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  1. Eliteboosters Powerleveling/Questing Service

    Fire Cape Services Hand-Trained OSRS Accounts (will do customer orders) Skill Training Questing (P2P/F2P) Contact us on Discord: LITM#6969 pacex110#9995 Payment Methods: - PayPal (Trusted) - BTC/ETH/LTC/BCH - CashApp / Venmo - OSRS GP, RS3 GP - Skrill Prices: - Barrows Gloves from Scratch...
  2. Selling  OSRS Bot farming scripts - Pixelbased & Undetected

    We are about to release OSRS farming scripts to be launched of our Universal Pixelbot! To read more on our Universal Pixelbot: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/ūü§Ė-universal-anygame-pixelbot-ūü§Ė-create-your-own-scripts-aimbots-automations.2318206/ Contact me on Discord: Shaddyside#3742
  3. Selling  1869 ttl 99STR/94 mage ToA READY full elite void thieving pet max poh etc

    looking to quit the game and get at least something in return for playing the game, im the oo of the acc and will change the email to yours price is $170, i can accept skrill/gcash/07gp discord is Boxy#8953
  4. Selling  Cb124, 282QP main

    I'm looking to sell my main account. I am the original owner, everything is trained by hand, never used bot or any software. Never had any offenses or anything in that regard. 124 cb Max melee, 99 range, 97 magic (almost 98) 2k+ total 4 pets (kraken, skotos, thermy and hydra) Has no tradeable...
  5. Buying  Buying OSRS GP (2bill+)

    Looking to purchase some OSRS GP (2bill+) Looking for Canadian sellers that can use E-Interac (E-Transfer, or Paypal, Interac preferred) PM gold amounts, looking to get between 2-4bill.
  6. Selling  2277 Maxed Main - 13k zulrah KC - Zulrah pet - 4 Skilling Pet + mutagen

    EDIT: TAKING $650 -- CRYPTO &/OR PAYPAL Discord Unique ID: 918236569301831680 Discord Username: Zulrah#4425 OG owner since 2015 No CC Memberships all bonds 10k+ zulrah kc
  7. SOLD  100M = $40

    I'm not a reseller so trades are much safer, only trading with trusted people. payment: paypal(fnf) discord: reli#0176
  8. SOLD  Max Melee PVM, High combat, Dragon slayer 2, Full prayer book [1500+ Total]

    PVM Alt / Cox ready account Includes: Max melee High range and Mage Rigour and Augury 78 Herblore Fighter Torso Assembler DS2 Completion MA2 Cape Graceful B Gloves tasty#3295 discord A/W: $100 or Offer
  9. Selling  OSRS Gold [Crypto / CashApp]

    RuneTrust OSRS GOLD Selling at $0,33 / M -------Payment Methods------- --Cashapp - BTC - LTC - Alts Coins-- RuneTrust Discord: Llulio#6210
  10. Selling  2277 Maxed Main - 13k zulrah KC pet + mutagen - 400m+ xp - paypal accepted

    OG owner since 2015 OG Email ( Can transfer b4 hand ) No CC Memberships all bonds 13k+ zulrah kc Status: $1000 Crypto or $1200 Paypal Discord: Zulrah#4425 Unique ID: 918236569301831680 PM for vouches.
  11. Selling  16.69$ osrs low level gmaul pure quested mith gloves,avas,dt,regicide

    original owner unused account, happy to use middle man buyer pays fees, pp f&f and crypto only.
  12. Selling  ‚≠ź OSRS Main Account | 1738 TL | cb lvl 111 | 209 QP ‚≠ź150‚ā¨

    stats https://gyazo.com/660c03a3e7426b9c4d3f4917bb7d6c3a Fire cape‚≠ź Dragon defender‚≠ź Fighter torso‚≠ź and much more! done hard quests like desert treasure fairytale 1, 2 legends quest lost city monkey madness 1, 2 recipe for disaster underground pass and much more!
  13. ‚≠ź OSRS Main Account | 1738 total | cb lvl 111 | 209 qp ‚≠ź+-150‚ā¨

    stats https://gyazo.com/660c03a3e7426b9c4d3f4917bb7d6c3a Fire cape‚≠ź Dragon defender‚≠ź Fighter torso‚≠ź and much more! done hard quests like desert treasure fairytale 1, 2 legends quest lost city monkey madness 1, 2 recipe for disaster underground pass and much more!
  14. Selling  ‚≠ź2050+ ttl | 40+ Vouches | 6 Pets | 99 Slayer | 9x 99 | Elite Void‚≠ź

