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SOLD Updated (Ver 2.3) dffoo GL, EndgameAcc, u/YoltAlligator, 986222842, $250 USD.

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Hi, Updating my DFFOO GL game account to be sold. New Price: $250 USD, +6-8% MM fees of $20-$25 USD, totaling $275 appx.

MM transaction = compulsory. (Either buyer/seller will initiate the transaction through "Trade Guardian", Buyer has to have an EpicNPC account too, country of origin cannot be falsified or will result in a ban).
Seller (me) will hand the details of both the [GooglePlay & SQEX account] to the MiddleMan (MM), until he/she is able to log in.

Updated: Version 2.3** Included Tutorial for Middleman and Buyer to better understand the transfer of Account.
!!!!! MM, Please READ The Tutorial I Have included directly Below, because it's not too complicated, but still slightly a little frustrating !!!!!
Also note: The Game's Batch Download of 7GB is NOT Required.

Method of Payment: Paypal Friends and Family only.
Therefore***, Seller (me) will hand the details of BOTH the GooglePlay & SQEX account to the Middleman, MM. At which, once he has confirmed able to login the game account. He/she will:
i) change the login details of the GooglePlay Account, AND the SQEX Bridge Account (to transfer ownership away from me).
ii) change the Google phone verification contact details of the Seller (me) to theirs (MM) (if need). Some additional charges could be applied to each individual's phone bills according to Google's Term and Services.
iii) Once confirming the Buyer has paid the Seller. The MM has to ensure the account on his side is also "Linked" up at all times during the transfer process to the buyer.
iv) Once the buyer has received both the login details of the GooglePlay & SQEX account, BUYER MUST Change the login details AND recovery phone number on the spot (After login).
v) The Seller's PIN to change the phone number may be needed, so the Seller will stay within the Chat room with the Buyer + MM.
vi) Once all details, phone recovery contact details have been sorted through, the transaction's concluded.

The Account moves with the GooglePlay & SQEX Account (backed up with the GooglePlay account) together. So the Seller will NEVER be able to login with the account ever again.
The Game ID Account stays as "986 222 842" Indication of a Malaysian's ID, 9 = region code, regardless of where the buyer will be playing it from. US/Canada, Singapore, or UK.

Negotiability (Ver 2.0): Hmm.... drop in a chat, play the wait game, let me sleep on the thought for many weeks, I might discount it again after many weeks.
Negotiability (Ver 2.3): Highly unlikely it can be reduced anymore. $250 is already half my monthly wage working in the capital Kuala Lumpur of RM2,000 ($250 USD = RM 1,050).

---- The rest below are from Ver2.0's post ----
Contact Details: Reddit u/YoltAlligator only. I don't use Discord, cause a chat room is very obvious during a working hour environment.
Typically reply after 5-6pm weekdays, and Saturdays (GMT+8). Occasionally during work hours too. Sunday's a bit..... lazy.

Currently the account has:
The Amount of Gems & Tickets stated here is TRUE as at May 25, 2022. (Before the Prishe BT+ Banner May 27th, 2022, which is Divine Bahamut= another additional 40,000 Gems, 400 tickets, & 5 EX ingots.
As per the SQEX twitch stream May 24, an additional 10,000 Gems + 200 more tickets will be accumulate-able from May 31 - June 15 (10M worldwide download celebration).

(Ver 2.3): Latest Gem Counts/Ticket Count - refer to the first comment below: (as the game is still being played, managed by the seller (me), some differences are to be expected).
(Ver 2.3): Safe to say, at the time of "expression of interest", please do inquire again with the Seller, the current gems + ticket counts of the account.

Additionally, you may browse through all my 156 character's gear, equipment, passives, and CPs on https://ootracker.com/directory/gl/986222842 via their NEW "Summons/Equipment Summary Total".
Highlights include:
All 156 characters 7* HG Purple 210 CP Collected. "You'll need to have completed the first Lufenia for nearly 2 years up till Cissnei's Banner to have achieved this", aka ALL Lufenia/+/++ Perfectly Cleared.
All 156 characters Bloom obtained with 70+ more surpluses.
All 156 characters FULL Low CP Perfect Arts, Cursed Arts, Cursed Perfect Arts completed (including Cissnei LD - just completed a moments ago May 25, 2022).
All 156 characters RF sphered or better.
All WoI, Manikins, 4* and Passive Arts Equippable btw, aka EVERY PASSIVE is equippable.
All 15 CP weapons obtained and maxed.
All 35 CP except 7 fully obtained and maxed, of a cast of 156 characters.
All EX weapons except Jegran, Ursula, Kam'lanaut obtained.
Excess of 9 BT Books and 15 BT ingots for your perusal. "Able to Perfectly-CLEAR all Lufenia, Lufenia+, VeryHARD++ contents with less than 7 BT+3/3 characters since introduction".

