SOLD (WTS) i124 DRG i118 PLD i114 WHM (Hyperion server)

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Account with full access to all game content. Fantasia Potion for appeareance change included! 2 retainers. Rank 3 on "veretan reward". Rank 6 Chocobo. Rank 9 PvP. All jobs are over lv20 with 3 jobs at lv50 (1 DPS, 1 TANK and 1 HEALER). All crafts are over lv15 with 1 crafter lv50 (Goldsmith). Beast tribe reputation: rank 6 with Ixal. All healer items from T10, All tank items from T10. DRG chest from T9. SMN book from T9. Baby Opo-opo minion. Lots of glamour gear in retainers.
EU account on a NA server
Male Miqo'te - Hyperion (Legacy)
lv50 i124 DRG
lv50 i118 PLD
lv50 i113 WHM
lv30 MRD
lv27 ARC
lv22 THM
lv20 PGL
lv20 ROG
lv20 ACN
lv50 GSM
lv30 ARM
lv25 LTW
lv16 BSM
lv16 WVR
lv16 CUL
lv15 ALC
lv15 CRP
lv14 MIN
lv10 FSH
lv8 BTN
Player on Final Coil (T10 cleared and farmed)
All extremes cleared (have Shiva pony)
T1 cleared
T2 cleared
T4 cleared
T5 cleared
T6 cleared
T7 cleared
T9 cleared
T10 cleared
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