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Selling WTS 33M+ skill points, subcapital pilot: pve/pvp Minmatar + Gallente focused



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REGARDING THE SALE: Selling the whole account. More precisely, you will get access to both the account and the email associated with it after the purchase. I am listing only the skills of the main character, the alts (if any) will just come as bonus! The delivery process will be recorded, in case any problem occurs or if EpicNPC needs evidence regarding this deal !

REGARDING THE CHARACTER: 33M+ Skill Points, Subcapital Pilot, Minmatar + Gallente Focused - Can fly shield-tanked ships and it's a character focused on both PVE ( can fly Marauders with maximum efficiency ) and PVP. It has over 18M+ SP in Spaceship Command and Gunnery combined. The character also has good Shield and Engineering skills with over 6M SP combined, and that is amplified by the fact that the character comes along with implants that further increase the efficiency of both the tanking and offensive capabilities. It has Cybernetics V so you can plug in any implants you'll ever need. The character comes with expensive implants (around 3-4 billion ISK combined) plugged in different clones, focused on PVE/PVP content.

PRICE: $120 and we'll make the transaction through a secure 3rd party website like G2G or PA. I also accept cryptocurrencies ( like Bitcoin ). I won't accept direct Paypal payments. As written before, you can still use paypal or any other payment options, but it has to be done through a 3rd party service that will veriffy your payment details !

PRINT SCREENS: Check the link below for a print screen with the skills. Please note these are only the most important ones, but the character have more skills than presented in the images !


DISCORD: Invisibility22#7050 or just send a private message here.
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