    Information: Original Owner! Looking to get rid of my main since my ironman has already surpassed this acc's ttl.. Price: $500, open for offers In case of multiple interested individuals, autowin: $750 Notable features: 6 pets (Chaos ele, chompy bird, callisto, scorpia, kraken, zalcano), elite...
  15. SOLD  100M 32$

    Trading with trusted ppl only. discord: reli#9039
  16. Selling  [oo] 1768 MAIN 190qp,Full Void,Fcape,Torso, PK ready, rigour augury

    As with previous thread, i couldn't edit the thread anymore. looking for $110 paypal fnf or equivalent in osrs gp membership for 14 days, no blackmarks add me on discord if interested Jinwoo#9716 more images will be sent through DM
  17. Selling  OSRS Main - 2104 Total - QP Cape - End-Game Ready

    This is my main account I have cherished for years. The time has now come to pass it on for someone else to enjoy. In the upcoming weeks I am moving countries to pursue a new career, meaning I will have no time for this game anymore. The account is priced to sell in time for the move. Lowball...
  18. Selling  [OO] Combat 114 | 1864 Total | Quest Cape | 10/12 Hard Diaries | El

    Information: Couldn't edit the main post on my old thread, so here's this. My personal main acc, 40+ Vouches on Sythe This account has been collecting dust - it's a great main to skip the long early grinds and has all the content unlocked thanks to the quest cape and other misc. tedious grinds...
  19. Selling  Entry level cheap account - 55 Combat | 830 Total Level | 5.68M Bank

    If interested, feel free to message me (either on EpicNPC Chat or Discord: Pokerotas#5061) to discuss the account, its price (feel free to offer) or to get more information about it. Can throw in a separate account with 56 Lumberjack for free as well.
  20. SOLD  Osrs Main 216QP 125cb - also RS3 good account

    Hello, I want to sell my main osrs account, im the only owner, playing since 2006. 125 combat, 216 quest points, all prayers unlocked, elite void, fire cape, d defender, b gloves, ferociuos gloves, zulrah mutagen serp helm, imbued b ring/archers ring, zulrah pet, chaos ely pet. Attaching images...
  21. SOLD  150m $0.40/m

    only trading with trusted ppl discord: reli#9039
  22. SOLD  osrs 1877, cb 125, qp 237 including DS2, $100

    Paypal only and you go first, add me on discord Alex2132#0287, If u want to use guardian you can pay fee.
  23. Selling  Remote infernal | All builds & regions | Quick & cheap | Crypto/gp

    Discord: Kanye#2577 Always request a confirmation PM! Payment Methods Crypto (BTC/ETH/etc) OSRS Gold Capes will be done via Parsec ONLY - you will need to join my discord server to open a ticket/request. Terms - Capes will be done via Parsec/Remote ONLY - ALL payment(s) must be given...
  24. Selling  Selling RS Membership Pins | Cheap | 292/144/96/72/48/40/24/16 DAYS | GP

    Discord - Kanye#2577 [CASE SENSITIVE] UID: 316310785565655041 Always request a confirmation PM - Hundreds of vouches/feedback on other platforms (please ask!) - High end account sales with zero problems/recoveries - Over $50,000 dealt with via Middlemanning, Account Sales, Membership Sales, GP...
  25. Selling  Main & rs3linked | 1638 Total | 40M+ Bank | 240 QP | 99 hunter | RS3 +15 VET

    Selling my main account. Accepting offers on crypto. MEMBERSHIP ACTIVE.