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This account is 24k away from reaching 1m crystal as you all can see alot of time and money has been spended almost reaching toward getting xt skin for hornet as well as the rail legacy this account technically comes with a good bundle for animated paints and garage/shop paints, It has m3 dictator and ricohoet combo, comes with rename pass as well as clan which both are worth alot in the shop and the premium is quitenew hence, you would be able to get to 2k star with in given time as it has already reach 1600 star it's at Major General which is why I do not have m3s available at the moment and Mued m3 ricochet and dictator mued m3 is the best combo right now
Price: Open for Offering
Seller: Owner
Contact me here or on discord for fast reply Calamity#1145
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I am interested in the account, but the discord contact doesn't seem to be functional anymore, I do not know where to contact you Sir. I would really appreciate if you could reply and we could set up a deal.

Thanks in advance,

Imre Méh
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