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mage tower

  1. S

    Selling  180 WW Monk / 3x Mage Tower

    Payment: Paypal (Friends & Family) Contact me for more information Discord: Smoke#7663 or DM Mage tower for all 3 specs. Current iLevel : 180 Windwalker Renown: 15 190 [Invoker's Delight] Legendary Helm (33% haste) Armory: https://retail.safe-armory.com/600a7b51e0f06/character 9k...
  2. AccountShark.net

    Selling  191 DK | Corrupted Ashbringer | Brutosaur | Zulian Tiger | Dreadnaught | More

    To contact by Discord, send your Discord ID via PM on these forums or by email to [email protected] to be added. Characters: 191 Item Level Death Knight Progression: Death Knight Details Covenant: Necrolord (Renown 8) Legendaries: 210 Rage of the Frozen Champion (Gloves) Stygia...
  3. E

    SOLD  EU- Shadowlands+ 19.7k+ Achievement +195ilvl Druid +Mage Tower+ 1m game time

    EU- Shadowlands- 19.7k Achi+195ilvl Druid +Mage Tower+ 1m Game time +++400$++++ İ m selling only druid. i ll transfer to new account. (including SL+Transfer fee+1m game time + cd keys) Kık: eseruyar skype eseruyar83 Discord: eseruyar#2458 -Mage Towers completed.. Guardian, Feral etc... check...
  4. CBSthegreat

    Buying  WTB Vanity Druid / Mage Towers / MoP CM Transmog - $1200

    Looking for a vanity druid. Please post before contacting. Thanks.
  5. SinisterAF

    SOLD  x4 Mage Tower Druid | Leather Vanity | Scythe of the Unmaker | Unobtainables

    Mage Towers Guardian - Mage Tower [Unobtainable] Feral - Mage Tower [Unobtainable] Balance - Mage Tower [Unobtainable] Restoration - Mage Tower [Unobtainable] Noteworthy Mounts + Many More! Additional Items 38 Leather Sets Scythe of the Unmaker Black Dragonscale Backpack Garb of the...
  6. Tyrmian

    Selling  Affliction Warlock - Mage Tower Artifact Weapon Appearance (Lv50-Shell Acc)

    Hey, I currently am selling a level 50 Warlock (currently Alliance) that has the Mage Tower appearance for ONLY affliction spec unlocked. The only color unlocked is the default red one as far as I know. The gear on the Warlock itself is trivial and I will be transferring it to a shell account...
  7. A

    Buying  WTB NA Monk with CM WoD gold and mage tower

    Looking for a monk with WW/BM mage towers. WoD gold CM is a bonus. PM me or leave what you have below and i will get back to you. Cheers :)
  8. SinisterAF

    SOLD  Mage Towers | Tons of Vanity for All Classes | Challenge Modes | Legendaries

    Mage Towers Rogue: Assassin Spec [Unobtainable] Demon Hunter: Havoc Spec [Unobtainable] Paladin: Ret, Protection, and Holy Specs [Unobtainable] Death Knight: Frost, Unholy, and Blood Specs [Unobtainable] Challenge Modes CM MoP: Warlock [Unobtainable] Challenge Mode WoD Weapon Arsenal...
  9. S

    SOLD  WTS/T rogue, glad mounts, 17k AP, mage tower, TCG tabards, ilvl192, 1800cr+

    Hello! Selling my account from vanilla, ilvl 192 rogue main: https://retail.safe-armory.com/5fe648822b06e/character It's got many noteworthy things, like: - 4x gladiator mount (<1%), all vicious mounts, and other mounts - full mage tower arsenal (all weapons for all specs, all tints) - full...
  10. V

    SOLD  [WTS] Guardian druid mage tower + 7 charachters

    Guardian druid mage tower appearance lvl60 mage 6 lvl50 charachters Paypal 200 EUR Contact me: Discord: Valdee#3737 if you want to buy the druid only hit me up and leave your offer :)
  11. SinisterAF

