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  1. R

    BOUGHT  Buying LoL Account OCE region

    Doesn't matter what rank as long as it almost got all the champions and got lots of Skins OCE Region DM me at my Discord: chibibibaby#4548 budget is 80USD-100USD Payment Via PAYPAL only
  2. W

    Buying Accounts Cheap with skins

    Rank doesn't matter all that much. If it has a lot of champs or a lot of skins is great. If the email cant be changed or doesn't come with the account please don't ask for the moon considering most of these accounts get recovered from my experience. I am looking for super cheap accounts, maybe...
  3. C

    Selling  PBE LoL Account created in season 1 Price is negotiable

    Has 32 skins, 46 champions, Created in season 1 and is PBE Serious offers only add me on discord - Insira#2771
  4. B

    Selling  All Champions EU WE All champion seasonal skins, 56 Skins Platinum this season

    Account Contains 56 skins. All Champions, all season reward skins, around 4000 orange essence. Payment: PayPall Add me on discord if interested! : bazaltic#3325
  5. T

    Selling  OCE D3 account with 143 champs and 92 skins

    Hey i am selling my own account which never got banned hand leveled Summoner level : 177 Solo rank d3 68lp its got all champions only except senna gnar ivern and got 92 skins ( check screemshot.) i wanna sell the account price of 200~250usd paypal highly preferred feel free to ask me on...
  6. D

    Selling  LVL 485 / 110 Skins - 100 Prestige - 8 Gems / € 75

    Price € 75 110+ SKINS (12 Legendary) ALL CHAMPS You can ask more info and I'll reply asap. _ Discord: dramasetter#6667 My Messenger: 4Kindred Skype: tiktak0101 Email: [email protected] Twitch: Twitch.tv/dramaon - Payment Methods: - PayPal (Family&Friends) If possible. - Western Union
  7. C

    Selling Main Plat Account (304Skins, Every Champ)

    Server: NA End of Season Rank: Plat 4 Current Rank: Plat 2 Flex: Gold 2 Level: 116 Honor:4 Skins: 306 ( 47 Epic , 23 Legendary , 2 Mythic , 2 Ultimate ) Notable Skins: Hextech Annie , Annie-versary , Pulsefire Ez, Victorious Morgana , Victorious Oriana, Victorious Sivir, Victorious Maokai)...
  8. W

    Selling  Garena Ph League of Legends Platinum IV Account

    Price: 3499 Pesos or $70 Price Negotiable Contact me on Discord: emanon#5122 Mode of Payment: Coins.ph , Bank Deposit , Meet up Valenzuela Area
  9. W

    Selling  Garena PH League of Legends Platinum IV Account

    Price: 2499 Pesos or $50 Price Negotiable Contact me on Discord: emanon#5122 Mode of Payment: Coins.ph , Bank Deposit , Meet up Valenzuela Area
  10. T

    Selling  NA | Level 169 | Diamond 1 | 218 Skins | All Champions

    Currently has all champions and also has 310 icons, can provide more screenshots if asked ^^; I have no fix price for now as I'm looking for offers. My method of payment is PayPal, you can contact me either here at epicnpc, or at Twitter or Discord - まゆゆ #6432, just send me a message to let...
  11. T

    Selling  NA | Level 115 | Gold 1 | 83 Skins | 80 USD

    Has all champions excent Qiyanna, Yuumi and Neeko plus about 5.600 blue essence. Can provide more screnshots of the skins, which can be found here. The price I'm asking for is $80 (USD) and the method of payment is PayPal, but the price is negotiable as well. You can either contact me here...
  12. A

    Selling  Cheap Level 68 Diamond 4 Account (Garena SG/MY)

    Contact: +60162323460 (WhatsApp Message) Account created on 27th September 2018 Season 9: DIAMOND 4 - 0 LP Includes: - 0 Ultimate skin 1 Mythic skin (Annie-versary) 2 Legendary skins (God-King Garen, Demonblade Tryndamere) 2 Epic skins (Mecha Kha’Zix, Bloodmoon Pyke) 3 Legacy/Limited skins...
  13. P

    SOLD  [NA] 145 Champions | 219 Skins | 113 Chroma Skins | Silver 3

    A great main account with all champions, many many skins, old school icons, ward skins and emotes! Level: 169 Champions: 145 Skins : 219 ( 1 Ultimate Skins, 16 Legendary skins, 40 Epic skins, 46 Legacy skins, 113 Chroma skins) Emotes: 24 Icons: 134 ( Lots of old school icons ) Ward skins: 18 (2...
  14. A

    Selling two smurf accounts

    Hi people, i'm selling two LoL smurf accounts Each of these contains what is indicated here: 1. Level: 30 45.000BE 2. Unranked: Fresh MMR This is completely safe 1. NO REPORTS 2. NO BANS 3. 100% SECURY Only for 15.00USD$ PayPal payment method For more information or any question...
  15. P

    SOLD  NA | Unranked | 144 Champions | 237 SKINS | Honor 4 |

    A great main account with all champions, many many skins, old school icons, ward skins and emotes! ✓Level: 99 ✓Champions: 144 ✓Skins : 237 ( 2 Ultimate Skins, 15 Legendary skins, 32 Epic skins, 68 Legacy skins, 5 Chroma skins) ✓Emotes: 21 ✓Icons: 156 ( Lots of old school icons ) ✓Ward skins...
  16. X

    Selling Plat 4 NA account CHEAP!!!

    Current season Plat 4 Level 71 %53 Win Rate RP-50 BE-1340 OE- 543 48 Champ 8 Emotes 8 Skins High Noon Thresh Solar Eclipse Leona Dark Star Jarvin IV Asylum Shaco BlackThorn Morgana Kingpin Twitch The Mighty Jax Blood Moon Jhin Selling it for $40 OBO Paypal only Either contact me here or...
  17. P

    SOLD  [EUW] Silver IV | 275 Skins | Championship Riven 2012 | Goth Annie

    A great main account with almost all champions, many many skins, old school icons, championship riven 2012, goth annie ✓Level: 45 ✓Champions: 141 (Only missing Neeko, Qiyana, Yuumi) ✓Skins : 275 ( 2 Ultimate skins, 9 Legendary skins, 43 Epic skins, 64 Legacy skins, 2 Chroma skins) ✓Ultra rare...
  18. marudashi

    Buying  Looking for a PBE Account

    Hey. I'm looking for a PBE ready account with honor level 3. Message me here or in discord: pingur #4736
  19. M

    Selling  EUW D4 ACC +65%WR

    Wts my smurf acc. D4 handleveled supp acc 26k BE plenty of good champs to craft account name is a girl's name 50€ pp (negotiable)
  20. B

    [EUW] 139 Champions, 48 skins, Gold III, 7 Champion Skins

    Hello. I have EUW account on sale. Gold III 139Champions. 48 skins most champion ones. I'm willing to sell it cheap. Payment : PayPall Contact discord : bazaltic#3325