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What we know so far about Classic WoW


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  • Classic Will launch in Summer of 2019
  • The client will not run on 32bit systems.
  • Accessibility options such as colorblind will be present
  • Right click-Report a player will be enabled
  • Battle.net chat will be integrated into Classic.
  • Loot trading will be enabled (You can trade BoP items within 2 hours after someone got the loot)
  • Latest Macros and Addon interface will be used in Classic
  • Classic Will require an active subscription (15usd)-We'll be able to pay with WoW token but we got no more info about it
  • Private servers devs are not evolved on in development of Classic WoW
  • Pve Content will be released in 4 Stages
Stage 1: Molten Core, Onyxia, Diremaul, Azuregos and Kazzak.
Stage 2: Blackwing Lair, Battlegrounds and PVP Rewards, and Zul'Gurub.
Stage 3: Ahn'Qiraj, Silithus content, Green Dragons, and Tier 0.5 gear.
Stage 4: Naxxramas and the Scourge Invasion event.
(( Molten Core and Onyxia will be there at launch along with Dire Maul, and the World bosses Kazzak and Azuregos. ))
(( The formal PvP rewards system will not be there at launch because they overshadow early raid gear. ))


Q: Will the items found in WoW Classic be moggable on Live? Items?
A: No, they will not be. Those ecosystems will be separate.

Q: With CRZ and Phasing off the table for classic wow, how will you deal with population concerns?
A: Currently there is sharding on Classic WoW Demo, this is a special case. We understand sharding it antithetical to the feel of Classic WoW. But we may use sharding in the first couple weeks but we understand that doesn't work well with World Firsts, etc.

Q: Classic - are we staying on this patch forever or will it get an expansion?
A: Right now we're trying to restore 2006. Once the game is out there next summer we'll listen to the players and do what's right for the game but we'll have to see.

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