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  1. CBSthegreat

    SOLD  WTB 120 Druid with Mage towers and MoP Challenge Set!!

    Looking to buy a Druid with mage tower appearances and preferably Exalted with Zalandar Empire! Would perfer if it was already a Zalandari Troll already. Will consider characters that require a bit of work! My preferance in specs go Balance/Resto/Feral/Guardian. Post before contacting please.
  2. R

    Buying  Looking for 60 Druid decent gear.

    Looking for 60 Druid decent gear. That pretty much sums it up. Message me on here please.
  3. H

    Selling  Warmane icecrown account hunter,dk,druid

    warmane / Icecrown WTS Hunter 6.5gs Pve with 14 titles(Bane of the Fallen King, Light of Dawn, Obsidian Slayer[first OS in realm],the Explorer), 20 Exalted reputation,2k reit 2v2, 76 mounts (invincible), profession (Engineering,Tailoring,Cooking,Fishing,First aid), 5000 achievement points,4600...
  4. T

    Selling  Sunwell TBC FULL BiS Horde Druid

    Selling my Nightbane account, I've got too much going on with school and work to play T6 release with my friends. Included is Horde Druid with FULL BiS T5 Resto set, nothing better until T6 releases. Has BiS professions including all secondaries. Random: Full 36 slots Exalted Aldor 1900 Bonus...
  5. S

    Selling  Many bis t3 chars. Retrowow

    Hi, I'm selling my Retrowow account since I am no longer playing. The account has following chars: BIS geared war for arms and fury, near bis tank gear 8/9 t3 BIS Disc/holy priest 8/9t3, aq40/naxx shadow gear Near bis mage 8/9t3 FC druid with 8/9 t3 Aq40/naxx geared rogue (3 t3 tokens in bag)...
  6. N

    415 ilvl Druid + 414 ilvl Druid and 4 405+ ilvl alts

    Today i wanna offer u a perfect account for multi-class healer. All characters placed on the russian realms, but u can easily transfer them on every EU realm. On the account i have: Alliance 414 ilvl heal druid https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/0311d645be933ac290301697efaa7997 408 ilvl...
  7. D

    Nighthaven - Level 55 Female Night Elf Druid - 70€

    Classic WoW no longer holds any appeal to me, so I'm selling my account on Elysium Nighthaven. Characters worth mentioning: - Level 55 female Night Elf Druid / Feral - Level 27 male Tauren Druid / Feral Price: 70€ Payment in the form of PayPal or Cryptocurrency accepted Discord: Kinatang#6367
  8. simonm29

    Buying  Wtb shaman character/account, prefereded with Cm mop/wod

    Hi Im looking for a wow account/character with some ach and some transmog gear, CM mop/wod shaman. = horde side pref With Legion/wod flying is a + :) Skype simon.matosevic Thx
  9. S

    Selling  Lordaeron x1 Druid 5.3 gs CHEAP!

    Druid 5.3 gs pvp/pve 1975 achieve points herbal/leather 450 full riding skills Cheap rice for account! Selling GOLD on lordaeron/icecrown too, ask me for it on discord/skype! FOR MORE INFO: Skype: Sashkabelyi DISCORD: Luch#1353
  10. S

    Selling  Icecrown x7 Druid 6.2 gs CHEAP

    Druid Tauren 6.2 gs 1700 achieve points jewel/mining 450 full riding skills Cheap rice for account! Selling GOLD on lordaeron/icecrown too, ask me for it on discord/skype! FOR MORE INFO: Skype: Sashkabelyi DISCORD: Luch#1353
  11. pulling

    Selling  Northdale fresh night elf druid 60 lvl female - (Email included)

    Details below -60% mount -300 skining -300 letherworking -Email included -Green/blue leveling gear -130 gold -Accept paypal Contact me on skype pulling99
  12. K

    Selling  WTS druid/monk/rogue account on Lightbringer/Sargeras very cheap

    Hey guys, im selling an account that has 3 max lvl characters all between 370-380 ilvl Monk Druid Rogue This is not a vanity account i think i have about 10-20k gold and i do have a couple cool mounts but its definetly not a vanity account. The account also has a lvl 102 DH and a 110 i believe...
  13. Q

    Selling  X5 120s 380 ilvl+, Horde, druid, pally, war, lock, sham

    For sale is my WoW Account that I am no longer playing. Currently there are 5 level 120’s all on horde side and 2 alts that need leveling. There is also x5 level 110’s on a separate EU account ready to be leveled to 120 (haven’t bought BFA for EU) Main Characters: Barthilas Horde Level 120...
  14. R

    SOLD  Nightbane TBC 70 NE Druid.

    Selling my NE druid on Nightbane: -Level 70 -Gold in bags -280% flying -Gear for all three specs but mainspec is Balance. Geared enough to start tier5 progress. -Dualspecced worth 500g -All bank slots opened and equiped with 16 slot bags. -Almost maxed Alchemy & Enchanting. Maxed out FA...
  15. Ichizon

    Selling  412 Prot paladin. 404 DH, 396 Balance Druid - $350

    412 Protection Paladin 404 Havoc Demon Hunter 396 Balance Druid (ilvl rising each day) Zandalari Troll! 3 mythic raid ready characters on same account. Only special mount is Azure Water Strider, this is a newer account so low achieves as well. BFA Pathfinder Mag'har and Zandalari troll Most...
  16. T

    Selling  415 Druid 6/9M HoA 42 Mythic azerite bis Zandalari & Mag'har Mage tower xmog

    - Fully geared for Balance / resto / guardian with bis trinkets accordingly. - King's Rest / Boralus unlocked - Cutting Edge: G'huun - Ahead of the curve: Lady Jaina proudmoore with a 6/9M BoD progress. - All BFA reputations exalted. - 4/4 Mage tower color tints for Balance/feral/guardian. -...
  17. D

    WTT Balance Druid (2400 GS) vs Ret Paladin (Netherwing)

    I want to trade my Balance Druid on Netherwing vs a Retribution Paladin on Netherwing. (also willing to sell you the druid and buy a paladin from you, if you are a professionell seller) What i can offer: Female Night Elf Balance Druid - Atlantiss Netherwing. Gear: - Gearscore over 2400 -...
  18. S

    Sell account Druid / 60 lvl / resto gear (blue/green/epic) 400 BH+

    Sell account -Druid -60 lvl -resto gear (blue/green/epic) 400 BH+ -Sash of Mercy -60% mount -Aqua form -Feral lvling gear -Good nickname (Not Ddfssdg) Feedback Discord: DeftPaw#5167
  19. V

    Selling  WTS EU Glad BFA/Wod CM 4x 120

    Hello want to sell great account with 4x 120 lvl ( main hunter - pala-priest-dud ) realm: Drakthull EU faction: HORDE ( some low lvl alts aly ) many alts 110+- all classes BFA s1 glad + mount WoD Challenger mode fully professions on all characters 16500 achievements armory of main char hunter...
  20. Kelty&Co

    SOLD  Northdale - 60 lvl Tauren Female Druid, 100% mount, 2/8 t2, 3/8 t1

    Hello all! Selling Tauren Female Druid on Northdale with: -bis pre-raid and few really huge epics (2/8 t2, 3/8 t1, epic weapon and more) -2 ZG enchants -more than 2k of gold in bag! -100% mount -300/300 herbalism -300/300 mining -300/300 first aid -Ony, MC, BWL attuned -email included Please...