if you ask to
We use VPN to match your login area
Please contact me if you have any question,we're willing to help around!

We have pro players from different countries to match your time(From JP,NA,EU and CN),just hit me a message when you want to play even during the service,we'll make our boys stop for you to play whenever you want! and tell us when you're about to go offline and we will be back boosting your account in short!
We accept BTC/Binance/Payoneer/Paypal/Wechat/Alipay as Payment


Eureka1-60: 3-5 days

Bozja1-25: 2-3 days

MGP 1M: 24-36hrs

Ozma:1~3 days

Cerberus: 1-5 days

Zadnor duels:1~2 days

Fishing quests,Big fish,titles and Ocean fishing achievements:TBD

PVP tier to Crystal:1~3 days

CC series 1~30:2 days

Crafting&gathering jobs leveling:1~2 days for each job

Lvling1-90 DoM/DoW alt : 5 days

Lvling80-90 DoM/DoW alt : 20-24hrs

Primal mounts : TBD

P9S~P12S full loot : 1-12hrs

Full BLU spells:2~4 days

Eureka Orthos party clear:1 day

Ultimates : 1-5 days(for stack orders,slower but cheaper,no log will be uploaded) 1-5 hrs(for normal orders,more expensive but our whole team will start immediately just for you!)

For more info please feel free to chat or add my dc: forg3tmenot
P5S~P8S and contents from previous patch,Ultimates,PVP,Trails,Glams
Lvling for Main Story Quests and Alt,Crafting and Gathering Classes,Side Story Quests,BLU Spells,Achivement and Etc
NEW Eureka DD dungeon,POTD,HOH Titles,Mounts and Achivements
Relic and Eureka lvling,weapons,Ozma mount,Cerberus mount,Bozja,Zadnor duels and Etc
PVP Tier(Not available for stream if PVP ranking,will put your account on risk),Session lvl,GARO events
Housing Services with Professional Designer

If your account gets banned during lvling,however we didn't have any account that got banned here,we'll refund the full amount to you
ps please feel free to send me message for any questions,we're honoured to help you at any time
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Quick, Transparent, and Amazing Prices!

Quick to respond and works extremely fast on orders, my number 1 go too for anything ff14!!!!!
Good price & service

Used forg3tmenot's services to farm sold old content after getting tired of PF memes. Was quick, painless, priced well. Would recommend!
Best Service Ever!!!

Super kind, always reachable at all times!
10/10 I'm going too use their service again in the future!!
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Fast and easy

Was super kind and gave me a discount, super nice and easy to talk to, and I’d quick and fast for orders and response
Fantastic And Trustworthy Seller

I purchased a TEA clear + the prerequisites needed to unlock TEA from him and his team and they did a fantastic job. Very fair prices! Everything was done in less then 2 days! He was very good at communicating with me and staying in touch and updating me throughout the whole process. The craziest part is that his team cleared TEA for me first try in one shot. Will be purchasing from again, no question! <3
accommodating and friendly

first time to get from him, accommodated me even on a rushed basis with a good price
friendly too
thank you so much!
Thank you so much as well for leaving us a positive feedback!
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Very kind and communicative!

Kept in contact with me the whole time - Was very polite which I really liked! very great person to talk to!

They also provided me with live stream which was nice! got to watch TEA ultimate raids!

Will order again! Thank you -
Thank you as well for the positive reply and feedback,have a good day!
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UwU clear done

Been ordering from them for a while now. Went with an UWU clear + an O8S clear to unlock the ultimate. Fair pricing. Professional service like usual. Have been satisfied with all my orders so far, as they are extremely accommodating with your schedule.
Thank you so much for choosing our service! have a good day!
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Great communication, great price

2nd time ordering. Needed some alt jobs power leveled to 90. They answered questions I had. Communication was always quick whenever they were up and they gave daily updates on the current order.

So far have been satisfied with the services provided. Great prices and accommodating. Can't go wrong here.
Thank you so much for trusting us and choosing our service, we'll keep our work solid and please have a great day!
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Nice, trusty and fast and secure

Hi , i have make some order for pl some long term order.

Him and his team are Nice, trusty , fast and very secure and adaptive.

I recommend him !
TOP Ultimate + Eureka Leveling A+

Has been a very good service as of today, honest and courteous. Have delivered great results with good prices. Would recommend.
Easy communication. Fair prices!

Asked about pricing for different services. For done by hand services, they were pretty good prices. Just needed an MSQ boost at the time and it got done fairly quick. There was a slight delay but they were quick to get back on it.

Boss man had great communication and gave me a status update when asked. There are other services I'm interested in and I'll definitely stop by again in the future.
Awesome service overall!

Really fast contact, really good prices, very understanding and friendly seller. Service was really fast and professional, totally will use more services in the future and will recommend!
Very fast

These guys knocked it out the park! They got a lot of work done on my account and I couldn’t be happier thanks again my man !
Reliable and Communicative Booster

This is my 1st time purchasing a raid clear, but felt more than that since price was very fair and affordable. Other boosters tend to spike up the price
just b/c of a patch update even if its old content for 1 run. But not this guy he will take care of you with reasonable price, I'm so glad I found his service thank you so much I will buy again in the future.

I just bought Crafters & gathers Lv.1-90, and to finish my MSQ from Lv.80-90 (So they can do the Lv.80-90 Crafter & Gathers quests) I Will update with feedback once completed.
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Ok so quick update; they finished as of yesterday.. ALL crafter & Gathers Lv1-90 / Finished my bard lv86-90 (they needed lv90 msq to do the crafting) I also bought (2) TEA weapons & (1) TOP weapon! They gave me both of the mounts for free also! Very fast and they’re very communicative.
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I will save this topic because it interests me a lot, since I want to play FF14 and I want to start with many things in favor
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Thank you!please don't hasitate if you have questions about the game,we're happy to answer them for you for free,you can add my discord for future contact if you want,and please have a good day/night!
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Omega clears

Bought 2 clears from utopia. and the experience has been wonderful.
he was always in communication . replies are fast and snappy.

they delivered quickly , runs were smooth as well.

SS rank seller.
Wonderful seller

I am very blessed to have found such a patient seller who is willing to work around my schedule and demands. Thank you so much for the amazing services provided!
My Pleasure as always boss,we feel so honoured working for you
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Fast transactions and no hassle

Seller was really patient and friendly, prices were also really cheap!

went even further than he should to accommodate, would recommend to friends
We'd love to work for you again,appreciate the compliment and have a good day!
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I admit I was a bit skeptical due to not much feedback, and super low prices, but what the f, communication was super fast, they started fulfilling the order immediately and everything went super smoothly. You can trust these guys. Thanks!
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Reliable, cheap and fast service

I ordered a spell book completion for my blue mage, they were very open to discuss prices and communicative throughout the completion.
I would definitely recommend if you are searching for a cheap and fast service with a reliable seller.
Excellent pricing and service.

Top notch service, pricing, and speed. I messaged about a TOP clear in the middle of the night and the job was done within 90 minutes at the lowest price I’ve seen. I was given a stream to watch the progress and all my questions were answered quickly and politely. Cannot recommend these guys enough, I will be back for all future high end content needs
We appreciate for your sincere and heart-warming feedback and comment,we'll keep our solid work for you and every single customer who chose our service,we wish you have a great day and of course we're looking forward to have another opportunity to work for you again!
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Top notch service, pricing, and speed. I messaged about a TOP clear in the middle of the night and the job was done within 90 minutes at the lowest price I’ve seen. I was given a stream to watch the progress and all my questions were answered quickly and politely. Cannot recommend these guys enough, I will be back for all future high end content needs.
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