114/156 character's board at M-M.
21/156 character's board at 3-M (without LD). Maria, Leon, DK Cecil, Edge, Kain, Palom, Lenna, Relm, Yuffie, Vincent, Raijin, Freya, Paine, Lion, Fran, Sazh, Serah, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Prompto, Aranea, Ciaran.
13/156 character's board at 2-M (EX not fully maxed yet). They are: Yang, Rosa, Cyan, Leo, Steiner, Eiko, Lulu, Prishe, Thancred, King, Deuce, Sherlotta, Yuri.
7/156 character's board at 1-M (Missing EX/ EX & 35CP not fully maxed). Those 7 are: Leila, Desch, Ursula, Shelke, Kam'lanaut, Yda, Jegran.
with an Enhancement Point Surplus of 223,070 still (true as at May 25, 2022). Further changes will be updated on the ootracker, and especially after Prishe's BT+ Banner (May 27th, 2022).

Infomation shown also on the ootracker:

Have 31 / 45 BTs. 7 of them are BT+3/3 (Green), 5 of them are BT+0/3, and the rest are simple basic BTs (19 of them).
Have 45 / 148 Blue 7* HG+ Ar or better. 17 of them are 230CP Blue 8* HG+3/3 Maxed. 28 are 7* 220CP HG+0/3. The rest of the cast all have their 7* HG basic Lufenia Armour.
Screenshot Evidence below:

Additional details:
Been playing since Jan 2020 ---> Currently (a 2 year+ account).
300/300 Friends list. True as at Apr 21, 2022 (last post).
170/200 followers. True as at Apr 21, 2022 (last post).
Stickers + voice lines: lots (dunno how to present them; you'd get to buy 1-3 new ones every week (after purchasing the weekly Powerstone + Hunt).

Over 200+ duplicate RF spheres excess, and
over 100+ duplicate EX weapons in a 900 maxed inventory for future Full Spheres Farming.

List of duplicate EX weapons:

FF 2FF 6FF 10FF 14
The Emperor1Setzer1Auron2Lyse4
FF 3Sabin2Lulu1Papalymo (vs Broken)14 (Fourteen), (MATK+15%)
Onion Knight1Strago1Kimahri1Alphinaud1
FF 4Gau1Seymour4FF 15
Dark Knight Cecil2Mog3Jecht1Noctis1
Paladin Cecil4Kefka4Paine2Prompto2
Edge1FF7FF 11Aranea3
Kain3Cloud5Shantotto2Type 0
Ceodore1Cid Highwinds2Arciela1Deuce2
FF 5Cait Sith1FF12Cinque1
Eiko2Noel (vs Broken), A-sp9 (Nine), (Atk +15%)

Alternative viewing of ALL 158 Full Spheres and RF sphere's usage and functionality: (Clean version). Till Sice & Braska.

2MB file, download and view. Originally posted on DFFOO Reddit for ease of convenience.

Only 3 weapon glosses have ever been bought, the rest were Basic Mog Passes since its introduction, hence the Low CP Perfect Arts for Everyone.

The previous post "of the account selling on EpicNPC, at original price of $450 USD, OBO, negotiable, initially posted April 21 and edited on April 26, 2022" will be >closed< .
Last post here: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/dffoo-gl-endgame-account-u-yoltalligator-ootracker-986222842.2211421
As a free Member, each post is entitled to free edits, up to 30 days and that last post has expired.

I believe this 2nd updated version would be cleaner, and tidier for viewing compared to the last post.
Should you be interested in the account, do not hesitate to have a chat over at Reddit u/YoltAlligator (GMT+8) and we'll see what I can do for you.

