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Selling VIP15. K32. 170Mil Power. S67+95. Wonder 1 Built. Price Negotiable

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Evony Account Notes:

VIP 15
170 MIL+ Power
Keep 32
Wonder 1 Unlocked (With Dragon Castle decoration)
Monarch Level 31
Prestige Rank 60 (Earl)
Farming Safe 24/7 till 8 hours before SvS & during SvS.
(All Server Rules can be forwarded to you)

2 * K20

1000+ Days of Speed Ups
36+ Dragon Scrolls (At least one of every item)
9 Achaemenidae Scrolls
2 Full Sets of Dragon Gear (One for Range/Siege PvP, one for Mounted/Siege Pvp & Bosses)
84 Adv Ports
44 * 8 Hour Truces
36 * 24 Hour Truces
1700+ Hammers
2550+ Dragon Crystals
300 Adv Attack Increase (20%)
175 Adv Defence Increase (20%)
182 Adv HP Increase (20%)
5 Medium March Size Increase
8 Senior March Size Increase
50 Source of Life
100+ Lvl 1 General Skill Books (At least 1 of each)
50+ Lvl 4 General Skill Books (At least 1 of every book)
58k Refining Stones
28k Medals

Level 6 Celtic Demon

Level 7 Fafnir (+12.2% Mounted Attack, +14.7% Mounted HP, +28.9% Siege Attack). Only 1 million XP from Level 8.

Level 7 Norway Ridge (Refines: +27.4% Range Attack, +17.6% Range Defence, +15.5% Siege Defence)

Lvl 31 Khalid 3.4 MIL Power (Mounted & Siege General) (Partially refined)
Mounted Buffs: 667/551/494 (Higher now after refining)
Siege Buffs: 554/463/329

Lvl 31 Gustavus Adolphus 3.2 MIL Power (Range & Siege General) (Not refined yet)
Range Buffs: 615/499/404
Siege Buffs: 505/452/341

Lvl 31 Prince Rhaegar (100% Cultivated)
Lvl 31 Genghis Khan (100% Cultivated)
Lvl 30 Alexander the Great (100% Cultivated)
Lvl 28 Queen Jindeok
Lvl 25 Raged King
Lvl 27 Cleopatra
Lvl 29 Ly Thuong Kiet
Lvl 28 Dmitry
Lvl 24 Amir Timur (For Alt Farming)
Lvl 28 Spartacus
All with 3 * Lvl 4 Skill Books

4 * Lvl 31 Nero's
Lvl 31 Flavius Aetius
Lvl 31 Empress Dowager Cixi

450k+ T13 Range (Currently recruiting)
50k T12 Range
800k T12 Mounted
200k T12 Siege
250k T11 Ground
200k T11 Range
50k T11 Mounted
50k T11 Siege

Rest T10-9 about 50k in each type & tier of layers.
100k T1 of each troop type as layers.
(Total 3,000,000+ troops)

All buildings are L27 and higher.
Most are L30 with some at L32 (Archer Camp, Walls, Resource Field)
Lvl 32 Tavern
Lvl 31 Stables

1.4 MIL Food per Hour
851k Wood per Hour
550k Stone per Hour
688k Ore per Hour

Food: 1.5 Billion+
Wood: 500Million+
Stone: 300Million+
Ore: 1.5 Billion+

Spreadsheet of top 5 generals and their gathering speeds can be provided.

Advancement: All except Coinage, Gems Gathering and Adv Logistics
Defence: All except trap related research.
Military: 100%
Medical Aid: Roughly 90%
Alliance: Roughly 80%
Subordinate City: 20%

All artworks in Art Hall are unlocked.

B12 Solo Losses with T12 & Khalid General: 5187 (No buffs)

If you have any questions, negotiate the price or would like screenshots, please contact me by:
Email: [email protected]
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