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Selling www.EasyBoost.Me | Live Chat | Fortnite Boosting & Coaching with Top players


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www.EasyBoost.Me | Live Chat | Fortnite Boosting & Coaching with Top players

Hello members and visitors of EpicNPC

We would like to introduce you to Easyboost.me, a professional boosting & coaching website that has been completing orders for more than a year on Overwatch, World of Warcraft and League of Legends and that recently used its knowledge and skills to create the Fortnite section.

Why should you choose Easyboost.mehttp://www.easyboost.me ?

- Highly secured website (payment & identity)
- Live customer support with admins
- Attractive prices for a professional website
- Fast services (orders started within 5 min and guaranteed to be played 10 hours/day)
- Only highly skilled players selected by our admins - High %Wins and K/D
- Get a private chat live with your booster during your order
- We can use a VPN in your country for extra security if needed

What are our Fortnite services ? (only available on PC and PS4 at the moment)

- Battle Pass boosting : 1.2€/tier | 118.8€ for the whole Battle Pass)

Buying all the tiers with VBucks would cost 120€, for quite the same price you are getting a booster playing your account, getting XP Levels and increasing your stats
You can order "Discount Wins" for 8€ the win during your Battle Pass boosting rather than normally 12

- Wins boosting : 12€ per win on every mode/platform

You can choose the number of boosters you need on Duos & Squads (price will be multipled by the number of boosters)
You can order some extras that will increase the price (Private Livestream | Express | Self Play | Voice Chat)

- Coaching sessions : 15€ per hour

Basic coaching sessions meant to improve your Building, Aiming and Decision making skills
The coaching sessions will be played with our top boosters

- Challenges boosting : 15€ for the whole week (7 challenges)

Frequently asked questions

Is this website legit ?

We have been partnered with PayPal for months. They verified our services and will confirm we're not scammers in case of disputes.

When will my Fortnite boosting start ?

You can specify if you want us to start at a specific day and time, otherwise we'll always start boosting as soon as possible (usually less than an hour).

Do you guarantee my Fortnite boost will be completed ?

Yes, if your service isn't started rapidly or is failed to complete after a few days, you will get a refund. Refer to the terms and conditions for more details.

Who is boosting me ?

Our boosters have been hired based of their maturity and experience. These semi-pro players are trusted and well known but they keep their public identity secret here.

Why are your prices lower than expected ?

As we are rather new on the market, we had to adapt our strategy to attract new customers. Our goal is to provide very high quality boosting services, so now is a profitable time to get the lifetime perks of being a VIP customer.

How to become a booster ?

If you want to apply as a booster you have to apply here : https://www.easyboost.me/jobs/ Do not forget to add your Fortnite Tracker page in "Skills"

Extra details

- Our boosters are based in France, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Spain...
- In all our services we will never use a hack / bot or bug exploit.
- If the account gets banned during leveling / boosting, we will refund your order.
- Note that Epic Games does not take actions against boosting on Fortnite yet !
- For more informations about our terms and conditions : www.easyboost.me/terms
- Questions ? Add us now on Skype [email protected] or send us an email at [email protected] or directly on our website via the livechat.
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