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Trading Tier V russians (research mig-9) trading for someone with brit or german jets.


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Americans: tier 1-2 planes (4/6 tier 2 planes researched)
and tier 1 tanks.

Germans: tier 1-2 planes (1/6 tier 2 planes researched)
tier 1 tanks.

Soviets (Russians): tier V (needs to research mig-9,and i don't have the yak line)
tier 2-3 tanks (2k RP to is-1)

Brits: tier 3-4 (510 RP to beaufighter mk 21)

Japan:tier 2-3 planes (needs to research 49k RP to a6m5)

Premium planes:p-63A-5 (tier 3 premium plane) Pe-2-205 (tier 3 premium bomber) DB-7 (Tier 2 premium brit bomber) Typhoon Mk 1b (tier 3 premium brit fighter)

523k RP

194k Silver Lions

0 Golden Eagles

18 days of premium account.

Add me at Steam: FISTNN
or at Skype: antonio.hohmann :cool:

Skype photo: Nicolas cage with a cat face and the name of: Tonhão.
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Also i have an origin account,with the games: Battlefield 1942,Battlefield 3,Battlefield 4,The sims 2 complete edition,Crusader no remorse,Need for Speed world (yeah it's free but i have premium cars) Peegle,Simcity 2000 special edition and Wing Commander III