    Selling  Insane Vanity Account | All Classes | Elite Sets | Mage Towers | Mounts

    Discord: SinisterAF#0098 Payment Methods: Zelle BTC, Google Pay, and PayPal (Reputation) Safe-Armory: Currently Not Working ⚔️Characters⚔️ HORDE: 60 Priest (182 ilvl) 60 Death Knight (142 ilvl) 2 Level 50 Death Knights 2 Level 50 Shamans 2 Level 50 Paladins 2 Level 50 Monks 2 Level 50 Druids...
  12. H

    Selling  Chars with MoP CM sets + WoD CM weapons + mage towers

    So I'm remaking the thread, because I can't edit previous one for some reason and because it's not too relevant. If someone interested, previous thread: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/28-5k-achv-37x120-50-11-cm-gold-sets-36-mage-towers-big-love-rocket.1770251/ This thread is about a sale of...
  13. Z

    SOLD  60 Druid all mage towers unlocked night fae 6 cm wod great mounts

    $680.00 Level 60 Druid with All 4 Mage Towers Unlocked. (US ACCOUNT) Night Fae - Renoun 6 162 Item Level - Approx 13K Gold Lunawing Flight Form (Class Mount) Unlocked Account time expires 18/01/21 Still has one free level 50 character boost available. Includes email account linked to account...
  14. SinisterAF

    SOLD  x4 Mage Tower Druid | 18k Achievements | Legendaries | Unobtainables

    Discord: SinisterAF#0098 Payment Methods: Zelle, BTC, Cashapp, Google Pay, and PayPal (Reputation) ⚔️Allied Races⚔️ Void Elf (Alliance) Kul Tiran (Alliance) Zandalari Troll (Horde) Dark Iron Dwarf (Alliance) Lightforged Draenei (Alliance) Highmountain Tauren (Horde) ⚔️Mage Towers⚔️ Druid...
  15. SinisterAF

    SOLD  x3 Mage Tower Paladin | Challenge Mode MoP Paladin | Unobtainable

    Discord: SinisterAF#0098 Payment Methods: Zelle, BTC, Cashapp, Google Pay, and PayPal (Reputation) Safe-Armory: https://retail.safe-armory.com/5fdaba31cec08/character ⚔️Characters⚔️ 50 Paladin Mage Tower Earner [Unobtainable] 44 Paladin Challenge Mode Earner [Unobtainable] ⚔️Mage Towers⚔️...
  16. SinisterAF

    SOLD  AH Mount | Mage Towers | Tons of High Level Characters | Unobtainables

    Discord: SinisterAF#0098 Payment Methods: Zelle, BTC, Cashapp, Google Pay, and PayPal (Reputation) Safe-Armory: Mount Link https://retail.safe-armory.com/5fd833ab07e82/mounts Level 60 Hunter Link: https://retail.safe-armory.com/5fd832beb3790/character ⚔️Characters⚔️ Level 60 Hunter (166 ilvl)...
  17. SinisterAF

    SOLD  Big Plate Vanity | All Classes | Mage Towers | Mounts | Honor Level 102

    Discord: SinisterAF#0098 Payment Methods: Zelle, BTC, Cashapp, Google Pay, PayPal (Reputation) Safe-Armory: https://retail.safe-armory.com/5f9cb9df37664/mounts ⚔️Characters⚔️ 2 Level 50 Death Knights 50 Demon Hunter 50 Priest 50 Warlock 50 Paladin 50 Druid 47 Mage 45 Warrior 45 Rogue 45...
  18. O

    Selling  iLvl 176 Troll Feral Druid 16/16 mage tower apperance $1200

    Also has dreamgrove set and renown 7.
  19. SinisterAF

    SOLD  Massive Cloth & Plate Vanity | PvP & Elite | Mage Towers | Challenge Modes

    Discord: SinisterAF#0098 Payment Methods: Zelle, BTC, Cashapp, Google Pay, PayPal (Reputation) ⚔️Characters⚔️ Warrior Warlock ⚔️Mage Towers⚔️ Warrior: Protection, Fury, and Arms Warlock: Destruction, and Afflication ⚔️Challenge Modes⚔️ Golden King Plate (MoP Warrior Set) [Unobtainable]...