gaia gold

  1. Selling Gaia Gold

    Hello! I’m selling gold in bulk, 1tril=1$. I currently have 66tril in stock and am always restocking! You can contact me here or my discord which is Madds#6863. I am pretty much always available!
  2. Selling  Bulk Gaiaonline Gold

    CURRENT GOLD STOCK: 20T (March 01 2023) Pay first before you get the gold. (IF YOU'RE BUYING VIA TRADE GUARDIAN/MIDDLEMAN, THE BUYER WILL SHOULDER THE MM FEES) You can contact me here by PM'ing or add my Discord: Acex#4215
  3. Selling  Hideale Gaia Online Shop | Gold | Items | Accounts | Most Vouched | Trusted

    * UPDATED PRICE - NOW CHEAPER * Introduction: I have been in the business of selling Gaia Online gold, items, and accounts for years now, and havent had a problem regarding bans, etc. I have alot of stock, and can provide you with gold, any 03,04, MCs, rare Adventure Time, MLP, FMAB, sponsor...
  4. Selling  Gaia Gold/Plat

    Hello, welcome to my selling shop. (i have been selling gaia gold for some time. Up-to-date funds will be posted every now and then) I have a total of 1quad or 100m plat (plus) of gold for sale. 1T=1$ I will try to give you a great deal, specially on bulk purchase. please do contact me. For...
  5. SOLD  Selling Gaia Gold 1$ per 1.3t + ITEMS

    Contact me on Discord : KoinzeIl#0125
  6. Selling Gaia items and/or gold

    not really active anymore but have amassed a lot of awesome items. Brain dolls, angelic halos, all the best items + hoards. i see a lot of the transactions that happen here are in gold, so if gold is preferred I can sell the items and sell you the gold. Seems $1 per 1T gold is the standard so...
  7. SOLD  Gaia Gold (600T funds)

    Also selling Devil Tail x2 HOTD x4 funds: 600T / 60mp pm me on discord: eyouth#3541
  8. Selling  1T Gaia Gold = 1 USD

    Hi! I currently have 110T Gaia Gold in funds and I'm selling them for 1$ per 1T! Add my discord if you're interested :D Ceddyboi#7723
  9. SOLD  GaiaOnline Account worth 450T+

    Drop your discord & we can figure out a price!
  10. 1 T Gaia Gold = 1 USD

    currently selling 1t gg for 1 usd, paypal only! regular customers get extra 2t depending every 3 purchase. minimum amount per transaction is $10. i've been a seller here for a few months now, i'm trusted! check out my reviews :) add my discord ahron#1781 if you're interested.
  11. Selling  40T for sale | Items for sale

    I'm selling 40T Gaia Gold at 2$ each T. My Discord for discuss is selenathescene#6914 or just PM me. I also have the following items: >Devil Tail >Mini Nitemare Wings >Horns of the Demons
  12. Selling  Pexem's Store | Angelic Halo Giveaway! | Gold | Items | Fast | 500T+ Gold

    PEXEM Introduction: We're Pexem, a group of long time Gaia gold sellers. We recently launched a new website to make the process of buying Gaia gold/items/accounts easier and safer. With us, safety of your account is the most important thing. Some of us have been selling...
  13. SOLD  Gold for sale only

    Hello, I'm selling Gaia Online Gold. 1T = 1$. Add me on Discord dsnow#0811.
  14. Selling Gaia Gold and Account

    Currently selling gaiaonline gold and account. Pm me on discord ramy#7827
  15. SOLD  [Gaia Platinum] 100$ for 100T (80$ flash sale)

    Selling my last 2 Gaia Accounts, each have 100T Gold (10m Platinum) -=- The price for each account is 100$ (if you send with "Pay for a service" method), Paypal only. -=- If you are willing to send with "Friend and family" method, i'll fix the price to 90$ for each account. -=- If you're worried...
  16. SOLD  1T GG = 1 USD on PayPal

    1T GG = 1 USD on PayPal (1T GG = 100K PL) Important Notes: - I only accept payments through the PayPal "friends and family" method, I already got scammed before and I will not have it repeated. If you don't trust me, then buy a small amount first. - I won't go first, stop asking me to go first...
  17. SOLD  [Gaia gold] Special New Year discount!! 1$ = 1T gold (Only in January)

    Only from 1/1 to 31/1, special Price for Gaia Gold / Platinum: 1$ = 1T gold ( or 100k Platinum ) Trusted buyer bonus: When you buy gold from me again (from the second trade and so on), you will get 10% bonus of the listed price (for example, if you buy 50$, you will get 55T gold). Please...
  18. SOLD  [Gold] New Price!! Up to 1.66$ per 1T gold

    New Price for Gaia Gold from 10/12/2019 (better price!!) : 3$ = 1T gold (or 100k Platinum) 10$ = 4T gold (20% bonus) 20$ = 10T gold (50% bonus) 30$ = 16T gold (60% bonus) 40$ = 23T gold (73% bonus) 50$ = 30T gold (80% bonus) Trusted buyer bonus: When you buy gold from me again (from the...
  19. Selling  Gaiaonline Gold/Platinum 2$ per 1T

    Selling Gaia online gold/Platinum for 2$/1T (USD) Current stock: 50T -15% discount if you bought all my current stock. Only Paypal and Bitcoin payment method available, Pay first before you get the gold. I can offer a discount if you're going to be a long time bulk buyer. You can...
  20. SOLD  Gaia Gold @ $2-3/1T + 1k Gcash Gift Cards ($3.5 each)

    Available stock always changes. I will delete this thread if I run out. $3/1T if buying 1T-4T. $2/1T if buying 5T and up. 9 1000 Gcash Gift Cards $3.5 each. Screenshots upon request. Payment via PayPal only. PM me here or add me on Discord: andavi#8958
  21. Buying  Buying Gaia Gold

    Looking to buy GaiaOnline Gold preferably $2/1T but am willing to negotiate. Please contact me either through pm or discord: diesuki#9317 If you have a lower rating than me you should go first but if I have a lower rating than you I don't mind going first.
  22. Selling Gaia Account with 34T inv worth

    I don't got enough time to be playing gaia online anymore, so I'm wishing to leave gaia and sell my account. It's worth 34t. I have OG items such as, steel-plated ninja band, dj headphones, vintage hoodie, items like astro: Frosty Air, dark cloud, and Antigua Espada, 110b in gold , + other...
  23. Buying gaia gold and cash $3usd per trillion

    Buying Gaia gold at $3usd per trillion. Also interested in Gaia cash for the right price.
  24. SOLD  Selling Gaia Gold - 3$/1T

    Selling Gaia Gold at 3$ per 1T Current Amount: 7T Contact me: limuuu#3428
  25. SOLD  Angelic Halo (03) 6T Gold Value Taking Credits as well

    Message me on here, (Inbox). Serious buyer only. Youl'll receive several contacting information within 24 hours. Taking Credits as well.