Should you feel burdened that you would not be able to complete certain lufenia++ contents with my account, I'll allow up to 2 weeks of wordly advices through Reddit to help you get used to the account.
(Since our playstyles could be different, or you might not have the understanding since lufenia's incorporation 2 or so years ago).
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Experimental : (Not sure if I would be doing these updates regularly, or better yet, to just reserve a spot for a monthly summary instead)

May 27, 2022 "Divine Bahamut" Prishe BT+ Banner.
1. Gem count is now: 756,470 761,570 (Refer ver 2.3 update's up there's screenshot, the last one in the slideshow).
2. Ticket count is now: 999 + 500 appx
3. Divine Bahamut Fully Farmed, and Luf+ Beaten easily.
4. Latest Addition to the cast: Prishe LDBT, as per recorded on the ootracker.
5. Yuna's BT, upgraded to BT+3/3 HG+3/3. Because 1-hit KO Cosmos Farm.
6. Total Powerstones: 187 --> 195 now.
7. New EX weapons added to the list: Hope +5, Fran +2, Prishe +2.
8. Books + Ingots for: (BT) 9 +13, (Blue 8* HG Refuge Ar) 11+7, (EX) 20+11, (7* Ar Materials): 30+169
9. New Max Rank: 1,333
10. Stamina Potions? More than 550. (You'd only need about 50, if without a MogPass for the Divine's Farming).

Some Picture screenshots:
Maximum Media slot = 5, so there wont be more than 4/5 of these in one comment.
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Account Has found A Buyer.
Kodyk from US/Canada has purchased the Account for $250 USD.

Final Resources Tally: (some of them, the rest are the same as above, and as per ootracker) As at Shelke + Lulu LD Banner. May 30, 2022, Monday (b4 weekly reset) (GMT+8).
Max Rank: Platinum 1,335
Latest Gem Count: 768,520 (of which 9,920 are purchased).
Ticket Count: 999+ and Appx 500+ and from Shelke's Banner resources.
(before the 10M world wide download May 31 - June 15 of an additional 10,000 Gems + 200 more tickets).

Enhancement Points Surpluses: 225,070
32/ 46 BTs, 8 of them are BT+3/3 (Green), 5 of them are BT+0/3, and the rest are simple basic BTs (19 of them). With Prishe LDBT as the latest addition.
45 / 150 Blue 7* HG+ Ar or better. 18 of them are 230CP Blue 8* HG+3/3 Maxed. 27 are 7* 220CP HG+0/3. The rest of the cast all have their 7* HG basic Lufenia Armour.

All 156 characters 7* 210 CP HA Ar purchased.
All 156 Blooms completed.
All 156 Low CP Perfect Arts, Cursed Perfect Arts,
All CP equippable, including Perfect Arts, WOI, 4* and Manikin.

115/156 M-M Maxed
22/156 3-M
12/156 2-M
7/156 1-M, total 156 characters.

117/153 characters' LD obtained
153/156 character's EX obtained, 135 fully EX+3/3

Left over books and ingots:
BT Books and Ingots: 9 and 13
8* HG AR Books and ingots: 11 and 7
EX books and ingots: 20 and 11
7* HG Ar Books and Ingots: 31 and 170

BT tokens: 27 + 21 + 30 = 78 BT tokens
Status tokens: 30
EX power tokens exchange: 21
Power tokens exchange for (15CP & 35CPs): 207 surplus (after all 15CP, 35CP obtained).
7* High Guard Lufenia Token Exchange: 40 surplus (after all 156 characters' 210CP Lufenia Armour Fully exchanged).
Guard Tokens exchange: 363 surplus (after everyone has gotten their 190 CP HG armour).
Bloom tokens excess: 74
Dissidia Points Excess b4 weekly reset: 2,920/ 3,000.

UT: all 11 at 0/5 with 940 Providence Cores available for 1 UT 5/5.

Excess RF spheres: 300++ (A,B,C,D,and E combined).
Excess EX duplicate weapons: Same as above.

The rest is SAMe as above.
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Great seller

Honestly obiter is the most detailed and meticulous seller I've ever dealt with.

Post description had everything about the account formatted in such a clean way. Screenshots were all relevant and answered all questions I could ever have about the account. I knew exactly what I was getting.

You can tell obiter put his heart and soul into this account, and I will enjoy carrying on with that.
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